Instant Team: Game-Based Learning for Accelerated Team Development

The Bumble Bee

Team Leadership DevelopmentSadly, you cannot create a High-Performing Team in a day or afternoon or even over lunch.

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Developing on Cloud Time

Michael Sampson - Currents

The agility of cloud time development is great, but then so is the stability of non-cloud time development cycles. One of the promises of cloud services is that you always have the latest stuff available.

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Guest Post: Net-Map in cultural development in Germany

Net-Map Toolbox

First time-use of a Net-Map-procedure in a culture development process. With the decision to perform a network analysis, the Institute for Cultural Policy entered new territory within the framework of cultural development processes.

A free Leadership Development Benefits Estimator Tool

The Bumble Bee

" How do you justify investment a specific people development activity (e.g. Secondly you identify the key skills of the leader, their current levels and the target improvements in these levels expected from the specific Leadership Development intervention you are planning.

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Is “development 2.0? the same as “agile international development”?

Net-Map Toolbox

As a response to my earlier post about agile international development, Mitchell Toomey of UNDP invited me to join their discussion forum around “development 2.0″ ″ which basically looks at what development projects can learn from the way that successful web 2.0

March was my month of exploring virtual reality for learning and development.

Joitske Hulsebosch

What I read a lot about is that VR storytelling helps to develop empathy for, by example, the refugees. More is needed than a VR app to develop empathy. I see that there is a lot of development in VR applications.

2018 117

Developing Communities for Collaborative Innovation: Recap of CMX Online Workshop

Online Community Strategy

This is a short post to recap the online workshop I did with David Spinks of CMX about developing Collaborative Innovation Communities. I’ve developed a workshop to help organizations learn about, ideate on and plan their Collaborative Innovation strategy.

2018 46

What can knowledge interventions contribute to development?

Joitske Hulsebosch

I pointed out my belief in the power of south-south learning to increase the impact of development efforts. I explained my vision that in my idea the counterpart model in development (the northern expert working with a southern person for a longer period of time) has disappeared because it is not how people learn and change happens. Can we in the Netherlands also learn from developing countries? social change development knowledge management

2011 130

To Develop a Community, Think Network First

Online Community Strategy

a helpful answer must be developed in the context of the host organization and their extended network and 2.) I believe we need a new and more holistic approach to develop modern communities – communities that are a significant evolution of the current support and Q&A-based silos.

2016 70

Blog>> Developing a KM Maturity Assessment that Supports Action Planning

Green Chameleon

They can just be paper exercises to support a check-box mentality rather than supporting a real capability development. Developing_a_KM_Maturity_Assessment_v2.pdf I have always been very cautious about KM Maturity Assessments. They carry a lot of assumptions about how KM should be implemented, that may not always be true for everybody. They often have features that get in the way of action planning that really matches the need of the organisation concerned.

2017 100

Exploring Dialogic Organizational Development

Chris Corrigan

Later this spring, Gervase Bushe and Bob Marshak will be publishing a new text on Dialogic Organizational Development. It is a book that is a mix of theory and mpractice, written by both academics and practitioners. I contributed a chapter on holding containers.

2015 67

Blog>> Taxonomy Development Poster in Simplified Chinese

Green Chameleon

This is the Chinese version of the Taxonomy poster that Patrick shared in 2012. To download the PDF version of the Chinese poster, click here. I had enjoyed being part of the process of translating the original poster into Chinese. It felt like visiting an old friend.

2014 130

Dialogic Organization Development and Transformational Change

Networking Action

Dialogical Organization Development is a label Bob Marshak and I have … Blog Change By Gervase Bushe – Simon Fraser University. This is one of a series of guest blogs on large systems change written as part of GOLDEN’s Ecosystems Labs activ ity.

2013 173

Social Media in International Development Workshop

Nancy White

Do you work for an international development NGO? Objective of the workshop: Introduce researchers, communications professionals and knowledge sharing practitioners to social media tools and support their social media strategy development. Develop your strategy.

What is important in knowledge sharing for innovation in development?

Joitske Hulsebosch

Next monday I will have an interview with a journalist of a magazine about international development cooperation ( Vice Versa ). What knowledge to share, how to share, and what needs to be done for innovation in international development cooperation? ". development development2.0

Collaborating for Impact in Large Development Organizations

Full Circle Associates

It was our sense that we needed to look at the problem differently, with an appreciation for complexity and the diverse contexts across large international development organizations. collaboration complexity international development

2015 56

Developing a Strategic Approach to Office 365

Michael Sampson - Currents

My talk will be on developing a strategic approach to Office 365. Developing a Strategic Approach to Office 365. Tonight at the Christchurch SharePoint User Group I will be presenting the first session of the evening. Office 365 offers a tremendous set of capabilities in a quick to acquire, quick to start consuming model. These capabilities provide many opportunities to re-think how work gets done, and drive strategic benefit for an organisation.

2015 98

Carl Jackson on Supporting Online Communities in International Development

Nancy White

Carl Jackson of Westhill Knowledge Group (formerly at IDS – Institute of Development Studies ), colleague at KM4Dev , friend and all around smart and funny guy took 20 minutes to share some of his experiences supporting and participating in online communities in international development.

Do wikis change development work?

Joitske Hulsebosch

In development, this is a different case. Large organisations may have applications, but smaller development organisations in the north or organisations in the south may not have invested in any systems. However, I have the impression that so few people like working with wikis and are comfortable working with wikis that the real revolution that Shirky promised, worldwide collaboration at scales we have never seen, is still very far ahead for development.

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Innovation in the development sector

Joitske Hulsebosch

It was a little weird, because it was a mix of talking about innovation in the development sector (which was the reason for me to attend the conference) and talking about Stro's innovative social trade system (which was the reason for most participants to attend the conference). The first two sessions were really interesting: Henk Molenaar from Wotro was speaking and noticed that the development agenda is getting wider, which call for more knowledge intensive processes.

The Web2.0 Business Development System

The Bumble Bee

Based on hard-won experience I have pulled together a comprehensive model to help enterprises exploit the full power of all the great tools available (mostly free) to turbo-charge ALL their outbound, inbound and two-way sales and marketing communications.

Some lessons about capacity building in social media for development organisations in the South

Joitske Hulsebosch

Over the past half year I facilitated a social media capacity building trajectory for a group of 14 development organisations (and 2 networks) in countries like Vietnam, Mali, Bolivia etc., So those are good entry points to leverage social media for your own purposes as a development NGO.

2011 158

To Develop a Community, Think Network First

Online Community Strategy

a helpful answer must be developed in the strategic context of the host organization and their extended network and 2.)

2016 46

Developing a Lobbi kit for local agents of change

Social Reporter

Following a Lobbi strategy group meeting yesterday – which I trailed here – it looks as if one strand of development will focus on a kit of technology tools to support local change agents … that is people doing good stuff in their community.

2013 141

Social Media in International Development Workshop | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Objective of the workshop: Introduce researchers, communications professionals and knowledge sharing practitioners to social media tools and support their social media strategy development. Develop your strategy.

A Social Network Development Model

The Bumble Bee

Way back in the social networking Dark Ages, OK - October 2005, I published a "A Virtual Community Development Model" with sports metaphors for each stage. Read A Virtual Community Development Model.

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Monitoring network development through intervention

Net-Map Toolbox

Well, while networks evolve over time and you rarely know what the networks will be like 10 years after your project left, I would say that developing networks is actually something where external projects can show a specific strength: They are by design boundary spanners.

Rules for (digital)ecosystem growth and development?

Taming the spaces

I have been reading a good paper of ecosystem growth and development and thinking to the interrelations with digital ecosystems. This paper gives useful guidelines to explain the development and changes in digital ecosystems. Ecosystem growth and development.

2010 141

Social Media in International Development - 10 min interviews

Nancy White

I’m about to facilitate another workshop on social media in international development for the ICT-KM program of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research ( CGIAR ). I need your help and recommendations!

Developing Large Systems Change Leadership

Networking Action

For a recording of the webinar described below, go here. Slides are available here. For more information about the Academy, go here. For access to the toolbox described in the webinar, go here. Presenter: Klaus Althoff … Net Dev

2014 100

New publication: Learning 3.0: Collaborating for Impact in Large Development Organizations

Making CommunitySense

Collaborating for Impact in Large Development Organizations. In Knowledge Management for Development Journal , 10(3):21-37. Just published: Nancy White, Rachel Cardone and Aldo de Moor (2014). Learning 3.0:

2015 130

Blog>> Call for KM Standards Development Volunteers

Green Chameleon

The Association for Information and Image Management has issued a call for volunteers to develop three Knowledge Management Standards – for individual competencies, for organisational capabilities, and for KM education programmes. I like the structure. It’s a very tricky (=political) area, but one best tackled by institutions rather than small partisan groups, so I wish it well!

2013 100

Develop creativity and empathy through opposing perspectives

Joitske Hulsebosch

I found a book which divides the learning professional in personal and professional development. I have been rethinking my focus. I started working within the framework of knowledge management and communities of practice.

2011 130

Social Media in International Development Podcast: Bill Anderson

Nancy White

As I noted earlier , I’m starting to record a set of podcasts about the role of social media in international development. Today’s podcast is with William (Bill) Anderson and focuses on the science and research aspect of international development. product development.

Stop Runaway Software Development Projects - The BrainYard

Michael Sampson - Currents

My latest article for The BrainYard has just been published: Stop Runaway Software Development Projects : " Software development projects have a long history of running over schedule and budget.

Visual Camp – or developing "Policy in Pics"

Social Reporter

Earlier this week I spent an evening in the Treasury, Whitehall, talking not about the economy but about how visuals and other creative approaches may be used to develop and communicate policy.

Policy 130

Visual Camp – or developing “Policy in Pics”

Social Reporter

Earlier this week I spent an evening in the Treasury, Whitehall, talking not about the economy but about how visuals and other creative approaches may be used to develop and communicate policy.

Policy 130

Web Business Simulations for Management Development

The Bumble Bee

I developed these over a number of years using the excellent ithink simulation environment as essential tools to support what-if analysis, management learning games, experiential learning, balanced business scorecards and scenario planning.

2010 136

Social Media: Web Developer and Agency Ripoffs

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

What about little companies using sole trader web developers? That was one I heard last week – and the developer had added a Google blogspot blog to the self hosted site rather than Wordpress.

Adapting agile development to virtual teams

Endless Knots

This one's for the developers out there: " The Paradox of Agile PM and Virtual Team s " by Dr. David F. As I am not a developer, I'm ready to take some heaved tomatoes for getting this wrong technically get the picture.