Moxie Spaces Enhances Customer Engagement

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Spaces converges customer communications with employee collaboration into a single offering that I think is a great idea. We began with a discussion of enhancements to their customer support capabilities. It is very customer centric.

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RightNow Introduces RightNow CX, the Customer Experience Suite

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Yesterday at its User Summit , Greg Gianforte CEO, introduced RightNow CX , a customer experience suite designed to increase customer engagement. RightNow CX addresses three primary customer engagement points—the Web Experience, the Social Experience, and the Contact Center Experience— to enable a seamless experience, regardless of the number or type of interactions initiated.

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Creating customer communities :: Blog :: Headshift

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Creating customer communities Categories: Corporate , Future Trends , Legal and Professional Services , Media and Publishing , Public and Third Sector Anyone who follows my movements online will have noticed that Ive been rather quiet recently.

The Cisco Social Media Listening Journey

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The process has become operational, where workflows for engagement have been created and the insights are shared broadly across the team. AEV Blog Listening Customer Experience Social Media social media engagement social media listening social media monitoring

‘Communities’ and ‘Networks’: A Conceptual and Linguistic 2.0 Mess | Sonnez en cas d'absence


is, besides embodying new relationships between brands and customers, raising awareness among top managers about the potentials of collaborative work. If you look at customer support communities on the other, you may only find very weak networks in them.

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RedCentral: Automating Coke Cosolidated's Salesforce (Share 2012, Atlanta)

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Shawn is the senior manager for business systems and customer management systems. Has customers across 200 countries. customer information. -. workflows for payments to customers and vendors. 12,000 active workflows happen at any given time. -. customer issue resolution. -. deliver consistent service to customers and consumers. -. the customer account manager gets an email whenever the survey is completed.

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Aligning Collaboration with Business Processes

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He adds, “To realize benefits of collaborative business processes, though, (implementations professionals) must work to integrate these tools into business processes like product development and workflows.”.

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Notes on “Wintec Case Study: Curiosity Conquers Control” (Kristi Bernards)

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Put content, workflow forms, and various other business tools on the intranet. Have enabled staff to set up their own sites, lists, and custom lists. - … SharePoint is used for many different tracking processes – eg.,

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News Roundup – Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014

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Nintex’s 1000 Cloud Customers … Nintex announced that over 1000 customers are using its cloud-based tools for Office 365 and other cloud-based services. Nintex customers are “ are embracing the Nintex mobile and cloud-based digital forms, together with the workflow systems, to drive efficiencies within operational processes and to enable a stronger management support framework.

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Forrester on Enterprise Content Management Suites, Q4 2011

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They note that each content type brings its own editing and workflow requirements, and usually their own regulatory and compliance issues, making managing content increasingly complex and expensive. The foundational ECM provides basic content management functionality including library services, basic workflow, search, and records management. Finally persuasive ECM supports content addressing external audience behavior through marketing, lead generation, and customer self-service.

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Process Aligned Knowledge Management and Other Trends

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Here is an article in KM World, The knowledge movement: trends and opportunities, that begins with tag line, “The true success of KM is when it disappears, meaning that KM processes are embedded in workflow.”  Many companies have recognized the value of involved customers and external business partners in their business decision, rather it be comprehensive crowd sourcing or simple incremental improvements to a specific product.

Community mapping with Kumu: making sense of your community network

Making CommunitySense

I help organizations, networks, and communities to design and set up relevant community maps, to answer the right questions to fill the maps with meaningful content and to discover customized ways to integrate the use of maps in their workflows and business processes.

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IT Talent: Technology Leaders with People Problems

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A manager who’s hopeless at team leadership might have built such strong customer relationships that customers would be furious if she were to move. Or someone who can’t develop people might be great at managing workflow across departments.

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Improving SharePoint Lists – Roadmap 2018

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– Build Microsoft Flow workflows with Visio – Model a new process in Visio and export it to Microsoft Flow to activate and run custom processes [Available July 2018].

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The Further Integration of Cloud Services

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 PaaS offers an application development platform for building and hosting customized applications that are tuned specifically for an enterprise’s requirements. This is the start of other tech week on this blog.

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News from the SharePoint Conference 2012

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Research results confirm that Colligo customers have achieved impressive returns and bottom-line impact from their Colligo investment. Of customers surveyed, 85% have seen a payback on their Colligo investment in less than 24 months, 78% in less than one year, and 36% reporting full ROI in less than one month. Nintex released updates to Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms to support SharePoint 2013. Nintex announced that its workflow product now integrates with Yammer.

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Roadblocks to the Uptake of Collaboration Tools

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It was also seen as important to speeding up review processes, customer responses, and project completions. The most important features to support collaboration, according to the research respondents, were sharing of documents (74 percent), workflows for comments and approvals (49 percent), and content access from mobile devices (37 percent).

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The problem with being 'half social'

Governance in a Networked World

Maybe the better organisations passed on this intelligence to customer services, but my guess is that the way most organisations today are structured and incentivised, those complaints will have stayed where they But this is what our 'half social' would appear like to our customers.

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Notes on "Social Business: Moving the Business Needle Forward" at AusLUG 2013 - Chris Crummey, IBM

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Various Microsoft customers say, "IBM integrates better with Outlook and Internet Explorer than Microsoft does." Can approve an SAP workflow item. -. For Quickr customers, this is your migration plan to Connections. Includes nested folders, document status, workflow, metadata. -. When uploading a file, can mandate particular metadata and associate a workflow. -. The Digital IBMer" - protecting customer data, become more social, support work-from-home. -.

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Surface Hub: We Are Go

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Microsoft announced it is now shipping the Surface Hub to business customers around the world : I can tell you confidently, our Surface team works together better because we have Surface Hub. And this is why we are so proud to announce that Surface Hub has begun shipping to business customers. We are releasing a team-empowering solution that will make meetings more productive, modernize workflows, and let people engage with data much better.

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Surface Hub: We Are Go

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Microsoft announced it is now shipping the Surface Hub to business customers around the world : I can tell you confidently, our Surface team works together better because we have Surface Hub. And this is why we are so proud to announce that Surface Hub has begun shipping to business customers. We are releasing a team-empowering solution that will make meetings more productive, modernize workflows, and let people engage with data much better.

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Blog>> Knowledge Management Explained in Five Disciplines

Green Chameleon

Examples: contact relationship management (CRM) tools that efficiently share and store relevant information to customers, suppliers, and business partners. Three: Workflow Definitions. In my experience, when we design workflow definitions, or process definitions, and flowcharts for a series of job activities, then we can influence how information is captured, stored, and distributed. We welcome Tim Wieringa as a guest blogger to Green Chameleon.

KM World 2014: Some Useful Sessions: Wednesday, Nov 5

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As Tom Stewart and Pugh have written, “Knowledge is the Business—In leading knowledge-driven businesses, knowledge is what customers buy. a legal counselor), the customer is aware of it, pays for it, and judges it in making a buying decision.” She shares insights for sustaining a competitive edge and common differentiators, such as reducing transactions and search costs; providing access to inaccessible data or people; educating the customer (e.g.,

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News Updates (June 5, 2009)

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IBM Touting Customer Wins. Nintex Workflow. The latest edition of Understanding SharePoint is focused on explaining Nintex Workflow, a third-party workflow tool for SharePoint. Understanding SharePoint Journal has now released a new issue, focused on understanding Nintex Workflow 2007. Now, users can learn how to work with Nintex Workflow, including installation and configuration, authoring workflows, and managing workflow execution.

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The Cost of SharePoint = License Fee x9 (It's a Microsoft Figure)

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Just because a company does spend extra on SharePoint customizations doesn’t mean that it was needed in order to make the solution work. Microsoft recognizes the value of its partner network: For every dollar customers spend on Microsoft enterprise licensing fees, they spend $8 with consultants and channel vendors customizing Microsoft's tools or integrating other products. Take "SharePoint workflow," as an example.

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IGLOO Software Embeds MicroStrategy BI Tools for Social Insight

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IGLOO Software announced a partnership with MicroStrategy , for the integration of MicroStrategy's business intelligence tools into IGLOO's social business suite: " The solution will allow IGLOO customers to track user participation, influence, activity and engagement in a social intranet or extranet. As social technologies are introduced to business, workflow and employee interactions become more and more visible.

My New Role with AppFusions

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There are reasons for purpose-built systems, and a collection of many is stronger than a single-rigid system, especially if you can connect the strengths (data and workflows) of the different systems with common use case connectors vs. getting on an endless customization path. They bring together workflows, data files, and information between Enterprise systems for your collective purpose-built Enterprise 2.0

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News Updates (January 26, 2010)

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Collaboration: Workflow, not Tools. Jono talks through his thinking around focusing collaboration on the workflow, not the tooling. " The natural temptation was to say “let’s just set up a wiki and be done with it”, but instead we sat down and explored our workflow. TimeBridge Business Plus. TimeBridge added a new business plan to its meeting scheduling service.

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My Reactions to an Article on "Effective Enterprise Collaboration Strategy"

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For example, an organization that is interested in simply establishing internal blogs for employees would likely consider different products than, say, a company that wants to enable customers to communicate with employees. ". I would add as an essential emphasis, though, that even if people see how collaboration tools can " save steps, time and effort " and if " [they] understand why they should adopt the new technology and workflow processes ," they may still not do so.

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Scrumban Book Published Extend Your Agile Teams

Evolving Web

48 Workflow. 54 Schedule is orthogonal to workflow. 54 Workflow examples. 56 Kanban workflow for product development 62 One Piece Flow meets the V Model 62 Flow requires a little bit of slack, but too much slack is waste. 65 A kanban token is a signal to pull value through the workflow. 69 Division of labor in Lean software development workflows. 128 Development workflows need buffers.

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BroadVision’s Clearvale Offers Integrated Enterprise Social Networking Platform

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There are three main groups: employees, customers, and partners.  In addition to providing networks for employees, partners, and customers, Clearvale offers a means to connect to public networks such as Facebook as shown by the arrow above.

Moving to a Multi-Vendor Approach to Handling Today’s More Complex Content Management Requirements.

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Transactional content often originates outside the enterprise from customers and partners. It often relies on complex workflows or business process management to drive processes. There are many use cases including: “multichannel marketing, lead generation, eCommerce, customer self-service, in-store kiosks, and partner extranets.”

Adobe Offers a New Collection of Digital Marketing Capabilities

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Adobe captures more than 6 trillion transactions per year for its 5,000+ digital marketing customers.  Technology acquired from Efficient Frontier is now available as part of the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to new and existing Adobe customers. This is a departure from multi-channel campaigns that are often operated with separate budgets, distinct data sets and unique workflows.

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Adding email notification to Google Forms and Google Spreadsheets

Learning Alliances

Adds a custom menu to the active spreadsheet. * This idea and the code to implement it may be useful in other settings, but I developed it in the context of supporting a community with a largely volunteer organization at its center. At least in my mind the code comes from a point of view.

The Sharepoint Sessions – Part Two – Training Approaches

Green Chameleon

As Sadie mentioned in the first session , most obstacles are change management issues, new workflow, new policies, cultural change, and the shift to tighter collaboration. You can use it as a supplement to custom ILT. It is also necessary to provide documentation in the form of custom job aids, quick reference cards that are role based.

One wonders….

Chris Corrigan

Enterprises recognize that a gap exists between the massive scale of Hadoop and its ability to meet the needs of enterprise customers. With a suite of customer-proven, enterprise analytic engines, the Actian Analytics Platform supports any data warehouse and analytics strategy and enables organizations to get the most value from their analytics investment. From a piece of unsolicited email I got this morning comes an absolutely exquisite piece of writing.

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IBM Aims at Reinventing Relationships with Northstar: We Better Watch…


Northstar has managed to change such perception to a certain degree, not because of the tool suite itself, but more how it aims, in my opinion, rather successfully, to change the way we build relationships between customers, business partners and vendors through the Web.

Spigit Provides ICON as a Free Crowdsourcing Platform

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Spigit’s overall company goal is to drive business growth and customer and employee engagement.  The key to creating wealth in today’s economy is tapping the expertise within enterprise, as well as getting ideas from partners and customers.

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Notes from the Opening General Session at IBM Connect 2013

Michael Sampson - Currents

Getting smarter - for employee engagement, and customer experience. - IBM Connections 4.5 - nested folders, social tagging, document workflow. -. new adoption services - (a) social business adoption model, (b) social business adoption exhibition, and (c) customer council & adoption strategies. Can you see new trends in customer preferences - from a variety of input sources? - How to offer customer experiences, to build loyalty. -

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Chrysler tweet: an issue of process

Community Guy

Raise your hand if you’ve never mistakenly sent an internal email to a customer. Over the weekend, I had several people from big brands ask me what I thought about the Chrysler tweet debacle, and whether I thought the right actions were taken.

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Where to Start? 20 Questions for Corporate Social Media

Web Social Architecture

Typically corporate social media efforts emerge out of PR, Marketing, or Customer Service. Have you defined a corporate policy for engaging with customers through social media? Except for the ones they use in customer service. Do you have a system in place to manage customer interaction across touch points? Where do your customers spend time online? Market research typically tells us a lot about where customers spend time online. Can customers comment?

Newsgator Integrates Social Software into Core Work Process

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To set the foundation for this new strategy they interviewed hundreds of customers and dozens of senior execs. Below you can see a sample workflow request. NewsGator also worked with their customers to create an adoption framework that they offer on an Open Source basis.

Jackbe Releases Presto 3.0 and Opens Enterprise App Store

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  The apps can be out-of-the-box creations, as well as templates requiring further customization. I especially liked the new Mashhboard that allows users to group or link apps along a workflow.

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