Walking a Different Path

Michael Sampson - Currents

Colgate-Palmolive needed to refresh its collaboration tools portfolio, and unlike most of its industry peers, did not embrace Office 365. A year after the migration to Google Cloud, it looks like things are still going well – the core collaboration team is happy, and so are the users.

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Helping Others to “See Differently”

Michael Sampson - Currents

While seeing differently can start with one, it can’t succeed without more. We hosted a party last night, for our second son who turned 21.

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Walking a Different Path – Redux

Michael Sampson - Currents

” It takes a different level of gumption and decision tenacity to stand in the flow of the messaging and collaboration market and decide to step outside of that general flow and do something different.

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Differences are real; divisiveness is a choice

Chris Corrigan

It was a timely gathering for 70 people from government, civil society, and social enterprise to come and learn how to work with differences. In Canada’s only bilingual province, language is a massive difference between people, and New Brunswick has a multitude of language cultures.

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cMOOCs and xMOOCs – key differences

Jenny Connected

As xMOOCs become more successful and begin to experiment with pedagogies that go beyond the didactic video lecture approach, I have been trying to understand the essential differences between the original connectivist MOOCs such as CCK08 and the current xMOOCs such as those offered by Coursera.

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Different perspectives

Viv Mcwaters

So once we get over ourselves and realise that we are not in any physical danger, is there really any reason NOT to try something different? Different perspectives is a post from: vivmcwaters.com.au. The post Different perspectives appeared first on vivmcwaters.com.au.

Community – organization difference

Learning Alliances

In comparison with how community and organization interact in other circumstances, it’s the churches and meditation groups depicted on the right that highlight the differences between the two regimes most clearly. These different settings have been on my mind for years.

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Connections are Different than Relationships

Alchemy of Change

Gideon Rosenblatt Follow me on Twitter RSS Feeds Home About Movement as Network « Networks and Autonomy How Connections “Wrap&# Our Engagement » Connections are Different than Relationships I used to use the words connection and relationship interchangeably.

Behaving differently

Viv Mcwaters

Behaviours can only be changed by behaving differently. This is the point of disruptive facilitation – providing opportunities for participants in a workshop to behave differently, with each other and in relationship to their work. Les Posen is a presentation guru, that’s when he’s not doing his ‘real’ work as a psychologist.

Making a difference

Viv Mcwaters

We talk of making a difference. It is these small gestures that probably make the biggest difference. Things might have gone differently. Making a difference is a post from: vivmcwaters.com.au. The drive from Jaipur to Delhi took over five hours – 270 kms.

Being, Differently

How to Save the World

So I was cautious in my ambitions: The idea was to see how I could make what I know I’m already going to be doing anyway, easier and more fun, by doing it differently in a way that would also increase my attentiveness, appreciation, playfulness and sense of wonder.

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Beautifully different

Viv Mcwaters

Mitchell was talking to Manny about being different at school and the yearning to blend in. Sharing what I know, helping people build their skills and confidence, encouraging, trying different approaches, taking professional risks – these all make me who I am too. December 8 – Beautifully Different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Yikes. Today’s prompt is hard.

Travelling a different road

Viv Mcwaters

I am confident though, that although it’s a different road that I’m travelling, it’s one worth exploring. Travelling a different road is a post from: vivmcwaters.com.au.

22 Ways To See Things Differently – Nicholas Bate

Michael Sampson - Currents

From Nicholas Bate in April 2014 on seeing things differently : 1. And yes, with the above being published on April 1, you will have to embrace the willingness to be foolish and stupid to see differently. With the lights low. Early, at dawn. Through dark glasses.

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Same, same but different

Net-Map Toolbox

When doing Net-Maps with different people about the same question, we face the following dilemma: We want them to be free to mention any actor who comes to mind, whoever is involved in, let’s say innovation in the poultry sector in Ethiopia or managing small reservoirs in Ghana.

Radical Management – A Different Kind of CEO


During the course of yesterday, my good friend, the always insightful Ana Silva was wondering, over in Twitter , and in her own blog, too!, under the heading “ The Cluetrain Manifesto on art, work and life “, about potential new books to read during the summer vacation.

A different day

Michael Sampson - Currents

It's almost 16 hours since the earthquake hit near Christchurch. We had a lot of cleaning up to do - broken glasses, fallen bookcases, bedroom furniture on the ground, a huge mess in the garage, and more. Two garage cupboards collapsed, and so Timothy (8) set to work and put one back together. He worked for at least 2 hours with the drill, and has built it much stronger than it was. There weren't enough screws to finish the second one, but that was started too.

Accentuate our differences

Chris Corrigan

” One little line stood out, something about the fact that in evolution, little differences are what provide us with evolutionary potential. Finding the pathway of best evolutionary potential requires that we introduce diversity and difference into the system.

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A different way of working

Viv Mcwaters

Here’s another cool RSA animation , this time by Dan Pink about his latest book, Drive. If you don’t have time to read the book you can at least watch this 10-minute video. It explores the paradox of rewards – that when we have enough money, more money is not a motivator.

Social media for trainers: think differently!

Joitske Hulsebosch

I forgot my adaptor (really stupid of me) and felt very disorganised working on various different laptops and computers. Skype for instance looks so differently on a Windows computer. Online this works differently. The energy level is different. Online: think differently! I did a workshop last Friday on the conference ' Trends voor Trainers '. The topic was: social media as learning instrument.

What makes Facilitating With Confidence different?

Viv Mcwaters

So that’s what we focus on – each individual developing the confidence and self-awareness to step up, be present, respond in different ways to sticky moments or difficult people, to not be the centre of attention and to enable connection.

Differences of scaffolding in communities and networks

Taming the spaces

I think that we expect that our empirical cases are like communities of practice, but it may be that not all the characteristics of such community are at present and they are rather knowledge collectivities or constellations of communities of practice, and eventually the Learning Layers project can help the target groups to create a [.]. community learning layers networked scaffolding

Top teams understand the 4 different types of Teamwork in Nature

The Bumble Bee

We often talk about Teamwork as if its a singular thing however in nature there are 4 different types - each of which have a very precise meaning. When we talk about Teamwork we generally mean different things. Teams undertake different kinds of tasks.

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Seeing things differently

Michelle Laurie

It helps us see traditional words and documents differently. I belong to a network of KM practioners working in development. Today a resource was shared that I am marveling at. I have tested it out with a document describing a learning network established in a community climate change adaptation initiative. I inserted all the words in the document to a website (Check out wordle ) and above is what it came up with. This is making work fun!

Different Points of View

Michelle Laurie

HSBC advocate for ‘different points of view’ and demonstrate this with identical images and different tag lines. They have a series of panels showing different objects and people. The lessons I take from them are that people are unique and see the world and things inside it differently. Indeed, there is beauty in different opinions. As I travel through airports around the world, I am struck by the advertisements of HSBC.

Similar people - different people

Net-Map Toolbox

Heterogeneity and boundary spanning between different kinds of networks lead to innovation. On the other hand… sometimes you meet people where you feel like even the basic structure of their brain must be completely different from yours. Getting to understand each other can become a tough job of explaining and misunderstanding and you feel like learning a different language altogether just to make yourself understood.

Culture: Dealing with differences

Joitske Hulsebosch

I read Dealing with differences by Nico Vink, who looks at communication as scanning of social spaces and positions, rather than exchange of information. So where do we currently find the cultural differences? Yet there is a difference.

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Leaders rule - differently, though

Viv Mcwaters

The question remains however if there is a different form of leadership required in such communities. Keith Sawyer has an interesting post about the role of leadership and lessons learned from the impact of internet ‘democratisation’ and the emergence of ‘open source communities’ Keith suggests that the internet has enabled ‘participatory democracy’ evidenced by Wikipaedia and Linux.

What's the difference between a promise and a responsibility?

The Bumble Bee

However when I hear this kind language it always makes me think of the difference between a promise , a responsibility and a guarantee. Whats the difference?

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What a difference three decades makes

Viv Mcwaters

When I last visited London, nearly 30 years ago (yeah, I know, way too long between drinks) this was the only way to contact people back home (back home being Australia). Now I have options, which then, would have sounded like they came straight out of a science-fiction novel.

A different way to learn writing

Ken Carroll

I’m here to help you make quick progress in your writing skills through an approach that I call remarkable writing. Remarkable writing is the product of 25 years of language teaching and of entrepreneurship.

Is Leading in the Digital Age Different?

Leading Virtually

We bring different information and emotions to bear on a situation. Many say or assume that leadership does not change in the digital age. The scant attention paid to technology in the leadership literature is a testimony to that.

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Adoption of Mobile Devices and Apps—What's Different?

Michael Sampson - Currents

In the second-to-last blog post I'll be writing for The Smarter Office, I posted about adoption of mobile devices and apps , and how the current dynamics are different to collaboration systems: ". So what do we say is driving this adoption, and how is it different to collaboration systems? Read more: Adoption of Mobile Devices and Apps—What's Different?

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Different, But Refreshingly So - Nicholas Bate

Michael Sampson - Currents

Nicholas provides a s nap shot of what it means to be refreshingly different : " 2. Hotel rooms where the air-con, wifi and lighting are easy to use. Business phone lines without convoluted menu-driven interactions. Airport security with a smile. Healthy fast-food. Shops which open on time. Banks who remember who gave them the money in the first place. Schools which still value education not just grades. Thinking which is critical but doesn't criticise. A day without meetings.

Why remarkable writing is different

Ken Carroll

How is remarkable writing different? The post Why remarkable writing is different appeared first on Ken Carroll's Remarkable Writing Techniques. Sticky post. Listen to this post here). Lots of folks talk about how to improve your writing. But no-one else takes the uniquely relevant and effective approach of remarkable writing. I’m here to help you make quick progress in your writing. I understand the constraints on this goal that exist for you. In response: ?

Two very different publishing experiences!

Governance in a Networked World

It will probably never happen again (at least for me) but having never published a book before I had two books hit the market in the same month! My book on IT Governance in the Networked World [link] went down the traditional route. 6 months to write and then 12 months from final manuscript to book on my shelf. Several editing and reviewing stages, marketing etc etc. The second book was unplanned.

Issues that Make Personal Kanban Different

Evolving Web

This is the second post in Jim Benson's Personal Kanban series. Personal kanban is going to have some divergence from industrial kanban. There are basic issues that ensure that it's not so easy to just draw some lines on a board and call it a personal kanban.

Contribute vs. Collaborate - They Start from Different Premises

Michael Sampson - Currents

In his most recent post, he talks about the difference between contribution and collaboration : " The Transactional leader is looking for contributors. Collaboration is different from contribution. ". Chad explores how collaboration is different from contribution. Chad has been writing about leadership, and one of the words he has been exploring is "collaborate."

Enterprise 2.0: Two Success Stories on Connecting People with People to Make a Difference!


It’s amazing how, in most cases, we may all be working for different companies, different industries, different business areas, yet our challenges all seem to be down to the same dead-end: the corporate culture AND how to change it to make it more 2.0

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Digital Immigrants Digital Natives: Different Or Not?

Collaborative Thinking

An interesting article worth reading (regardless of viewpoint): Is Online Privacy a Generational Issue? By Ken Denmead. October 1, 2009 | . 9:00 am | . Categories: Electronic Geek. This is a guest post by Heather West , Policy Analyst at the Center for Democracy & Technology ]. It seems like every time I talk to people about privacy, there’s a feeling that younger users of online tools simply don’t care about the issue.

Technology: the difference between generations

Joitske Hulsebosch

I think my children will come out with a whole different set of skills, but till then people with hugely different skills and perceptions will have to work and live together Please see this wonderful drawing by my youngest daughter (4-years old).

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Collaborative Thinking: Timeout For Something Different

Collaborative Thinking

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The difference between consonents and vowels

Joitske Hulsebosch

So at home she wanted to know what the difference is between consonents and vowels. Both my children are in mixed classes at school. The youngest in group 3/4, the eldest in group 4/5. At times the youngest overhears what is being taught to the other group.

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