2009: Enterprise 2.0 - Innovate Through Acquisition?

Collaborative Thinking

This isn't a sustainable model for innovation in the enterprise Web 2.0 vendors" are listed alongside: Attensa (Cisco, EMC/Documentum; both vendors need a feed syndication platform direction). Jive Software (Cisco, EMC/Documentum; Oracle - hosted play helps Cisco/WebEx Connect, EMC - social platform compliments its content management infrastructure, Oracle - social network/community destination site compliments its portal-centric message and also gives Oracle a SaaS play).

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Building Great Enterprise 2.0 Communities

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6 Concepts for the Future of Website Governance, Including a New Functional Model. Oracle Targets Documentum Customers, Time to Switch Enterprise CMS Platforms? EMC Modernizes the Documentum User Experience. EMC Modernizes the Documentum User Experience. 6 Concepts for the Future of Website Governance, Including a New Functional Model. Oracle Targets Documentum Customers, Time to Switch Enterprise CMS Platforms? about us. research resources. contact us.

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Circling Around To Enterprise 2.0 Again

Collaborative Thinking

Locking your data up in some wiki that has no data architecture, no services interface, no meta model and meta data model. If you look at all workspace products: Novell Groupwise/Sitescape, EMC/Documentum's eRoom, Lotus QuickPlace/Quickr, and others presenting themselves as virtual team rooms for sharing files (i.e., I might suggest that the overall problem is the file-based workspace model itself (rather than a particulat product).

A Journey In Social Media: What The Market Needs.

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« Of Chargeback Models And Business Outcomes | Main | The "Social" in "Social Media" » October 27, 2007 What The Market Needs. At the same time, we de-prioritized a whole raft of features around IT-related issues, content management, workflow, robust security models, etc. The Challenge With Content EMC offers perhaps the most robust and successful Enterprise Content Management platform on the planet, Documentum D6. Documentum, Sharepoint, et.

Instant Communities: List of companies that provide Web Collaboration Suites or Platforms

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The open source model allows Alfresco to use best-of-breed open source technologies and contributions from the open source community to get higher quality software produced more quickly at much lower cost.

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CleverWorkarounds » The facets of collaboration Part 2–Enter the matrix!

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Finally I outlined a simple mental model that I developed that I have found to be quite a useful method to look at collaboration more holistically and help with the user engagement and information architecture aspects of SharePoint governance. Mental models are a little like that too.

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A Journey In Social Media: Avoiding The eRoom Debacle

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A Bit Of Background When EMC acquired Documentum, we found that they had made an acquisition of their own -- eRoom -- which was a web-based collaboration product. After Documentum acquired eRoom, they took in a direction of collaborating-around-content, which is inherently cool, at least to me. When EMC acquired Documentum, all of the sudden it was very Politically Correct to be putting up eRooms everywhere. and we had driven that model about as far as it was going to go.

A Journey In Social Media: On Conversational Collaboration

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I withstood the blog-based proctology examination and still retained most of my dignity, but one interesting thread that intrigued me was the focus on the "conversational collaboration" model we had embraced. eRoom, Documentum, et. blogosphere, theres an intense focus around wikis -- the quintessential document collaboration model -- as a stellar example of all things 2.0-ish in the enterprise.

Adventures in Knowledge: Collaboration

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Indeed those who have been exposed to Lotus notes, Documentum eRoom, Discussion boards and the like, from my observations have a very set view that these are the key to any definition of collaboration and what it must be in the future of the organisation. The competitive landscape is being altered today by those organisations which understand the fundamental shifts that are taking place and are able to harness new models / approaches to business.

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