Are Board Turnover Rates Limiting Diversity Opportunities and Growth?

Governance in a Networked World

If ‘vacancies’ are so rare, what impacts will that have on the timing of the board diversity agenda? For the gender diversity supporters, current board renewal rates will become a natural governor on progress.

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Kaizen Camp: Seattle 2012

Evolving Web

The diversity of ideas and voices are unparalleled – which is exactly what we were searching for. Business Cooperation Community Indicators Cooperation Culture Emergent Democracy Life Management Personal Kanban

2012 141

Kaizen Camp: Seattle 2012

Evolving Web

The diversity of ideas and voices are unparalleled – which is exactly what we were searching for. Business Cooperation Community Indicators Cooperation Culture Emergent Democracy Life Management Personal Kanban

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Update on OldGlobeMOOC and Peer Assessment

Jenny Connected

I have no complaints about the quality of most of the peer reviews and so far no one has given me a score of less than 2 – but this peer review for Assignment 3 is indicative of how the game can be played to ensure that you get a Certificate. The OldGlobeMOOC is a great experience in terms of the diversity of participants. Tagged: #OldGlobeMOOC , assessment , Coursera , diversity , MOOC , peer assessment , xMOOC.

The Fence of Fear

Full Circle Associates

Then I read Shawn Callahan (of Anecdote ) recent post about An indicator of group fear in organisations and a wee insight arrived. Slight side note: I want to make a clear distinction that I do not equate fear directly with dissent, diversity or critical thinking.

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Ford Foundation, Open Access and Really Sharing Knowledge

Full Circle Associates

Being open allows access to thinking of others, to diverse perspectives which then inform our work, decisions and results. collaboration community indicators knowledge sharing learning open Knowledge sharing can be enabled or blocked based on organizational policies and infrastructure.

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Intellectual In-Breeding and Mutations of Corporate Governance

Evolving Web

Dynamic teams built from a diverse talent pool reduces the chance of in-breeding. Without this diversity, without mixing up the gene pool, we get mutations. Tags: online communities Management Community Indicators 10 Social Media Principles Business Cooperation

Full Circle Associates " Musings on "community management" Part 2

Nancy White

It is indicative of short-term, achieving goals within a given budget.

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Networks, gender and race in job-searchers in rural America (Missouri)

Net-Map Toolbox

Jenine Harrison and her co-authors have interviewed job seekers in rural Missouri and drawn Net-Maps that indicate clearly which contacts are male/female, black/white to understand these questions better. How do the networks of black and white, male and female job-seekers differ?

My Harvest from a Think Tank on Assessing Collaboration

Michelle Laurie

After each round, participants got up and moved tables so we cross-pollinated ideas across diverse groups of individuals. What are indicators of that success? Nonresponse and selection bias. ° Frameworks: Finding a framework inclusive of diverse groups and diverse knowledge bases.

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SIKM community presentation

Digital Habitats

That seemed like a real indicator that some useful activity going on there that was worth understanding and cultivating, because it helped keep those conversations going in those communities. February 16, 2010. Theme: Rethinking Ourselves (KM People) as Technology Stewards.

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What is the Diversification ‘Sweet Spot’? We have an Answer.15%

Governance in a Networked World

What is the right balance of diverse experiences and specialisation for our future leaders? How powerful would it be to have a quantitative measure for diversity that is clearly linked to your bottom line performance? But there is no ruler calibrated for diversity.

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The ‘Sisterhood’ Goes Missing at Board Level

Governance in a Networked World

Board diversity has been a hot topic in the corporate world for some time now. Diversity is commonly interpreted as ‘more women on company boards’. So wouldn’t the ‘old girls network’ be the best vehicle for addressing the board diversity issue? But why does diversity matter?

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State of the Collaborative- Peer- Sharing Economy #sharenyc

21st Century Organization

As indicated by the NYU Stern summit title--“Collaborative- Peer- Sharing- Economy”-- the language and definition around the new economic models exemplified by Airbnb and Uber is work in progress. CPSE Summit panel discussions indicated those challenges are already under way.

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Citizen journalists animate a virtual high street for independent living support and conversation

Social Reporter

The ADTV project should help us understand the range of skills and tools needed to serve a diverse community with different levels of online access and literacy, and connect with agencies and suppliers. The biggest buzz is from engaging with such a diverse range of inspiring projects.

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PhD by Publication and Collaboration

Jenny Connected

At an early meeting with my supervisor, Paul Ashwin , we discussed whether all the papers to be submitted should indicate the percentage contribution of each author. A PhD is always (as far as I know) an individual piece of work.

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References on Lurking | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

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Ethical behaviours online

Jenny Connected

In the paper that we collaborated on as a result of our CCK08 experience we explored the meaning of individual and psychological diversity within connective environments and were aware of some of the concerns raised by Dan Currell in his video.

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How Come I Can’t Tune Klout?

Alchemy of Change

Yes, what I’m talking about is a marketplace for influence indicators. Diversity is a good thing. How come I can’t decide for myself what influence on the web means to me ? Who died and left Klout king?

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Companies with ‘Networked’ Board Directors have 85% Higher Growth Rates!

Governance in a Networked World

In essence we were looking for directors who had the best opportunity for bringing diversity of thought and opinions to their boards by being both independent and connected through joint board memberships. The thicker lines indicate a higher affinity between the respective members.

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Communicating Diagonally: New Value Pathways via Enterprise Social Networking?

Governance in a Networked World

Radical innovations typically result from the bringing together of inputs across a diversity of sources, like other business units.

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social search ecology

Taming the spaces

Social navigation types are: Interest indicators, which can be acquired either directly from the user (e.g. Social bookmarking and tagging creates a triple (user, content, annotations) which indicates user’s relationship between resources, users, and tags (Golder and Huberman, 2006, Marlow et al., The use of social information (annotations – interest indicators) in navigation was smaller than i expected, still the traditional search culture prevails.

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Change MOOC starts Mon 12th Sept 2011….

Jenny Connected

This is evident throughout this presentation, but my attention was drawn to slides 60 – 67, where Stephen Downes outlines the principle characteristics of MOOCs –autonomy, diversity, openness and interaction. From my perspective and recognising that everyone will have a different perspective on this, particularly Stephen himself, there have been the following shifts: Diversity: has shifted from being about the diversity of the environments to the diversity of individual perspectives.

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State of the Collaborative- Peer- Sharing Economy #sharenyc

21st Century Organization

As indicated by the NYU Stern summit title--“Collaborative- Peer- Sharing- Economy”-- the language and definition around the new economic models exemplified by Airbnb and Uber is work in progress. CPSE Summit panel discussions indicated those challenges are already under way.

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MOOC principles and course design

Jenny Connected

Recently, I have increasingly been thinking that it is not the MOOC itself that it is the important change; it is what MOOCs say about the associated learning principles, autonomy, diversity, openness and connectedness.

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Why 90% of Organisations would NOT Survive a Digital Disruption

Governance in a Networked World

In this case perhaps the Yammer diversity across disciplines may not be a good thing, if strengthening disciplines is an objective. Essentially we look at two dimensions; Depth (cohesion) and Breadth (diversity). The relative size of the bubble indicates the number of connections.

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Questions to ask when planning a MOOC

Jenny Connected

Each question leads to a whole load of further questions, some of which I have indicated as possibilities. A MOOC runs on principles of autonomy, diversity, openness and interactivity.

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Free questionnaire and software to analyse team's beliefs versus HPTs

The Bumble Bee

This can help the team understand and value its diversity. This may not be significant or it may indicate that the team lacks confidence in the achieveability of its objectives.

Building Your Network: Making It Work with Your Boss

Partnering Resources

For years, assessment tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FIRO-B, DiSC, Insights, and others have identified people’s preferences and “defaults”: The behaviors that they return to over and over again, particularly during times of fatigue and stress. They manage diverse constituencies.

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Social Physics: Oxymoron or Big 'Social' Data Tipping Point?

Governance in a Networked World

The most prominent finding relates to idea flows traveling through an exploration phase, where diversity of input is a key success indicator; followed by an ‘engagement’ phase where more intense interactions are required to turn ideas into actions.

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Elinor Ostrom’s 8 Principles for Managing A Commmons – Words to Live By

Full Circle Associates

The work of Elinor Ostrom comes up again and again as I engage with people from different parts of my diverse network. This is always an indicator to PAY ATTENTION. Here is a brief summary of Ostrom’s * Principles for Managing a Commons via ” On the Commons.”

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Blog>> Experiences on KM Incentives and KPIs

Green Chameleon

My last article about Knowledge Management Strategy created some discussions about key performance indicators (KPI) and incentives for KM activities. In our organisation we have three main indicators on how the activities corporate KM team are measured: 1) usage in terms of accessing knowledge items (files + discussions); we define a certain number of potential users and then expect that 20% of those should access the system at least once per month.

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Building a collaborative workplace (or community. or network)

Nancy White

Community questions and possibilities from a little data

Learning Alliances

Still the point is that no data or graphic is going to be the last word: suggestions, pointers and indications are all we should expect. What I see in this table is a very productive diversity of organizations represented.

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Leading from the Bottom

Governance in a Networked World

In terms of efficiency we had already indicated that the dependency relationships invariably point upward, rather than the other way. As Hamel indicates, this causes a logjam at the top, with many organisations paralysed while waiting for management responses.

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Full Circle Associates " Digital Habitats Community Orientation Spidergram Activity

Nancy White

Also, wondering if have now have some patterns looking at diagrams over a diverse range of communities?

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Full Circle Associates " Communities of Practice Series with Darren Sidnick #1

Nancy White

But these tools will allow you to support people connecting across distance, allowing a greater diversity of thought which can enrich a community.

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A Slow Community Movement?

Nancy White

Published by Nancy White at 8:14 am under community indicators A couple of weeks ago, Peter Block said the qualities of successful community initiatives were, in his experience, being slow, small and underfunded.

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Human Capital Flows in Australian Banking - Courtesy of Linkedin

Governance in a Networked World

Another aspect that can be investigated is the diversity of the source of employees. Ultimately this can lead to a ‘sameness’ between the key players in the industry, resulting in less innovation and less diversity of offerings. The red lines indicate a bi-directional flow.

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From intuition to knowing for sure: a case of applying learning analytics at course level

Joitske Hulsebosch

A diverse group took part in this course, and we were wondering if we would see differences in participation between certain "groups" (eg working in the Netherlands versus working in Asia, or working for NGOs versus working for government).

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Net-Map facilitation pointers: Links

Net-Map Toolbox

Picking diverse links can often mean including some formal links and some informal links. If it is important to indicate group membership on a Net-Map, either use the color of post-it (actor category) or write abbreviations next to each actor card.

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Marissa, we need to talk: This genie is way out of the bottle

Endless Knots

" Here's the quick summary from the Harvard Business Review where the study was published as "Best Practices:" Some projects have such diverse requirements that they need a variety of specialists to work on them.

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Is Your Social Capital Helping or Hindering Your Leadership Aspirations?

Governance in a Networked World

In this time he studied waves of leadership cohorts moving through the firm and was able to identify high performers as being differentiated by the types of relationship networks that they kept, specifically networks that were more open and diverse.

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