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New definitions of mobile learning » Here Comes ItalianPod Harold Jarche writes about how the traditional ‘business model’ of the universities is under pressure. I’m not sure there is anything that dynamic in ESL research at the moment.)

The Growth of Personal Cloud Storage

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Social media sites like Facebook are the near-term repositories for cloud-based data storage, but other vendors will have opportunities to grab consumer market share, Gartner predicts. However, Gartner researchers note that the ability for consumers to capture data on their smartphones and tablets, using cameras and video recording devices, will drive the data storage requirements beyond the capacity of a personal computer hard drive or an external hard drive.

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YouTube Attempts to Increase Time on Site Through Discovery

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To increase time spent on YouTube Hunter Walk leads a team of about a dozen engineers, designers and project managers who are fine-tuning YouTube to users what they want, even when users aren’t quite sure what they really want. billion search queries on YouTube, more than on any search engine other than Google, according to comScore , a market researcher. It is an alternative model to trying to read your mind as YouTube and Amazon do.

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

I need some assistance from readers to finalize a titleand subtitle, and to design the web tools that will accompany the book. Should I set up a very simple wiki orsome other tool to talk through its design? This is an idea market with a difference -- no moneychanges hands. I doubt that anyonewill be able to make money developing them -- my hope is that they willserve as working models for other applications that need similarenabling processes and infrastructure.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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In Jan 2009 I’ve now published a Forrester Wave which segments the leaders that provide solution (service, strategy, and support) for enterprise class marketers (aka customer communities for the big brands). Satmetrics (Formerly Informative) “Marketing 2.0

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What makes a good community? " The Diving Board

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But this answer really is the beginning of the questions that arise in trying to profile or design a good community. In addition, we did what any good start up would do; we went to the Internet to research the topic (In addition to extensive “primary” market research with different community users). credit: This particular diagram captures two concepts and three levels.

How To Develop a Business-Aligned Social Media & Social Networking Strategy

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The following are examples of initiatives; note that some are planning exercises while others involve delivery of operating systems: Create and maintain a corporate Facebook page to serve as a corporate marketing and recruiting tool. My newest post is “A ‘Web 2.0

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Diva Marketing Blog - Marketing blogs and corporate social media strategies for innovative companies

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Awaiting the Sustainable Enterprise Revolution

How to Save the World

Economic Development Offices of governments at various levels are designed to attract businesses (i.e. If you've read my book, you know that what entrepreneurs need, more (and sooner) than they need accountants, lawyers, marketers or financing is: Help to determine what kind of work they're meant to do (something in their 'sweet spot'). Help to learn to do excellent market research (to surface real unmet needs). BLOG Incubating Entrepreneurship.