Fri.Oct 20, 2017

Why as an L&D professional you should even be interested in artificial intelligence

Joitske Hulsebosch

In our book Leren in tijden van tweets, apps en likes there is a clear call for people working with learning, change and innovation processes to dive into technology. Everyone sees that technology is increasingly taking an important place in our lives- even people who are not into technology.

2017 141

#SOCRMx: Week 3 – Working with images

Jenny Connected

I have found the working with images resources in the Introduction to Social Research Methods MOOC very stimulating. According to the information provided in this course, visual methods are becoming increasingly popular.

2017 130

Schat van Dalfsen


Although we missed public archeological excavation at Dalfsen with our homeschooling friends , there was another chance to do it. A couple of years ago we had a guided tour at an excavation in Velikiy Novgorod. In Dalfsen kids could not only look, but participate guided by archeologists.

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How to Save the World

I wander out onto the small balcony, seeking a quiet place to get away from the earnest people gathered inside, people trying to make a hopeless situation better. It is more than I can bear tonight. You, a stranger to me, are already out there, sitting on a deck chair, alone, in the dark.

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