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They can then access them from a number of different mobile devices. - Workspace for your group that features versioning, IM, VoIP ad more. Here are a few of the many storefronts who have leveraged Near-Time to increase margins, in case readers are interested: Best, Brian Flannery Near-Time Account Manager Noah Two more under Business Productivity to consider:

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The implication to organizations considering an application-level IM/presence solution, is creation of a “walled garden” where users need to use two different IM/presence client experiences. There is a standard for how organizations can leverage gateways to interoperate with public IM systems (e.g., Old habits die hard with this post. Real-time collaboration was one of my first research areas when I became an analyst – specifically web conferencing tools.

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So I want to focus on the tools I use regularly, the tools that make a difference in my work. This has made a BIG difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of my email practice. IM and VoIP. The free VoIP, the presence indicators, the chat, file transfer, etc.

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So I want to focus on the tools I use regularly, the tools that make a difference in my work. This has made a BIG difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of my email practice. IM and VoIP. The free VoIP, the presence indicators, the chat, file transfer, etc.

Microsoft's Unified Communications Predictions

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And the link to identity needs to be supportive of many different identity service providers. IBM might have been a little slow to react to the UC market trend than Microsoft but sometimes being slow means you have the time to put together a framework that is flexible - it's worth putting aside some past assumptions and at least conduct the due diligence to check out IBM based on your needs to leverage current investments in Cisco, Avaya, etc.


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and you probably know as well by now how lately I have settled myself down to two main different IM and VoIP clients. I am just going to mention the ones that I feel would make a difference in that realm of online real-time collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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This enables IM conversations to escalate from a text-based interaction to a VoIP call for instance. People can add/subtract addressing information, alter the subject header, create a derivative conversation path by forwarding an existing email to completely different set of people. Differences. Some differences. The message routing capability of Twitter enables messages to traverse different communication methods (e.g.,

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Open Source Projects : There are also vendors that are leveraging open source efforts to deliver web conferencing technology. There may be an additional need for different roles (a moderator vs. a speaker). named users, guests, moderator-pays-attendees-free) Since the "buyer" of web conferencing can be someone from different parts of an organization (business as well as IT), vendors have come up with different ways to purchase solutions.

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During my session at the conference, which took place fully online, I decided not to leverage my personal knowledge with collaboration tools to show the best and most useful ones, as I have done so many times in the last two years, but to actually involve the participants (over 150 at the time) into creating a visual map of what THEY thought were the best online collaboration tools out there. It now lists over 150 live online collaboration tools in 13 different categories.

Facebook as a Corporate Portal Platform

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The inconsistent behavior and security profiles of different Facebook applications will be familiar to any portal developer struggling with third-party portlets or Web Parts. The one observation from the warning that I totally disagree with: “ There is also little evidence that social networking will be as beneficial for businesses as other web-based communications tech such as instant messaging and VoIP.&# Facebook as a Corporate Portal Platform?

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Providing the technologies for content generation, syndication, social networking and news personalization, Pluck helps its customers more easily consume and leverage the new open content model that has emerged as the cornerstone of Web 2.0.&#

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Leveraging a print poster on the web Recent Comments Suw Charman-Anderson : PB, I’m just transcribing what was said by the participants; it’s not my plan to.