Sat.Dec 31, 2011

Painting within the Painting at San Francisco's Legion of Honor

Portals and KM

Here is another in my series on paintings within paintings as I look up close to see images that are interesting to me within paintings. I am also looking at technique with these images. These images are from the  Legion of Honor, San Francisco. 


Facebook Smart Lists Work Around

Online Social Networking

In Why Facebook Smart Lists are Actually Dumb , I expressed my annoyance with Facebook for permitting their “smart lists” to interfere with our use of the lists we’ve deliberately created in order to manage our Facebook friends. I wrote, “Try to use Facebook friend lists to selectively invite people to Facebook events or to ‘like’ Facebook pages.


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Abstract: Social Capital (Key Ideas)

Collaborative Thinking

Field, J. 2008). Social Capital (2nd ed.). Routledge. Abstract. John Field is Director of the Division of Academic Innovation and Continuing Education at the University of Stirling. His book, Social Capital, is part of a complimentary collection of essays to the series, Key Sociologists. The author continues to focus on the topic of social capital as it apples to lifelong learning. In this publication, Field adopts a social networking centric view of social capital.