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Role model passsion, and your own engagement. Yes, even emoticons, no matter if you don’t like them yourself. So if your goal was to design a lesson for 10th graders on Beethoven, ask them to design the perfect lesson where students would learn nothing.

What do we mean by engagement online? Reprise from 20019

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Tomorrow I’m doing a web meeting with a group of people who are designing, stewarding and facilitating globally distributed online communities of work, practice and information sharing. Role model passsion, and your own engagement. What do we mean by engagement online?

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Green Chameleon

“Taxonomists, deep down, desperately want to be accepted by the rest of humanity&# — in that case, work harder to understand technology and how it works (or doesn’t work) with the structures you design. Design better banners! I haven’t read your book, and surely you haven’t read or attended any of the courses I’ve developed on content modeling (of which I consider taxonomy development a very small and increasingly less relevant part of).

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Green Chameleon " Could a CoP Become a Gang

John Tropea - Delicious Community

The social networking mindset and model, which as you know is dear to my heart, is a good one. There are no “designated&# positions to identify where the power lies. hate when punctuation is assumed to be an emoticon. www.straitsknowledge.com blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Could a CoP Become a Gang I have just watched an episode of “ Get Real ” on Channel News Asia where this week’s feature was on teenage gangs.

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Anne Truitt Zelenka " The Decline and Fall of Facebook

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This emoticon, for example, works better in some situations than others. Much of this comes from cognitive and behavioural modelling in the psychology-space. Anne Zelenka suggests that this is because that even while they are tools designed to facilitate social interaction online, “they’re actually unable to intelligently and completely, and in a unified way, represent [actual] social relationships and social interaction&#. [.]

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How to Save the World

How to Save the World

Some of them are protective colouring that is designed to makeit easier to survive in a crowded, judgemental and often intolerantworld. In many human activities, from the workplace to the theatre, we also recognize archetypes (from the Greek = original model).Archetypes Many of the gods of different religions arearchetypal -- intended as models to study or follow. Some of the moresophisticated emoticons (e.g.

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