Notes From Cisco WebEx Connect Session

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Cisco Collaboration Architecture: higher level of services (presence, messaging), designed for other people to extend (mashups), designed for enterprise environment (policy management). Customize team spaces for business processes (can be customized by business partners so a business model here), development platform and open APIs, add collaboration to a process, create simple mashups. Jabber provides presence and real-time messaging.

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More Thoughts On Social Presence

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Additionally, any such system would have to have a permission model with access controls that enable people to manage their own ???presence??? any social presence platform will need to be secure, integrate with existing infrastructure, and support some type of federation model for interoperability with the external world. And yes, we can move the food around on the plate and do a better job with the current presence model. Disclosure: I'm employed by Jabber, Inc.,

Cisco Broadens Foray Into Collaboration Market

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also offers customers a choice of deployment models – whether on-premise, on-demand, or hybrid. Cisco WebEx Mail is on-demand, highly available, and designed to free IT departments from the burden of email infrastructure management and operation. Highlights of Cisco's press release is below (with a link to the full release). Additional blog posts will come out later today (starting around noon PT) that will include my early thoughts.

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Collaborative Thinking: Social Presence: Time To Push The Reset Button

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Jabber emerged and made XMPP popular which has its own presence capability (2000-ish). IBM and Microsoft remain the key vendors for presence overall given their market strength but Jabber remains credible. Jabber remains the champion for XMPP as the foundation for presence systems. Presence makes too many assumptions (SIP/SIMPLE) and has a terrible data model. Twitter and Facebook are the new models for this broader perspective on presence.

Presence Is Too Important To Leave To UC Vendors

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This new type of presence model creates a type of social context and sense of connectedness that is not easily replicated in the UC world. UC-related presence would be included in this model as a subset but the overarching solution is unlikely to be delivered by a UC platform itself.

/Message: The Architecture of Sociality: Building In Openness

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

However, users can often be the happiest in monopolistic worlds, where everything works together because one corporation has centralized control on design and implementation. Lets call this the Facebook model: Dont get me wrong: Facebooks management have opened up their service to others, so that many many apps have been built and which run within Facebook. So it is not a closed model: but it is a centralized one.

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Life With Alacrity: The Dunbar Number as a Limit to Group Sizes

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The following chart shows anecdotal satisfaction ratings for these lower group sizes: Much of this is probably predicted by Dunbars model, if you add in the non-survival and dispursed community modifiers that I discuss here. Life With Alacrity Alacrity, noun.