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Four rules for collaborating well in meetings

The Bumble Bee

A lot of my work involves facilitating large meetings where groups need to collaborate to resolve difficult issues or develop future plans for working together.

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Facebook Addiction? | Psychology Today

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Convince kids that all their friends eat carrots, and carrots become more attractive. Brent McFerran, Ph.D. Less agreeable individuals earn more than their agreeable counterparts. Goal Auzeen Saedi. If you want to control your need for caffeine, dial down your expectations of its benefits. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D. What makes a yogi mad? The New York Times found out, the hard way. Randi Hutter Epstein, M.D. George Clooney balances comfort and challenge.

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Benefits from Using iPads at SAP #ipad #mobility

Michael Sampson - Currents

The CIO of SAP talks about the benefits of deploying iPads to 14,000 of its employees : " The SAP iPad enterprise deployment is one of the biggest in the world, with more than 14,000 employees using Apple's tablet. For SAP, iPad use has made employees more productive, and the software giant has been able to collect more accurate data from sales reps in the field and other mobile workers, CIO Oliver Bussmann said.

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Dangerous ideas for the future of teaching and learning

Jenny Connected

A teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning himself. A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame.

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The Intelligent Way to Ask Dumb Questions

The Bumble Bee

Its easy to get the wool pulled over your eyes especially when you talk to experts! Communications consultant Jodi Glickman Brown offers three concrete steps to get the information you need in a conversation with an "expert" even though you might know very little about their subject.

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Social justice is no longer available


‘People come together through day-to-day activities, not 'integration projects' which too often feel irrelevant and prove unsustainable… Central to this will be ensuring that the integration benefits of programmes and projects are recognised and supported.’. These sentences come from a paper on Creating the conditions for integration published yesterday by DCLG.

Basecamp Next - The New Calendar

Michael Sampson - Currents

37signals is getting ready to release a major revision of Basecamp. The calendar has been significantly upgraded : " It’s hard to believe we didn’t have a proper calendar in Basecamp until June of 2011.

Etiquette and Efficiency When Collaborating

Michael Sampson - Currents

Over on The Smarter Office blog, I posted on etiquette and efficiency when collaborating : " From an etiquette point-of-view, if you want to talk to someone directly, I feel that it’s best to ask permission via a text-based instant message first. “yt?” short-hand for “Are you there?”)

Collaboration Master Class in London - March 15 #collaboration #london

Michael Sampson - Currents

In four weeks I'll be in London to present a one-day master class on collaboration : " Many organisations are finding that gaining long-term measurable benefits from collaborative working is a significant challenge.

RIM Released OS 2.0 for PlayBook #playbook #rim #mobility

Michael Sampson - Currents

Research In Motion released version 2.0 of the PlayBook operating system. Two of the five new features are: " Integrated email client with a powerful unified inbox : With BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 you have the option to use a unified inbox that consolidates all messages in one place, including messages from Facebook®, LinkedIn® and Twitter®, as well as personal and work email accounts.

Nicholas Bate - You Need a "System of Organization" #productivity #effectiveness

Michael Sampson - Currents

In his series of Strategies for Success, Nicholas writes about the need for a system of organization : " A system of organisation, that's what. It's got to give you access to what you need, when you need it. It's got to allow you to focus on the vital few. It's got to keep distraction at bay. It's got to be so simple that it's a no -brainer to run it. But above all, it's got to be yours: work the way your mind works, the way your day unfolds and meets your non-work demands.