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Don’t Mistake Platform Diversification for Platform Death (Long Term is Decades, Not Years)

Managing Communities

photo credit: aussiegall I know it is tough to look at things from a truly long term perspective, but you need to try. I’ve now been directly managing online communities for 12 years. I’ve been involved with moderation of communities for probably 14. And I’ve been on the web for 17 years. A long term [.]. Developing Your Community Thinking

Speaking from Power in an Uncertain WorldCollaberwocky Episode 3

Evolving Web

Are you a manager trying to get by in a flat or agile company? Do you find the role of manager repeatedly maligned? This is more than just “It’s lonely in the middle.” There are significant positive shifts in making the workplace more productive, efficient and effective.

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New data on neighbourliness


Rightmove ’s ‘ Happy at Home Index ’ for UK towns has received quite a bit of publicity, mostly pointing gleefully or disparagingly at towns regarded among the ‘happiest’ or ‘unhappiest’.

Engaging and Supporting Community Champions

Portals and KM

Claire Flanagan provides an extremely useful and comprehensive set of advice in her post, Community Advocates Part Two: What Motivates Them? How Can You Reward Them? I will not repeat the details here and encourage you to read it in full.

Addicted to knowing

Chris Corrigan

The Cynefin framework is helpful in making a distinction between the worlds of complicated problems and the worlds of complex ones. One simple distinction between these two worlds is the extent to which they can be known. In a complicated domain, the parameters of the problem can be known and several good practices can be hammered out, with largely knowable results.

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Failure is an Option-Collaberwocky Episode 4

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The Lean Startup movement has focused considerable energy in the message that we learn from failures. Small, easily recoverable, failures can be invaluable in the success of a company. However, many ignore failure and focus on success.

BETREAT Early Bird Registration

Jenny Connected

There are just two more days to catch the early bird registration for BEtreat. There are three alternative types of BEtreat on offer, which I blogged about here. Last year only one was offered, which I attended face-to-face in California – a unique and unforgettable experience – and one I am still learning from. This year I have signed up for the Academic BEtreat as an online participant.

CoP 2

The Language of ManagementCollaberwocky Episode 2

Evolving Web

In this episode of Collaberwocky, Jabe Bloom, Corey Ladas and I discuss “The Language of Management.”. It seems that different rungs of the corporate ladder come with different perspectives. None are complete and all have their own biases and areas of focus.

Virgin Media Using Cisco Quad #collaboration #ciscoquad

Michael Sampson - Currents

Virgin Media in the UK is deploying a suite of tools from Cisco to support company-wide collaboration : " Virgin Media, one of the UK’s entertainment and digital communications companies has taken a step to becoming a more social business.

Hot-Desking - Good or Bad?

Michael Sampson - Currents

Nicholas thinks that hot-desking doesn't work : " Organisations love hot-desking. It's what cool and virtual and edgey organisations do. People should be out selling' snaps the sales director. Avoid stress and work from home' adds the nice lady in HR. These are good points. But ask anyone who has hot-desked and is hot-desking what it has done to their stress levels and to their ability to sell effectively. In the end, get data not hearsay. ".

SeV Transformer Jacket #travel

Michael Sampson - Currents

SeV launched the Transformer Jacket that switches from jacket to vest via magnets: " The Transformer Jacket's 12 powerful rare-earth magnets allow you to transform from jacket to vest in the blink of an eye.and back again just as easily. We call it our TEC-MAGTM system, and it's unlike anything you've seen before.