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Moving Beyond “Collaboration” Meaning Video and Calling: Cisco Partners with Jive

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In light of what I wrote all those years ago, and being mindful of my perplexity last month, it was good to see Cisco (who has focused very heavily on video meetings, calling and presence, but struggling to get a foothold in the other Pillars) announce a partnership with Jive for integration between their respective offerings. Cisco and Jive plan to progressively link these products at a technology level so they work in a more integrated fashion.

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Cisco Expands Its Cloud Collaboration Strategy

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I have written extensively on Cisco’s I-prize efforts (see Cisco Announces I-Prize Winner and Results of Their Global Collaboration and Cisco Announces Second I-Prize Winner ) but have not yet had a chance to look at their enterprise collaboration efforts. 

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Collaboration on Mobile Devices - Only for Viewing Documents?

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David's first point about mobile devices is that they " Offer a convenient way to view documents ‘on the run,’ but they are not appropriate for editing documents. The Lenovo X201 "tablet computer" is a full scale computer - and you can even write on your documents with a pen! The Apple iPad has a sufficiently large screen for editing documents, and when paired with an Apple Wireless Bluetooth keyboard, it very functional.

Cisco Acquired Versly - to Connect Collaboration Tools with Microsoft Office

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Cisco announced the acquisition of Versly : " Cisco today announced that it has acquired privately-held Versly. Based in San Francisco, Versly integrates collaboration capabilities via a plug-in into Microsoft Office applications, simplifying the way people work by enabling more effective collaboration around content in documents, spreadsheets, presentations and email. Collaboration is a top priority at Cisco. Collaboration Software Document Co-Authoring

Cisco WebEx Connect Questions

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Recommendation: People should be examining Cisco's announcements this week more broadly that just a SaaS Collaboration/Web 2.0 Compare/contrast Cisco with those trends in the market. What is Cisco's position on OpenAjax Alliance? Where will Cisco go concerning OpenAjax Metadata specification? Where will Cisco go concerning OpenAjax Hub (secure mashup runtime)? Will Cisco deploy any Dojo widgets on top of Adobe AIR?

Cisco Broadens Foray Into Collaboration Market

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Highlights of Cisco's press release is below (with a link to the full release). Intercompany Cisco TelePresence Directory is a Cisco-hosted directory of endpoints, organizations and people with access to Cisco TelePresence endpoints. The directory features a virtual assistant to assist with scheduling meetings between the more than 1000 rooms and 75 customers on Cisco TelePresence exchanges. Cisco UC 8.0

Understanding Cisco's Collaboration Strategy (Part 2)

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The following is Part 2 of a series on today's announcement by Cisco. What is Cisco announcing? To understand and decipher what Cisco is announcing, it is important to break the information down into four distinct areas: Strategic Pillars, Reference Architecture, “Extend Current”, and “Enter New”. Cisco believes that communication-centric and people-centric interaction models are the basis for next generation collaboration platforms and solutions.

Cisco Launches Second I-Prize Competition

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Cisco has recently announced the launch of the second I-Prize global innovation contest where entrepreneurs worldwide can collaborate and submit proposals for Cisco’s next billion-dollar business idea. I  I wrote about the first contest (see: Cisco I-Prize – Mining the Web and the World for Innovation ) and the results. Cisco WebEx ™ , an online meeting platform for audio and Web conferencing that enables users to share documents and desktops in real time.

Cisco Finds New Path Towards Collaboration

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in the news items below, Cisco continues to transition from unified communications into a more traditional collaboration space. Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire PostPath. The company extends Cisco???s These additions clearly augment Cisco???s applications, Teamspaces and Document Sharing. Upon the closing of the acquisition, PostPath is expected to become part of Cisco???s s Collaboration Software Group and integrated with WebEx Connect and Cisco???s

Cisco Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Jabber

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This is a bold move by Cisco (given it's commitment to SIP) to expand industry thinking around presence as well as expanding its thinking around real-time applications given the type of development capabilities made possible with XMPP. So suddenly, I see both Avaya and Cisco as the new thought-leaders when it comes to presence (especially in regards to " social presence "). Connect and Cisco Unified Communications. About Cisco Systems.

Boston E 20 Notes: Interview with Cisco’s Raj Gossain

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The new capability are part what's now called Cisco WebEx® Social (formerly known as Cisco Quad™) and build upon existing offerings that help employees share knowledge, find experts and information and form effective virtual work teams. With These sessions are compatible with a wide variety of video endpoints, including Cisco TelePresence®, IP video phones, mobile and soft clients. The tools can used on premise or hosted through partners, or the Cisco hosted cloud.

Notes From Cisco WebEx Connect Session

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Cisco Collaboration Architecture: higher level of services (presence, messaging), designed for other people to extend (mashups), designed for enterprise environment (policy management). Unified Communications + Web 2.0 + SaaS supported by a network services layer linked to API strategy (based on web services) and Cisco developer services program, etc. Leverage Cisco network expertise (Cisco Intelligent Network).

Cisco Collaboration Summit: The Right Foundation For Collaboration

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That's a question Cisco wants to answer - point tools are not enough. Pulse Collect: deep packet analysis (web, blogs, wikis, documents, recorded audio/video - future: SaaS Apps, Conference Calls). Intercompany Cisco TelePresence. Joe Burton, CTO, Session Notes: Why is an architectural approach towards collaboration important? Example1: collaboration-enabled CRM process.

Cisco Community Central: Enterprise Social Software : Pushing The Reset Button On How We Look At “Collaboration”

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To collaborate, the “right tools&# have been workspaces, discussion forums, shared document libraries, wikis, and even web conferencing. If we look at the collaboration market circa 2005 or so, the market was relatively stable – virtual workspaces that consolidated forums, document libraries, group calendars, and lightweight task management were the primary focus from an IT viewpoint. © 1992- 2008 Cisco Systems Inc.

Implementing the Cisco Collaboration Framework

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Cisco on Cisco Implementing the. Cisco Collaboration. a Collaboration Framework Creating a Collaborative Enterprise Cisco on Cisco Implementing the. Cisco Collaboration. Creating a Collaborative Enterprise | © 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. During the past 8 years, Cisco has been. We hope that the Cisco® Collaboration. At Cisco, we have identified collaboration - and social networking. Foreword Cisco on Cisco Implementing the.

GE Goes Box (What about Its Other Collaboration Tools?)

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August 2012 – Cisco Quad. GE is using Cisco Quad / WebEx Social to power a social collaboration platform inside: “ GE recently launched Colab, its own social collaboration platform (using Cisco’s WebEx Social – formerly Quad – as the core engine) for 60,000 users to date (with a goal of reaching 100,000 users by year-end). Everyone has access to a shared web storage system that they use to access their files and documents from any browser anywhere on the internet.

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Recommind Supports End-to-End eDiscovery

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Craig said it was initially used in a more narrow sense to refer to the process of preserving, collecting, reviewing, analyzing and producing relevant documents after a legal process has begun. Cisco is using Axcelerate to take a more proactive, strategic approach to eDiscovery. Expands Its Social Email Offering to Include Lotus Notes

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These include bringing central components of SharePoint into Outlook so people can collaborate on documents within their main flow of work. documents pane, with presence for the latest SharePoint document modifier and document ratings visible within Lotus Notes.

Cisco on Collaboration: Know Your Enthusiasts & Laggards | Future Changes

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wiki adoption strategies Wiki tools Wiki Uses Wikipatterns book Wikipedia Sep 29, 2009 Cisco on Collaboration: Know Your Enthusiasts & Laggards Cisco surveyed 800 people and the results were published in June in Collaboration: Know Your Enthusiasts and Laggards. MB) Video – Cisco VP Alan Cohen discusses the study Share | Related Articles Built Around the Visual: Wikis, Webex, & Councils at Cisco A Report from Gov 2.0

Enterprise: List of 40 Social Media Staff Guidelines

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Cisco’s Internet Postings Policy [link] . Look at all the different names for basically one document? Managing staff who participate in social networks.

Can We Extend Email Rather than Replace It? Jacob Morgan Asking

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Jacob Morgan asks whether email is the problem or the solution? : " What if when sending and receiving emails we had the ability to access shared document spaces, activity streams, project groups, and other data that we needed right from the email interface (such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook)? This idea is one of the things I liked about the potential integration between Cisco Mail and Cisco Quad, but Cisco Mail just took a bullet to the head.

Towards A More Participatory Culture: Enterprise Q&A

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Beyond “answering the question”, this type of conversation allows participants to contribute personal experiences and share work practices that are not formally documented. The insight collectively gained can be more insightful to its participants than simply sending someone off to read a document or wiki. Cisco Quad already does this via its Watch List capability.

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Boston E20 Notes: Building a Unified Communications and Collaboration Roadmap

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Anyway you work with someone else: video, voice, messaging, social computing, document sharing. About 50% of firms said Sharepoint is their social platform, their document sharing system.  Big vendors are Cisco, Microsoft, Google, and IBM.

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Mobile Devices for Collaboration - Recent News (Wednesday, June 30)

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Cisco announced the Cisco Cius for on-the-go video communications. Supports Cisco TelePresence equipment, as an endpoint. - " Cisco Cius offers HD video streaming and real-time video, multi-party conferencing, email, messaging, browsing, and the ability to produce, edit and share content stored locally or centrally in the cloud. ". My analysis : Cisco is positioning itself strongly to become a viable collaboration provider.

Putting Knowledge Markets in Perspective

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He covered how from 2004 to the present, KS has documented hundreds of millions of dollars in estimated cash flow for the company. Cisco’s I-Prize is a great example that both created a knowledge market but also used social tools in the process. Cisco also encouraged this.

Wrap Up of 2nd Annual Community Manager Day: Voices Around the World #CMAD « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

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Cisco salutes CMs with this graphic, lasso time. Africa’s first Community Manager’s Day is document on this site , videos embedded above This entry was posted on Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 at 6:49 pm and is filed under CMAD , Social Media.

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News Updates (November 10, 2009)

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Cisco on Collaboration. Cisco announced new products in the collaboration space. " Cisco-hosted directory of organizations and locations with TelePresence gear. Nordic River released, a document comparison web service.

Communities and Collaboration » Maximising the power of collective knowledge

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Documentation. Documentation. This is a summary of one of the breakout session I ran at the Cisco Public Services Summit , Oslo 9-11 December 2011. Some will be light on discussion and strong on shared document building and vice versa. In a similar way to the way that Amazon works, we wanted to track user behaviour (their digital footprint) in order to “push” relevant information – e.g. conversations, events, and documents to the users.

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“Command and control is dead”: the shape of next gen organisations is social networks | Open (minds, finds, conversations).

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He was interviewing John Chambers, the CEO of Cisco , about how the company was developing to keep up witht he pace of the web revolution. The answer was that over the past two years Mr Chambers has been tearing down command and control as a way of doing things at Cisco.

My App Gap Posts for September 2010

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MindTouch 2010 Offers an Intelligent Platform for Product and Services Documentation. Cisco Offers a Comprehensive Enterprise Collaboration Architecture Here are my AppGap posts for September. I am also writing in another Corante blog, FastForward (see right side bar for links), The AppGap posts began toward the end of January 2008.   Here, I am primarily doing product commentaries with a few other things thrown in. Below are the ones for September.

News Updates (July 21, 2009)

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Mike on Cisco and Collaboration. Mike comments on the collaboration technology moves being made by Cisco. " All of this means that "Cisco Watchers" need to broaden the breadth of events and activities they observe if they want to correlate Cisco’s strategic moves effectively. The actions Cisco takes may not have apparent synergies to anyone else but Cisco. Document Connection also works with Office Live Workspace.

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News Updates (September 10, 2009)

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Cisco on TelePresence. Cisco announced plans to extend the reach of its telepresence offerings around the world. " In less than two years, Cisco has enabled eight of the world's top service providers spanning five continents to deliver intercompany Cisco TelePresence services, extending availability of the technology to more than 150 countries and thousands of cities. Cisco also announced a new single-screen, single-camera telepresence product.

News Updates (July 7, 2009)

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Web-Based Document Collaboration. Serdar looks at 7 web-based document collaboration services, including Pastebin, Google Docs, Zoho Writer, and more. If you want nothing more than a place to temporarily dump some text, there's Pastebin or Writeboard; if you want document-level collaboration, consider Zoho Writer or Google Docs; and for more general desktop and application sharing, there are services like Yugma. Cisco Telepresence on TV. CSC Does BPOS.

What is Collaboration?

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Cisco. That “something to be created” depends on the type of work we do, but common forms are a document that argues a position (for an academic), a proposal for a client (for a sales manager), a report for the executive team (for a manager), a new product for a particular group of customers (for a product development team), a two-day conference (for an event management company), or some alternative variation from a multitude of possibilities. Free shipping on all orders.*.

Community management: The 'essential' capability of successful Enterprise 2.0 efforts | ZDNet

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Vendor HotSpot Here to help you with your Document Management Needs Read the DocuMentor blog now Learn More » You wouldn’t provide new software to users without proper support. efforts In working with our customers, we have found that community management is key for a few reasons: 1) In the beginning someone has to seed the community with valuable content - whether its discussions, documents, wikis, etc.

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News Updates (December 7, 2009)

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Google acquired AppJet, makers of EtherPad, a real-time document collaboration tool. " Cisco Gets TANDBERG. Cisco announced that it controls more than 90% of the shares of TANDBERG. SharedDoc for Document Collaboration. Building Trust.

News Updates (October 2, 2009)

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Cisco Wants TANDBERG. Cisco made a US$3 billion offer for TANDBERG, and TANDBERG's board of directors likes the sound of it. Under the terms of the agreement, Cisco will commence a cash tender offer to purchase all the outstanding shares of TANDBERG for 153.5 Commentary: - "TANDBERG fits in Cisco's mid-range", - "TANDBERG's technology complements Cisco", - ". gives Cisco more of an installed base to sell into", ZDNet.

Forrester on Real-Time Collaboration

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Presence shows team members' context; instant messaging (IM) moves the dialog to mobile devices; Web conferencing allows video and document sharing; and telepresence delivers face-time quality."    Google will raise the visibility of its shared documents and managed data centers. 

Are We In A "Post E2.0 Era"? (Collaborative Thinking)

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The opinions expressed in this blog are my own views and not those of Cisco. which is what came to mind as I read the document). They aggregated document libraries, discussion forums, team calendars, and some level of task organization, into a cohesive destination – a single place for people to “go to” when they needed to work together. Collaborative Thinking. Perceptions on collaboration and social networking by Mike Gotta.

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News Updates (September 17, 2009)

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In a lot of ways, the justification for a governance document is a lot like the justification behind implementing SharePoint in the first place. You may be able to use similar reasoning to justify your SharePoint governance document. Through this technology, conference attendees will have real-time access to presentations, videos and special blog posts, wikis, chat, search, document sharing, links, tweets, polls, feeds and featured articles. Cisco's Collaboration Strategy.