Wed.Apr 03, 2019

How facilitation can lead to exclusion

Net-Map Toolbox

I was totally thrilled to go to the first Liberating Structures Global Gathering in Seattle last month, to play with my facilitation superheros. Liberating Structures are a set of facilitation tools, gathered and curated based on a strong philosophy. Their aim is to allow anyone (whether trained as facilitator or not) to facilitate better meetings, with just the right amount of structure (not too chaotic and not too rigid) and giving everyone equal opportunity to contribute.

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The Rogue Primate

How to Save the World

Image from wikimedia by Nick Hobgood , CC-BY-SA 3.0. Is human destructiveness a consequence of the evolution of the self? I have spent much of my life arguing that humans are not significantly different from any other living creature, and thus deserve no special consideration.

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