2012 Social Marketing and New Media Predictions eBook Now Available

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Here is the Web site description of the eBook. The 2012 Social Marketing and New Media Predictions eBoo k is now available. It can be down loaded for free with the link in the prior sentence. Thanks to Lora Kratchounova and her colleagues at Scratch Marketing + Media for putting it together. The book is brought to us by Awareness Software. I have covered them several times on the TheAppGap (for example see: Awareness Summer 08 Release Brings Sharepoint Integration and New Features ).

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Video: Expert advice on webinars

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E-Moderation webinar activities e-book ebook kindle moderators presenters tips webinarsThey say that too many cooks spoil the broth. Not the case in Webinars: A Cookbook for Educators. We have some cordon bleu chefs in the kitchen.

No e-reader? No problem.

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webinar apps devices e-reader ebook ipad kindle smashwordsPhoto by shutterhacks. Would you like to read e-books from Amazon but you don’t own an e-reader? No problem.

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Top 10 tips for (Kindle) e-readers

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It will automatically sync with your ebooks, so when you stop reading a book on your Kindle, you can pick it up on your iPhone or PC exactly where you left off (and vice versa). advice e-reader kindle ebook handheldSubscribe to the comments for this post? Tweet This!

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Facilitating with confidence

Viv Mcwaters

Oh, and the eBook is coming soon too! Have you seen our Facilitating With Confidence video? And if this whets your appetite for facilitation, then have a look here for some handy tips – with more to come. Facilitating with confidence is a post from: vivmcwaters.com.au.

Embracing reluctance cont.

Viv Mcwaters

Johnnie Moore and I are about to release an eBook on Creative Facilitation. He captures brilliantly the reluctance we both feel in this post. I can’t improve on it, so I’m not even going to try. Embracing reluctance cont. is a post from: vivmcwaters.com.au. Share this on Facebook.

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Announcing The New Networking

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You’ll find: Networking for Introverts , a new ebook that collects articles and blog posts written over the past ten years into one handy volume. Have you ever wondered why networking feels so fake? So onerous?

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Just Released: Why Plans Fail: Cognitive Bias, Decision Making, and Your Business.

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Those became the pre-writing for this short ebook: Why Plans Fail. This is the first in our new MemeMachine Series, which will be little eBooks like this that introduce a topic and begin discussions. A few months ago, I wrote a series of posts in this blog about cognitive bias.

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We’re Off the “Honest Sites” List! Oh No!

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photo credit: gaminrey We had a member the other day who posted a thread promoting his eBook. The person who posted it responded to the staff member, telling them that they must not see the value in his eBook and that, [.]. It was your run of the mill advertisement, removed by a member of my staff.

Announcing “Monetizing Online Forums,” the Practical Guide to Monetizing Your Forums the Right Way

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For a while, they had been kicking around the thought of releasing a whitepaper or ebook about forum monetization. Back in September, nearly 10 months ago, Skimlinks co-founder Joe Stepniewski contacted me with an idea. They wanted it to be valuable and they wanted me to write it. One of the most interesting parts of [.]. Generating Revenue ManagingCommunities.com

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“Monetizing Online Forums,” a Guide to Monetization Done Right, is Available Now (Free Download)

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9 months of work culminates today with the release of my new ebook, “Monetizing Online Forums,” published by Skimlinks. You can download it for free right now. The goal of this project was to create a detailed guide to monetizing online forums the right way – in a manner that respects the community and balances [.]. Generating Revenue ManagingCommunities.com

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5 Types of Content Calendar and Social Media Planning – Sydney Australia Course 2018

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Through ads or free ebooks and downloads or perhaps a competition or some other way to get email signups or sales or promotions. Here are the 5 types of social media planners you need.

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Power of Purpose: How Solid Purpose Generates Strategic Strength

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As a result, they diversified their products to include ebooks and ereaders. Purpose is one of the most powerful tools organizations have to support strategy. A good purpose places a stake in the ground, declaring what the organization values.

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May 2011: Social Media Course

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

We create a social media website including a blog, and business pages, and investigate shopping baskets for the website and eBooks.

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The Tiger Woods Effect

Evolving Web

Note: The Modus Press ebook Why Plans Fail , examines how cognitive bias impacts our decision making at the office. “What metric are you using to incentivize your people to perform?”. Every day we compile who processed the most orders, the winners are broadcast every day – as are the losers.”. Hmm, and how is that working.”. People love it, they are all working as hard as they can to process orders.”.

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Creative Facilitation – the Book!

Viv Mcwaters

Stay tuned for some smaller companion eBooks that elaborate on our favourite topics. Exactly two years ago, I spent six weeks with my ankle in plaster after an operation. With nothing better to do, I wrote a book. This week, we’re releasing it into the wild.

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iPad Lust and Clash with Ideology

Nancy White

I’m also debating various ebook readers to cut down on paper. I have been wanting an iPad for my graphic recording work but I just haven’t given in. (I’m I have a book habit.) But I keep getting uncomfortable. George Siemens sums it up for me. However, for those committed to openness, the iPad forces a clash between technolust and ideology.

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The Tiger Woods Effect

Evolving Web

Note: The Modus Press ebook Why Plans Fail , examines how cognitive bias impacts our decision making at the office. “What metric are you using to incentivize your people to perform?”. Every day we compile who processed the most orders, the winners are broadcast every day – as are the losers.”. Hmm, and how is that working.”. People love it, they are all working as hard as they can to process orders.”.

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From the feed

Chris Corrigan

Johnnie Moore finds an ebook from Jeff Conklin on Wicked Problems and Social Complexity. Harvesting. Happy Thanksgiving. Jill Lepore on how scientific management became a way of life. Creative Cloud : 10 Cutting Edge Paper Artists. Ria Baeck shares with us her inspiration (thanks for the call out!). Rob Paterson on Julia Child, institution and capability

News Updates (September 18, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Dan released an ebook about using online documents for collaboration. " Lastly, the eBook offers a set of best practices to align business strategy with document and forms management, as well as establish supportive workflow processes and security policies for the entire e-Document creation process. Using e-Documents for Collaboration.

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Clustered Networks Spread Behavior Change Faster | Wired Science | Wired.com

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Wired Home Subscribe Sections Cars 2.0

A little recap on Big Society

Social Reporter

eBook from Biteback Publishing. I’m really enjoying Paul Twivy’s book Be Your Own Politician , which champions social action and citizen engagement, informed by his insider knowledge of how challenging it is to promote and negotiate support for that within the political establishment and Whitehall.

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Dropping into conversations about Community Architecture, 25 years on

Social Reporter

At £70 this edition is mainly aimed at libraries, but there will be an eBook at £24.95, and you can buy a PDF from Nick’s site.

I’d like to spend the day with you – in October, in Melbourne

Viv Mcwaters

If you still don’t have your free copy of our Creative Facilitation eBook , go get it now. Sometimes I fantasize about having a real job – you know, an easily-understood job, other people around doing similar stuff, a regular income…and then I wake up. I did that for 20+ years. It was mostly good, sometimes horrible, I learnt some things, and made some friends along the way, and there’s no going back.

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Remembering Brian

Viv Mcwaters

He quietly opened space and allowed ‘whatever happens to be the only thing that could’ I’m glad he wrote it all down, in his eBook The New Parish Priest.

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Using Drupal for Enterprise Grade Web Publishing

Portals and KM

Mobile web apps and native mobile apps (including ebook readers) can easily render the Drupal managed content.”. I have been writing about the capabilities of Drupal, primarily as supported by Acquia, for some time (see for example, Acquia Provides Drupal Commons to Support Open Source Enterprise Collaboration ) My friend Geoff Bock recenlty report a report on Enterprise-Grade Web Publishing with Drupal that he summarized in his blog post, Why Publishers Should Care About Drupal. 

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My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #3


Ever since the Kindle app came out, I have defaulted to ebooks, in whatever the form or format, and I just love it.

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5 ways to enhance your social presence in online courses

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More on this in these extracts from my ebook Webinars. Image by mrtopp. How are present are you as an instructor in your online courses? Research* has shown that tutor presence – the sense of the tutor being there – is a key motivator for online students.

Let The Next Adventure Begin – The With Whom (#CAWW)


After all, one of our key main areas of joint work is, eventually, working out loud and I am sure I will have plenty of opportunities to share with you folks over here what we have been up to lately, including the publishing of an upcoming eBook under this rather suggestive heading: “ Changing the World of Work.

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Hildy Gottlieb

Never mind that the number of words yet to be written for those back-up posts will be enough to comprise a small ebook. It’s done!

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12 Ways to DO and NOT DO a Social Media Press Release – MSF Medecins Sans Frontieres

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

PDF EMBEDS ON SCRIBD: If you MUST use PDFs for example for downloadable ebooks, manuals, information cheat sheets and industry white papers, use Scribd.com – embeddable and foot traffic.

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The Soothing Effect of Blogging


It’s hard to believe, even for myself, how the last time I wrote a blog post over here was a bit over two months ago. However, it doesn’t even feel totally awkward, as it used to be in the past, whenever I embarked on a longish blogging hiatus of sorts. Not even embarrassing anymore.

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Organising Knowledge » Taxonomy Cookbook from Dow Jones

Green Chameleon

You’ll need to register with Dow Jones to download the ebook). Posted by Patrick Lambe on 03/07/08 at 12: 16 PM | Categories: Taxonomy | Permalink 1 Comment so far daniela barbosa Thanks for posting about the ebook Patrick and the kind words!

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Social Architecture (a manifesto) | Management Innovation eXchange

John Tropea - Delicious Community

In his free ebook ‘ One Tribe at a Time ’ he talks about an “acceptable level of integration.”: Management Innovation eXchange. Its time to reinvent management. You can help. Search. Connect Log In. Management Innovation eXchange. Stories. Hacks. Barriers. M-Prize. Moonshots. Mavericks.

My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #6


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I like the Kindle - sort of

Nancy White

Although I have not yet used Amazon’s new Kindle ebook reader, I like the idea of it. Having a dedicated device with a long battery life that allows me to read books, newspapers and blogs sounds great. I can imagine using it first thing in the morning to read the headlines and some stories from my favourite newspaper and several blogs that I follow.

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News Updates (October 27, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Barnes & Noble announced eBook reader plans , in collaboration with Ammunition (a design consulting firm). SharePoint and Mac. The Mac BU at Microsoft is working on an offline SharePoint tool for Mac users, but it's not just a Mac edition of SharePoint Workspace. " It will not be a Mac equivalent of Groove, the Office collaboration desktop client that will become SharePoint Workspace in the upcoming Office 2010, the SharePoint team told ZDNet UK.

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My Favorite Tweets for January 1 - 12 2012

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New eBook from Awareness by @bostonmike * [link]. Here is another in a series of posts that provide access to my favorite tweets that contain links to useful information.    Some of these I did to link to things I found useful and others are RTs that I want to save for the same reason. Since Twitter archiving is an oxymoron, I am now going to post my favorite links for the month so they can be easily accessed later.

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News Updates (December 3, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

IBM released an ebook, "Collaboration for Dummies", for IBM Business Partners (but you can find it elsewhere too). Tungle.me Update. Tungle released various updates for Tungle.me, including a profile bar, custom availability, and free time display. This week we released exciting new features on Tungle.me, your personal scheduling page. These features: (1) Let you personalize your page to truly make it your own, and (2) Enhance your page to make it do the work for you.

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Community management: The 'essential' capability of successful Enterprise 2.0 efforts | Enterprise Web 2.0 | ZDNet.com

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Learn more about Lotus Symphony Learn how to work smarter and optimize cost using the IBM Smart SOA approach Download the eBook Smarter ways to make smarter products Read the brief from IBM Blogs All About Microsoft The Apple Core Between The Lines GreenTech Pastures Googling Google Digital Cameras Hardware 2.0

The Business Case for In-house Social Networks

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Download this eBook to see whats ahead for open source software, Microsoft, virtualization, mobile devices, and more. Advertise | Newsletters | Shopping | E-mail Offers Solutions Whitepapers and eBooks Microsoft Article: New Date Data Types with SQL Server 2008 IBM CXO Whitepaper: The 2008 Global CEO Study - The Enterprise of the Future.

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The Art of Community Now Available For Free Download | Art Of Community Online

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Even though other authors have given the ebook version of their books out for free I don’t think I’ve yet seen anyone actually use a CC not to mention derivates permitted cc license.

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Martin De Saulles " SMEs and the Web - Executive Summary

Nancy White

Voters and Public Library Funding: An OCLC Market Research Report Cuadra Joins SydneyPLUS Group of Companies Peer-to-Patent Project Extended and Expanded Digital Bookmobile to Launch National Tour Come to the World eBook Fair! Martin De Saulles thoughts on the changing information landscape. About. Contact. Categories. Companies. Information Users. Innovation. Market News. Search. Uncategorized. Archives. July 2008. June 2008. April 2008. March 2008. February 2008. January 2008.

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