Online Document Review with Agilewords

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I came across Agilewords a few days ago - a new web-based application for co-authoring of Microsoft Word documents. The co-creation of documents, with a lead author and many reviewers, or even with many authors, is a painful process. Document Co-Authoring

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SharePoint for Document Collaboration - a PleaseTech Study

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PleaseTech, a vendor of document collaboration and review software / services, undertook some research last year into what users and IT professionals thought of SharePoint for document collaboration. It has released a white paper that summarizes the findings, including: - the types of issues people experience on a multi-person document review. - the reasons why people would consider using an alternative document collaboration solution. -.

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Open Business – From Document-Centric to People-Centric Collaboration


Apparently, it’s not happening, because we all keep being engaged on the influx of exchanging attachments, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, etc. Lately, I have been thinking quite a bit around the topic of Social / Open Business Transformation.

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TextFlow: Importing a Document

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This is the fourth post on TextFlow in my research into collaborative document co-authoring products and services. Importing a Document. There is a second way to get a document into TextFlow, and that is to import a Microsoft Word file (.DOC

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Vizit 4.0 for SharePoint - with Integrated Conversations about Documents

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The Vizit Social Exchange product page says more: " With Vizit Social eXchange SharePoint users can simply highlight an area of a document and invite co-workers to engage in conversation without the document or conversation leaving SharePoint. Document Co-Authoring SharePoint

Agilewords for - for Structured Document Review and Approval

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Agilewords announced an integration with for reviewing and approval of documents : " As is an improved replacement of Sharepoint, Agilewords is the improved replacement of MS Word Review and Track Changes. Document Co-Authoring

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TextFlow: Creating an Individual Document

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This is the third post on TextFlow in my research into collaborative document co-authoring products and services. Creating a New Document. Any document sharing or co-authoring episode begins with creating the first draft. Tags: Document Co-Authoring textflow

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Document Co-Authoring - Recent News (Monday, May 31)

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eXpresso is pleased that Forrester sees them as a better collaboration alternative for Office documents than Google. added email addresses for folders , meaning people can email documents into Box folders. - Fax-to-email and Scan-to-email will work for getting documents into Box. - Tags: Collaboration Scenarios Document Co-Authoring Google shut down EtherPad. Google has added most of the functionality to Google Wave.

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Document Co-Authoring - Recent News (Thursday, April 22)

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It enables Facebook users to share Office documents with their friends. OffiSync released an update, with new real-time document co-authoring capabilities. When working on a document, if someone else opens and starts editing the same document, you get notified. -

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Alfresco Now Offers Cloud-based Open Source Document Management

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It contains a full set of content management features such as document and records management, workflow, version control, etc. There is also cloud-style scalability as they can handle hundreds of millions of documents for single organizations.

OffBureau - Collaboration, Document Management, and Social

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OffBureau is a new online collaborative workspace. It's current in beta. Key capabilities: - Projects are assigned their own workspace. Uses folders and subfolders. Browser based access. Recent changes in workspaces are bubbled to the home page for an individual. Collaboration Software

MindTouch 2010 Provides Intelligent Product and Services Documentation

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They discovered that many users were building product and service documentation with the MindTouch platform. The advent of online documentation has learned with this transformation. In addition, over half of their lead generation is driven by our documentation.

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Workshare Point for Document Management in Outlook and SharePoint

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Earlier this year, Workshare introduced Workshare Point , a connector for linking email messages and documents in Outlook with Microsoft SharePoint, and for providing easier ways for people to access and work with SharePoint from Microsoft Office applications.

Parsons Brinkerhoff - Acrobat X for Document Collaboration

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The Australian part of Parsons Brinkerhoff has standardized on Acrobat X Professional for document collaboration among its staff members, especially for the sharing of CAD drawings and project documents: " Enterprise Group IT Consultant Rob Pek said the rollout of Acrobat X had helped overcome a major challenge in ensuring individuals working on different versions of AutoCAD design packages on different workstations worked to a common output standard.

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Document Co-Authoring - Recent News (Monday, June 21)

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Litera IDS is a collaborative document co-authoring solution. Enables multiple people to work on a single document, and combines legal redlines into a single document. Includes access control capabilities, to limit access to the document. Integrates with major document management systems. A streamlined user interface, for quickly seeing which documents are being shared. - New options to better support a collaborative document creation workflow.

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"Collaboration is not document-centric" - Really?

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Billy tweeted earlier today : " Collaboration is not document-centric. People often use documents as a mechanism to pull together and collate their shared position on a topic. Thus collaboration can be about documents, so I disagree with Billy on the primary emphasis of his tweet. As in, "SharePoint does documents, so it's not really about collaboration." It is information centric & human oriented. Make sure your collaboration systems get this. ".

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Crocodoc Makes It Easier to Work with Online Documents

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To help us better work with online documents Crocodoc provides an HTML5 document viewing and collaboration tool that operates out of the cloud. Ryan explained that there are several advantages of using a cloud based HTML5 document viewer over the traditional options of Adobe and Flash.

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TextFlow: Sharing a Document with Others

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This is the fifth post on TextFlow in my research into collaborative document co-authoring products and services. Sharing a Document With Others. One of the main reasons for using TextFlow is to gain a better way of working on documents with other people. Here's how it works: Mark writes the first draft of a document in TextFlow. When Belinda gets the email message, she sees Mark's cover note, and a link to the document in TextFlow.

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Document Co-Authoring - Recent News (Wednesday, May 5)

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TextFlow is a " visual management tool to compare and merge document versions ", says Nordic River. This professional text management tool provides business users with the means to compare and merge document versions, showing which changes have been made by whom, so users can decide which input to choose, refuse or archive for later use. Cynapse released, a new real-time document conferencing service. - Tags: Document Co-Authoring

Evaluating SharePoint 2010: Document Management in Law Firms

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The first part of the research is to evaluate the applicability of SharePoint 2010 to support the document management requirements of law firms. Under what circumstances should law firms abandon SharePoint 2010 in favor of an alternative document management system?

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Deane on "The Biggest Problem with Document Management"

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In article titled The Psychology of Repository Permanence , Deane writes: " I’ve worked in a fair amount of companies, and consulted with many others, and I’m starting to believe that a lot of the problems each one has had with document management boils down to one thing: lack of perceived permanence. In each company, there was an ever-shifting way of storing and archiving documents.

Collaboration on Mobile Devices - Only for Viewing Documents?

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David's first point about mobile devices is that they " Offer a convenient way to view documents ‘on the run,’ but they are not appropriate for editing documents. The Lenovo X201 "tablet computer" is a full scale computer - and you can even write on your documents with a pen! The Apple iPad has a sufficiently large screen for editing documents, and when paired with an Apple Wireless Bluetooth keyboard, it very functional.

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Congratulations to Lewis Silkin on SharePoint-based Document Management

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I met with Jan Durant and Carol Skinner for an demonstration of their document management system for SharePoint. A few years ago they determined that their current document management system (Open Text DM 5) was not up-to-scratch, and decided they could do better by building their own in SharePoint 2007. Now in the year 2010, they have developed: - A SharePoint-based document repository, targeted to the needs of their lawyers.

Notes on “Deployment of SharePoint 2013 document, records and collaboration solution at AUT” (Alan Marshall, Stephen McWilliams, Shelley Tasele)

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Documents that are frequently used were / are being migrated first. a) co-authoring of documents. (b) b) better findability of documents. (c) Day two of the New Zealand SharePoint Conference is starting. The first session for me today is a case study from AUT University.

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Notes on "Document Management and Third Party Extensions" (Debbie Ireland and Cameron Dwyer)

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Debbie Ireland (from EnvisionIT ) and Cameron Dwyer (from Scinaptic ) talked about using SharePoint for document management, along with two third-party products. a bit of dabbling, corporate documents; some metadata, few or no content types, published content. project and team sites with shared document libraries (planned business classification, content types, version control). User challenges and desires: - easy to file and upload documents.

TextFlow's Shiny Document Collaboration System

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But eventually, authors will be able to drag Word documents right into the browser where they’ll get automatically ported into TextFlow. All changes will show up in the original author’s view of the document as suggested changes, which can then be approved or rejected. TextFlow’s certainly not the first company to help users collaborate on documents, and like other similarly-focused startups, it faces an uphill against Google and Microsoft. - Upload - Annotate - Share. Online document review and collaboration - PDF, Word and HTML

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December 2008: Image annotation and folders Home Solutions Features Pricing Support About us Annotate Documents Online Private or shared review, indexing and discussion with notes and tags Share notes on PDF, Microsoft Word documents and Web pages online.

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asciidoc isn't just for small documents anymore

Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

Yet I had fallen for the idea that asciidoc was for small documents, at least until I read Noah Slater's posting on the asciidoc mailing list saying he was using it to write a book that will be published by a professional publisher using their DocBook backend processes. I've used asciidoc for quite a while as a tool to generate small reports for clients. As I've discovered how easy it is, I'm also using it to keep notes.

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End Endless Email Threads With Backboard's Document Approval App

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Company Name Backboard 20-Word Description Backboard makes it quick and easy to get feedback and approval on your documents, right in your browser. To get started, you first upload the document needing approval. Tags: document collaboration

Office 365 Getting More Collaborative

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Some of my clients are really keen on the concept of real-time co-authoring, because the dynamics involved in multiple people working on different versions of a document shared around by email is just broken. Collaboration Software Document Co-Authoring

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Supporting Communities of Practice – - QuickTopic Document Review



Yammer Updates - Ticker, Pages, and Files

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online documents that offer character-by-character real-time co-authoring with other people. Pages can be used for many applications - meeting notes, developing wikis, and drafting documents. for creating a centralized location for sharing files and documents across people and teams.

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Screenhero—Multi-Person Collaborative Screen Sharing

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So, for example, if you shared an open Word document, the other person could start typing, erasing scrolling and printing that document, as if that document existed on the remote computer. Collaboration Software Document Co-Authoring

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WebWorkerDaily " Archive 3 Ways to Edit Documents Collaboratively "

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GigaOM Network: GigaOM | Earth2Tech | jkOnTheRun | NewTeeVee | OStatic | TheAppleBlog | WebWorkerDaily | Jobs Live Events | About | Contact Web Worker Daily Home Archives About Contact Us 3 Ways to Edit Documents Collaboratively September 1st, 2008 (11:00am) Mike Gunderloy 11 Comments Working on the Web means that it’s easy to reach out to collaborators - but what then? Take the common problem of needing to jointly edit a document, for example. - Share ideas and documents with friends and colleagues

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Work with the applications you already use You can use to create documents inside your web browser, or upload one of more than 20 different document types. Latest news New Feature: My Feed February 5, 2008 Sticky Documents February 5, 2008 >> Read more on our blogAlready registered? Log in.

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Notes on ID502 What's New in IBM Docs

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However, the status quo document model falls short. people lose time searching through email for documents, and time collecting/consolidating everyone's feedback. A "social document" in a social business: -. teams work in one primary document. -. Users can share and interact with their documents just from the browser. -. documents managed and secured according to your company policies. Open Document format. -.

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oneDrum Releases Peer-to-Peer Collaboration Application for Microsoft Office #collaboration

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The application brings Google Docs functionality and more to Microsoft Office documents, with edits appearing in real time when working online, while offline edits synchronize effortlessly when connectivity is re-established. Collaboration Software Document Co-Authoring

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Defining Collaboration - 5. Collaboration Scenarios as a Way of Classifying Collaboration Technology

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Co-Authoring a Document. Working with other people on a document - a press release, an RFP, a contract, or an article. The document needs to include the ideas of multiple people. research firm: Co-Authoring a Document.

2011 161

Vizit 4.0 - Better Screenshots

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Document Co-AuthoringI noted last week that Vizit had released Version 4.0 of its SharePoint add-on product , and the new Social Exchange capabilities. I also said the screenshot needed to be better - and both the CTO and CEO responded today with new screenshots (kudos to both).

2011 148

Collaborating in Office 2013

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Collaboration Software Document Co-Authoring Enterprise Mobility Multi-Enterprise Collaboration SharePoint

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Risks in Early-Stage Collaboration: Conformity Happens When Divergence is Needed

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Let's take document co-authoring as an example. I'd argue for high-quality feedback from reviewers, so the document can be improved. Sally, Lily and Dave have already agreed with the ethos of the document. Tags: Being Collaborative Document Co-Authoring

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TextFlow: Overview

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TextFlow from Nordic River Software in Sweden is a document co-authoring service, or what the Nordic River people describe as a "parallel word processor". That means that multiple people can work on the same document at the same time, without requiring a manual process for bringing the different versions back together to a single master copy. For the real-time document comparison to happen between the different versions that people are working on, you have to be online.

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TextFlow: Signing Up

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This is the second post on TextFlow in my research into collaborative document co-authoring products and services. Tags: Document Co-Authoring document co-authoring textflow For the first, see TextFlow: Overview. Yesterday I signed up for a TextFlow account. To signup, you have to “Buy” either the Professional Edition ($99 per year) or the Personal Edition (free, but with watermarks). I chose the Personal Edition in the first instance.

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