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  At the 2009 Miami FOWA conference I caught up with Mark Masterson about my observations on human systems which he captured in his blog post on the event…. So Victoria's gripe was that there was lots of research, both existing and ongoing, on things like organisational models, webs of trust, and so on, all of which contained significant information of value for IT practitioners working on software to enable things like social networking and collaboration.

MirandaNet: Social Networking trivial or mind expanding?

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Staged Models of Learning. Braided learning joins other models and research that described stages in online learning (e.g., Braided learning does have in common with these models stages relating to access, motivation and socialization in joining the community, exchange of information and experience relevant to the joint venture, development of joint practice, and development of shared meaning. INSTICC, Miami, Web Information Systems and Technologies.

21st Century Learning: The Art of Building Virtual Communities


The burning question for many of us trying to establish educationalCoPs is how to design a VLC that is compelling enough that it willcompetesuccessfully for the attention of busy educators? Member Roles One model that holds merit an be found on the Learning Circuits Blog. It is titled 4L Model (Linking,Lurking, Learning, Leading) and was inspired by comments made by John SeeleyBrown in an interview with Marcia Connors for LineZine.

Fresh Perspectives: New Network Theory Conference

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21st Century Organization Trends, thought leaders, and workable models for the successful 21st century organization. It discusses co-authorship networks, calls for a marketplace model to maximize the global brain, and to help transform the way science is done with: “an open source, community-driven framework/application for the integration and utilization of datasets, algorithms, tools, and computing resources.”

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Communities, Categories,and Neighborhoods: Key organizational concepts in Awareness Communities

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The Awareness platform supports a variety of organizational constructs that allow for a very flexible model in designing communities. A simple way to understand these concepts is to envision an internal-facing community in an organization that is designed to mirror the corporate organizational model (this is not the way it has to be, but this simple example helps one visualize it). Awareness designs, builds, and hosts branded Web 2.0

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5 Predictions for the Future of Collaboration - The Platform

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are the software models to support the development. Jose Tormo Apr 21, 2009 Peter Drucker wrote that there is no one right organization design nor one right way to manage people.