Robert Scoble Gets a Demo of the eBeam

Michael Sampson - Currents

In the video above, Robert Scoble gets a demo from Rafi and Jody from Luidia, the makers of eBeam. I wrote about eBeam a few months back , and its role in enabling whiteboard capture for storage and collaborative sharing.

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Gary Flake Demos Pivot at TED

Portals and KM

Gary Flake recently demoed Pivot at TED.   It is a new way to browse and arrange massive amounts of images and data online. Built on Seadragon technology, it enables spectacular zooms in and out of web databases, and the discovery of patterns and links invisible in standard web browsing. Gary is a Technical Fellow at Microsoft, and the founder and director of Live Lab. He shows how you can take control over data to see trends that might be undiscovered otherwise.

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The Mother of All Demos – Doug Engelbart

Portals and KM

The Mother of all Demos changed everything. The 1968 demo presaged many of the technologies we use today, from personal computing and knowledge management to the World Wide Web and social media. It was the mother of all demos. On December 9, 1968, at 3:45PM PST, Dr. Douglas C.

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Collaborative Thinking: Microsoft UC (OCS) Presentations and Demos

Collaborative Thinking

OCS 130

Adaptive Semantics Inc. - Demo


JuLiA is currently monitoring live comments on the largest online publications, flagging and storing the most abusive comments that made it through their filtering systems. Comments are updated daily, so check back soon for more. Annotated link [link]. online_facilitation community_management

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Collaborative Thinking: SproutBuilder: Making Widget Creation Easy

Collaborative Thinking

This is far and away my favorite product Ive seen at DEMO, not just this year but ever in the three years Ive attended.

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Notes on SPOT107 Governance, Compliance, and eDiscovery for IBM Connections

Michael Sampson - Currents

Demo of Actiance Vantage in IBM Connections: - Created a status update, uploaded a new version of a document, and writing a new blog. - Demo of using Actiance Socialite: - Socialite creates an aggregated place for all of your social media channels. A couple of people from Actiance are presenting on governance, compliance, and eDiscovery for IBM Connections. Due to a couple of other meetings, I arrived late. but here's some notes: 1.

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wordle me this

Portals and KM

lately (preparing for a demo) and really thinking hard about tagging. I've been cleaning up my tags in I like word clouds a lot, and just came across wordle. Here's the tag cloud for mydelicious: You can see that I've been preoccupied with enterprise 2.0 lately.

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CRM Meets Twitter: Will Vendors And Organizations Take The Time To Get It Right?

Collaborative Thinking

The demo's below are interesting but there are issues that organizations need to consider that relate to identity, privacy, and security. SAP demos new Twitter integration By Barney Beal, News Director 18 Jan 2010 |

New High-Performing Teams Online Game

The Bumble Bee

To explore the thinking behind the A4 High-Performing Team Game or to play the demo. I have been thinking for a long time about developing an online game for High-Performing Teams which was complex enough to be useful but simple enough to be usable!

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John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

BuddyPress Home About Blog Forums Docs Demo Download BuddyPress will transform an installation of WordPress MU into a social network platform. More | Download RC-1 » Useful Links Try the demo of the latest development build.

CRM and Social Networking: Strike 1 For Microsoft

Collaborative Thinking

Demo is simplistic with lots of assumptions that are unlikely to be credible. Maybe it's just a bad demo. I'm still catching up with my backlog of news, feeds, etc - but this caught my attention - but not in a good way - it seems to be a fairly feeble attempt to cover the brand monitoring / reputation space. For me, it just didn't make the grade - lots of better options around.

Oracle OpenWorld 2008 Keynote Notes

Collaborative Thinking

Beehive Demo Outlook integration, Outlook running against Beehive server. Demo of real-time web conferencing (Oracle product). Security demo on documents. Audit log demo of all collaboration interactions. Partial notes from opening keynote (Charles Phillips). Investing around $3B in research-related activities; 1200 patents. 50 acquisitions over last 5 years; 1 out of every 3 employees are non-Oracle (prior to expansion) - went from 40K to 85K employees.

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Even Microsoft Struggles With It

Michael Sampson - Currents

The talking at the beginning is fine, the animations of how the support request work are also fine, but the live demo and click through of the interface … are now old.

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Share2011 - Closing Keynote - Effective SharePoint Workshops: From Requirements to Roadmap, Wireframes and Workflow (Ruven Gotz, Navantis)

Michael Sampson - Currents

don't demo SharePoint features at this point. Demo how SharePoint works with the specific issues that people were talking about. In the closing keynote of Share2011, Ruven Gotz from Navantis in Canada is presenting on requirements, roadmaps, wireframes, and workflow.

Share2011 - Keynote: Looking at the Business Solutions of SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online (Jerry Smith, Microsoft)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Jerry gave a super-quick demo of Docs to connect Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with Facebook friends. - Jerry showed a demo of "Acing" - a new way of sharing social networking information within the business. Jerry from Microsoft is at the Share conference for the second year.

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Finding Experts in Your Company … While You Are on the Road!


We see in the demo nothing but the basic elements of enterprise expertise management — access to individuals and groups and the ability to locate and obtain access to needed expertise.

Online Community Unconference 2009 Wiki Open & Session Highlights

Online Community Strategy

Marc Smith of Telligent led a session on social network mapping and analysis, and offered a demo of NodeXL, a free, excel-based tool. Cross-posted from the Online Community Report.

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TeachMeet SEN 2012


Events are framed by short talks and demos from people working within education - sharing practice that works. Practitioner talk and demo slots at TMEN12 are typical of TeachMeet talk lengths - 7 minute micro presentations or 3 minute mini presentations.

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IBM Connect 2013: Wednesday Opening Session Notes

Portals and KM

Nigel said there will be five demos from IBM partners. The first demo was from SugarCRM. Clint Oram CTO and Co-Founder did the demo. Andrew Filev from Wrike did the next demo. Colin Goudie and David Simpson, Senior Developers, AppFusions led the next demo. John Tripp from Trilog did the next demo. He showed a demo. This is another in a series of my notes on IBM Connect 2013. Here are my notes from 2011 and 2012.

2013 100

Customize Enterprise Wikis In SP2010

Collaborative Thinking

Demo: Can insert web parts in wiki page. My Tweets during the session: Nice demo in the sense of using a wiki style of content in an application context but not what you would think of as a wiki demo #spc09. Gail Giacobbe, Principal Program Manager Lead and Ted Pattison, SharePoint MVP.

Wiki 133

Lotusphere 2012 Notes: Monday Morning Press Q&A

Portals and KM

The underlying message in the opening demos was the seem-less integration behind what was seen in he demos to bring the components of your workday on the device you want. This is another in a series of my notes on Lotusphere 2012. I am very pleased to be back again after last year.

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Microsoft Powerpoint: The Bumblebee's 3 most useful PPT add-ins

The Bumble Bee

Here is a link to some sample demos. In an earlier article, The Bumblebee's six most useful Excel add-ins , I shared my 6 most useful excel add-ins. Here I share my 3 most useful Powerpoint add-ins - Acoolsoft PPT to Video, iSpring and PPT2HTML.

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Media Sandbox showcase and publication launch

Platform Neutral

18:00hrs: Evening Reception including informal demos of this years’ projects and the launch of the Media Sandbox Publication. I am a big fan of the iShed ’s ‘ Media Sandbox ‘ programme.

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Tweeting Your Weight - But Not Mine

Portals and KM

There is even a video demo on their web site. Here the perfect holiday gift for the person who has everything. It is also a sure sign that something may be happening, but does Mr. Jones know what it is? As reported in the Los Angeles Times , a French company, Withings , has equipped a bathroom scale with wifi so you can send you weight and body fat ratio to Facebook and your web site.

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Wrike Provides Mobile Visualization of Project Schedules on an Interactive Timeline

Portals and KM

Here is Wrike’s Andrew Filev presenting a demo at IBM Connect 2013. Wrike offers on-demand, online project management. and collaboration solution that helps both co-located and distributed teams work together in real time.

2013 151

New High Performing Teams Simulation Game from Bioteams Ken Thompson

The Bumble Bee

Click here to access a mini demo of CHAPTER which allows you to run the simulation for 2 of the 9 weeks. I am pleased to announce a new team business simulation game, CHAPTER, which in a half-day puts you through your paces as the newly appointed manager of a ten-person team.

2014 142

Building An Enterprise KM Solution in SP2010

Collaborative Thinking

Notes from session w/Sean Squires and Lincoln Demaris. Case Study: Knowledge For The Field - one of several systems for KM at Microsoft, repository of high-quality of field-ready content, intitial phase focused on content publishing and discovery. 80K Microsoft employees might access the system to learn about a product, 45K sales/marketing/field might want to know how to sell the product, 1K subject matter experts might use the system as well.

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The 10 Key Principles of Change Management

The Bumble Bee

To experience these principles live within a Change Management game contact me (ken.thompson) at the usual email ( to organise a online demo.

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Online Community Summit 2009

Online Community Strategy

8:00 – 9:00: Community and Good Ideas Demos (open podium). We’re just about 2 weeks away from our 8th annual Online Community Summit in Sonoma, CA, on October 8-9. We have a fantastic speaker and session line-up that I’ve detailed out below.

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Social Network Analysis in the public sector

Collaborative Thinking

Demonstration Site: Social Network Analyzer demo. Welcome to the Social Network Analyzer demo site. Social Network Analyzer demo. Interesting application of SNA re: collaboration, transparency, etc. . SAP Innovation: Social Networking at the Service of the French Public Sector | SAP Web 2.0.

Twitter reaches 11% of online Americans

Community Guy

Twitter users skew young, with one in five online Americans in the 18-to-24 demo using Twitter. Still think that twitter is “pointless and dumb&# ? Online microblogging services like Twitter, a popular social media tool for many media companies and television networks, are used by 11% of online Americans, according to a research report conducted by Pew Internet & American Life Project in December and released today.

The Art of the Possible in London – with Automated Intelligence, Microsoft UK, and Others

Michael Sampson - Currents

Simon talked about the live demo they were going to run over the course of the conference – analysing 50 million files using AI.DATAPOINT (an Automated Intelligence offering) to identify, catalog, and analyse what files existed on the demo file share, and prepare for a migration to Office 365.

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Aligning Your Intranet with Your Business Objectives (Andrew Wright) #intranets2012

Michael Sampson - Currents

Andrew showed a demo on how to use a task-based approach for designing the intranet. In the first rapid-fire session after lunch, Andrew Wright is talking about the Worldwide Intranet Challenge. Key points: - successful intranets focus on change management, and align with business objectives. case study - CVS Caremark in the US. Objective was to improve employee engagement. Method - all news stories related to these values. case study - Discovery Health in South Africa.

2012 117

Killer app for (Bayesian) regression analysis

Making Sense With Facilitated Systems

Try out the demo here In case you don''t know Stan yet, it''s a probabilistic programming language focused on Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling. That was the first comment today for Jonah Sol Gabry''s announcement of shinyStan on Andrew Gelman''s Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. I''ve tried it, and that''s pretty close to my reaction, too.

2015 35

Tools for a Hack Oregon project

Learning Alliances

The contribution part means you need to focus and collaborate effectively, figure out how to make what you’ve got to offer a value-add for the group and for people who use the final product — beyond the demo. A Hack Oregon project is fun and you get to make a contribution.

Oregon 130

A tasty intro to digital – Tea, Toast and T’Internet

Social Reporter

With support from Richard Higgins, C&C Centre Manager and confident of the interest of a few residents in having a tablet demo, she made a call to Breezie , who are working with Age UK to market customised Samsung tablets.

2014 225

IBM Plugging Holes In Connections/SharePoint Integration

Collaborative Thinking

Well-worth your time checking out the demo (just follow the link below). Socialize Me: Demo: Lotus Connections Plugin for Sharepoint. To see these capabilities in action, check out this quick demo that I just recorded. Socialize Me: Demo: Lotus Connections Plugin for Sharepoint. If you are using SharePoint but are considering Lotus Connections for blogs, communities, social networking, etc.,

Collaborative Thinking: Lotusphere 2008: Opening Session

Collaborative Thinking

Demo: Atlantic plug-in brings SAP data into Notes. Notes on Linux and on Mac (beta now), Domino - admin, storage, compression, Demo: Sametime Unyte called out. DWA "light mode" - demo of Apple integration. applications, reskin existing applications Demo: Designer improvements, new design elements, etc. Demo: Drag and drops of feeds (interesting angle to take on the demo since IBM has no underlying feed syndication platform).

2008 100

Blog Aggregation

Jenny Connected

This is where the project has got to: Demo site. Although a lot of hard work has gone into looking through members’ blogs for relevant tags and categories, Mel and John Smith (community steward for CPsquare) seem to have been able to set up a demo site in a relatively short space of time – so it would seem that aggregation of blogs might be easier in the future – maybe even for non-technical people like me? As with other MOOCs, the #fslt12 MOOC offers blog aggregation.

Lotusphere 2012 Notes: Opening Session

Portals and KM

Jejf Shick then came up to introduce a demo of IBM Connections Next. A demo was offered on how Web site can be modified and resized the fit screen real estate. Now a demo was shown on how social applies in Lotus and Domino through Notes Next.

2012 188

Blog Aggregation

Jenny Connected

This is where the project has got to: Demo site. Although a lot of hard work has gone into looking through members’ blogs for relevant tags and categories, Mel and John Smith (community steward for CPsquare) seem to have been able to set up a demo site in a relatively short space of time – so it would seem that aggregation of blogs might be easier in the future – maybe even for non-technical people like me? As with other MOOCs, the #fslt12 MOOC offers blog aggregation.

Notes from the Opening General Session at IBM Connect 2013

Michael Sampson - Currents

Demos (with Luis): -. Demo: -. Demo (with Rob): -. In Orlando at the Walt Disney World Dolphin, IBM is kicking off the Opening General Session for IBM Connect. Some notes : - The opening band is They Might Be Giants. This is the earliest performance they have ever given. One band member said, "It's exciting to even be awake. It's a dream.". The Rise of Social Business, Alistair Rennie (General Manager, Social Business).

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