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You can’t fix this. So please stop trying. Start thinking differently.

Chris Corrigan

I want to invite you to bite down hard and read this article by Rich Lowry, the editor of the National Review: Baltimore, a Great Society Failure: President Barack Obama responded to the Baltimore riots with a heartfelt bout of self-righteous hectoring. The president seems to believe that if only we all had the wisdom and the compassion of Barack Obama, Baltimore would already be on the mend. Obama doesn’t have the slightest idea how to fix Baltimore.

Brandy Agerbeck’s Obama Speach Visual Capture | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Brandy was inspired to do a visual capture of Obama’s inaguration speech – something quite different than she normally does. And as I scribbled notes, I realized that it was critical to quote Obamas words. Clearly in this case there was a sole focus on Obama.

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Barack Obama’s Lessons For Blogging

Portals and KM

This is actually taken from a post on Obama’s Lesson’s For Marketing by Marktd but I think it applies to blogging, as well. Here are the ten lessons that Marktd posted: Be different - celebrate your differences from what has gone before and turn any perceived weakness in to an advantage (e.g. Be likeable - if people don’t like you they probably won’t listen to you? Have a big personality - have different facets to your personality?

Collaborative Thinking: YouTube + Digg + Obama = YouBama

Collaborative Thinking

Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta « SproutBuilder: Making Widget Creation Easy | Main | Peter Saint-Andre on Presence » January 31, 2008 YouTube + Digg + Obama = YouBama So what if employees where to create a "place" on a corporate intranet and upload user-generated content that they captured ( through inexpensive tools ) related to some internal strategy, project, idea, etc.,

Story Week Monday: How did Obama do?

Engineers without Fears

Here is a Wordle cloud made from the responses people gave to the question: "What was memorable about the story?" - note "little", "old" and "lady". And here is the Wordle cloud of keywords that people added to the story (more words like "motivation" and "inspiration").

How to Manage Your Business in a Recession: "#7 Reevaluate People - And Steal Some Good Ones"

Michael Sampson - Currents

For managers across the global economy, as well as for Team Obama on its way to Washington, today's great question is, What do we do now?". Let’s focus on #7, “Reevaluate People - And Steal Some Good Ones”. Reevaluate People - And Steal Some Good Ones. In his book, “Thinking for a Living”, Thomas Davenport writes about the difficulty of assessing the output of knowledge workers in tradition Taylorist ways, and thus the need for thinking about it differently.

Jeff Stamps on today: From polarity to complementarity

Endless Knots

Barack Obama becomes the Chief Hierarch today. What is uniquely different about President Barack Hussein Obama is that he is the Chief Complement as well. From the beginning of his quest, Obama has been the voice of complementarity amid the din of dualism.

Why aren’t Australian politicians meeting CEOs of Facebook Twitter etc? #auspol

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

People are important to social media, not just because they receive the message but because they transmit the message. The difference in engagement between a statement and a question is dramatic. Zuckerberg met with Barack Obama (of course) and … well, here are the photos.

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NetAge Report #4: Organizing at the edge of chaos

Endless Knots

In our post yesterday, we pointed out that Obama is "complexifying" government by creating more layers, adding cross-links, and multiplying leadership. " Not surprisingly, Rove has it exactly wrong, calling Obama's reorganization centralizing moves.

The day after: Who's responsible for what?

Endless Knots

But volunteers like us can only take this so far -- and we, the people, really need a transparent org chart of the whole government, one that tells us who's doing what, whom they work with, what their agencies' purposes are, how large their budgets are.and so on and etc.

KM Six Pack #6 - Networks: Power of sharing, learning, discovering together | Smart People magazine

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The difference between interest groups and CoPs, however, is that CoPs are not just social. They are the places where collaboration and generation of ideas, new knowledge and innovation can improve the reach of people and the effectiveness of the company. While CoPs are generally part of the corporate initiative, they work best when they are voluntary, self-governed, separate from the company’s organizational structure and a natural part of the way people work.

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The Leading Virtually Digest, February 8, 2009

Leading Virtually

Posts to which it is related: What President Obama Teaches Us For Leading Virtually , So Far And Yet So Near , Leading Virtual Communities: Do We Have the Answers , Are Casual Virtual Team Participants Endangering Virtual Teams. Today, many question the wisdom of placing so much power in the hands of few people at the top of an organization. Gratton states that people tend to assume that face-to-face working trumps virtual working.

Community Goals and Measurements

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Three different kinds of metrics can be captured and reported for communities: 1. Define, communicate, and implement people, process, and technology components for sharing, innovating, reusing, collaborating, and learning through communities. Skip to main content. LinkedIn Home.

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So You Want To Bring About Change

Leading Virtually

Last week’s Time had an article on how President Obama is using the science of change to transform the country. Specifically, President Obama and his economic team are relying on findings in behavioral economics to make people break old habits and adopt behaviors that are better for them and society. The article uses findings from the behavioral economics literature to suggest the following four methods to change people’s behaviors.

How to be a great community manager

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Implement people, process, and technology components for sharing, innovating, reusing, collaborating, and learning in the community. Posts are from multiple people. Communicate widely to let people know your group exists, its purpose, and its target audience. Good people skills.

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SXSW Notes: Positively Inspired Change Campaigns

Portals and KM

It was asked if audience members feel that people are motivated more by negative messaging to move to one side and positive the other. But some people feel that this erases guilt and does not promote long term giving. People said talk what positive things you would miss by smoking and dying early like playing with your grandchildren. The Obama campaign of 2008 was a positive one and it won. I was asked what is difference between sympathy and empathy?

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

But then I realized Ive said all this before, and that Id only bepreaching to a choir, including myself -- people who already appreciatethese truths, but who, like me, are mostly stuck trying to figure out how to change, how to start using that knowledge effectively, to make a real difference. Dave Pollards environmental philosophy, creative works, business papers and essays.

Blogging--It's Good for You: Scientific American

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

For example, people with mania often talk too much. “You know that drives are involved [in blogging] because a lot of people do it compulsively,” Flaherty notes. People with Wernicke’s aphasia speak in gibberish and often write constantly. Recent functional magnetic resonance imaging studies have shown that the brain lights up differently before, during and after writing, notes James Pennebaker, a psychologist at the University of Texas at Austin.

Links of the Month: October 23, 2014

How to Save the World

Nor is it a linear decline—the end of a civilization is a fractal process composed of crises on many different scales of space and time, with equally uneven consequences. Not So Different: Homeless people share one thing about themselves that may surprise you.

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

I nthe virtual world Second Life, there are people who are there to playbeing someone theyre not, and other people who are trying to beauthentic. At one extreme there are people who come in and act as amember of the opposite sex, or as a machine or animal. Myidentities as business executive, as family member, as friend, ascolleague, as writer, as speaker, as student are each different. All similar people thereafter "in the same mold" aremerely copies.

On Collaboration – confused of calcutta

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

A gymword describes something that many well-intentioned people aspire to do, but one that very few actually achieve in practice]. ” I think there is something new in this, and the newness comes from finding a way to integrate the learning from the work of people like Howard Rheingold and W Brian Arthur (and more recently, Clay Shirky ) on virtual and electronic communities, on learning, on increasing-returns models. Our company is literally a network of people.

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Links for the Month: December 27, 2011

How to Save the World

Bush used these provisions basically to put himself above the law, and Obama, facing a hostile and utterly dysfunctional Congress, is now following suit. Helping people save their homes. Feminist Sci-Fi: Liz Henry tells you what to read to put a different perspective in your reading.

Links of the Month: July 15, 2013

How to Save the World

Too early, because not enough people in any local community are yet sufficiently aware of what is happening and what we can do to prepare for it, to make any action much more than a lab experiment. How Many People Can Live Sustainably on Earth?:

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Work Together: 60+ Collaborative Tools for Groups

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

They can then access them from a number of different mobile devices. - Project management that allows you to assign tasks and then let people work in teams on them. Might want to take a look at Celtx, an OSS collaborative app designed for people creating media, including film, theatre, animation and comics. Its offers corporate and personal collaboration solutions to different type of users.

Teens Explain Why They Don't Care About Facebook Anymore

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

Advisers Urged Obama Early On To Release… Your Post Has Been Launched! 24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting. The Difference Between Freshman Year And Senior. Instagram and twitter are generally safer options since you can block people from following you without blocking them from being your “friend” RESPOND. People get really pissed off at this sort of thing and Facebook has done it way too much. politics. business. sports. ideas.

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Media140 Sydney: Social Media Twitter & Journalism

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

So it’s a bit of a surprise that few people addressed the popular questions of “how will Freelancers survive&# , “how will social media make money&# ? Just ignore all the people joining Facebook, uploading YouTube videos and writing blog posts while we chatter here about whether journalists do it better. Mayhill Fowler has not once but twice scooped the press – on stories about both Bill Clinton and Barak Obama.

Will the Collapse of Civilization Begin With Global Corporatist Totalitarianism?

How to Save the World

My two errors were the failure to recognize: The Need to Stop Collapse at Stage 3: I have been thinking that there is only one type of collapse, one ‘end game’, though there are many different scenarios about how it will play out. STAGE. WHAT COLLAPSES. SIGNS OF COLLAPSE.

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Social Graph: Concepts and Issues

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

One problem is that currently you need to have different logins for different social networks. In his post Braddiscussed a vision of an open, public asset - controlled by the people and used (and complied with) bythe social networks.

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The Cognitive Dissonance of the New Yorker and the NYT

How to Save the World

It’s like the right wingnuts who are somehow able to reconcile support for the Patriot Act with opposition to background checks for people buying assault rifles. They ask different questions. cartoon by David Sipress from (of course) the New Yorker.

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Contemplation on January 20th, 2009

Evolving Web

This morning I stood alone in my office and watched Barack Obama be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. This morning I cried for the people who didn’t get to see today. All from very different backgrounds, but all who would have been unified in the events of today.

The Essence of Collaboration Is Selfishness - Gartner Blog Network

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Vendors, consultants, social media gurus, politicians, communication professionals and amateurs all depict a compelling future where the wisdom of the crowd – be it a project team, a division, a corporation, a cross-section of experts in something, or the population of an entire country – will necessarily replace traditional decision making processes in response to the urge of people of different age, gender, culture, to feel part of something bigger than them. Obama.

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

not yet posted Because Radio Userland iscapping comments at 50 per article, and because I wanted to capturethese comments for posterity anyway, andbecause some people wanted to post more comments, Im reposting myarticle from November 4, 2009, with the first 50 comments embedded atthe end of the article, so there should be room for lots more now! -- Dave __ BLOG Do We ReallyWant toKnow the Truth? The very people I suspect produce theevidence, exhibit it, offer it to me.

The Firefox Story from Mitchell Baker- Engagement and Participation

Green Chameleon

Like many people, I use Firefox (I also use Apple's Safari) so I was especially interested. The noted that Mozilla, "relies extensively on people outside her companyâ€"not just for creative ideas, but also to develop products and make decisions. We do that by setting up frameworks where people can get involved in a very decentralized fashion. These frameworks embody our values and our goals and get embedded in other people's minds.

Links of the Quarter: June, 2016

How to Save the World

Here’s the ‘aha’ punch line: Since most of our behaviour is reactive to our physical and social contexts, the most effective way to change people’s behaviour is to change the context. Regardless of the speed limit, if the road is wide and straight, people drive fast.

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Governments are Leading Many IT Innovations

Portals and KM

It mentions President Obama’s campaign to see innovation in IT, ranging from its use of big data to open source technologies. million people in Trinidad and Tobago. They often look for what the people want and more interaction was a request. 

Links of the Month: January 27, 2013

How to Save the World

M ost of the people I know have moved past the denial that our world faces massive change due to a combination of (1) the end of the industrial growth economy, (2) the end of cheap energy, and (3) the end of a stable climate. The construction of a global institutional union of peoples.

2013 10

'Working The Critics' in the White House.

Charmed Particles

Find the people who say negative things, and reach out to them too. If you can't, explain what you learned and what you will do differently. President Barack Obama dined with conservative columnists at George Will's house even before he took the oath of office, and he continues to work the refs now. I've had more unsolicited offers for participation from the Obama people in 45 days than in the last eight years from Bush," said Rosenthal.

What America has lost because Van Jones quit

Chris Corrigan

Eco-Equity with Van Jones : I’ve seen Van Jones speak, I’ve worked with people who have worked with him, and I take a lot of inspiration from him. Last year, when Obama was elected I thought immediately of him as a member of administration , the kind of person that crosses boundaries, that proposes new ways of addressing the old problems of social inequity, economic disparity, oppotunity inequality, global environmental crises and local public health and justice issues.

Links of the Month: November 8, 2013

How to Save the World

Learn how to care about, and even love, people you really don’t like very much. People relying on them will be devastated, and those hoping to retire with them will be disappointed. Could ‘Eminent Domain’ Be Used By the People to Prevent Foreclosures?:

2013 12

Post Election Songs of Sadness and Hope

Portals and KM

After the political woes of this week a part of me feels sad, especially for all the people we spoke with who are for Mary Landrieu and share her values of caring for the people of this state. We knocked on doors in five very different New Orleans neighborhoods.