Netflix Explodes Its Customer Goodwill

Alchemy of Change

A few months ago, pioneering movie rental company, Netflix announced some new price changes that really ticked off its customers. Customers howled. Customers weren’t the only folks disappointed in the company.

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How To Add Custom URL to Google Plus G+

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

How to get a custom URL for Google Plus. Anywho, How to add a Google Plus custom URL. I am on my PROFILE menu (right errr left hand side), and the “Your profile is preapproved for the custom URL:” pops up. Custom URLs for Google Plus.

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How not to thank your customers

Community Guy

For instance, if you want to thank your customers. “Customer: Thank you for being a customer” Here’s a way to do it really well: . “Customer: Thank you for being a customer. Thank your customers. Sometimes being a human is tough.

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Engaged Customer definitions: Super Users, Influencers, Advocates

Community Guy

Over the years, we’ve heard a great many terms to describe “Engaged Customers”… influencers, super users, super fans, advocates, and more. Each one of these terms define a very different type of Engaged Customer, so it’s important not to use them interchangeably. Here’s how I’ve always talked about the various types of Engaged Customers. . Definitions are important. Language matters. . We know that all community have stratifications amongst their members.

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#Movistar – Who Owns Your Customers Problems?


What a difference owning your customer’s problem makes! . Yes, I know, I am one of the 22 million customers Movistar has, but it is of no excuse really to make a single customer wait for nearly 2.5 Why can’t companies that claim to be customer centric get this?

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The Customer Community

Online Community Strategy

On one hand, these programs have yielded moments of customer connection, advocacy and insight. Companies now realize they have been renting their customer communities on social platforms. . Developing Customer communities. Image © Leigh Prather.

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How NOT to do Customer Service on Twitter Crucial Paradigm

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I think you’d have to be really really clear that you are justified in sacking a customer for a Twitter comment before you asked them to move on. How NOT to do Customer Service on Twitter Crucial Paradigm is a post from: Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy.

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Jive for Customer Service

Michael Sampson - Currents

Jive will be releasing a version of its social business software tailored at the customer service scenario in organizations : " The product, which will be called Jive Social Customer Service Solution, will include native integration with CRM (customer relationship management) and case management applications, social media monitoring capabilities, mobile access and elements of play intended to promote usage through "gamification.".

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Moxie Spaces Enhances Customer Engagement

Portals and KM

Spaces converges customer communications with employee collaboration into a single offering that I think is a great idea. We began with a discussion of enhancements to their customer support capabilities. It is very customer centric.

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#Movistar – The Cost of Lying to Your Customers


I am writing officially on purpose, because after 61 days I am still waiting for Movistar (That Queen Between that always wants to get paid , but fails to deliver on customer service big time!) I am just A customer.

2015 186

The Tribulations of Customer Service with Opera


How about if we take a look at the state of one of the most powerful use cases and success stories behind social networking and social media out there, Customer Service , and see whether we have got another winner or not… Hummm … not really.

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Laws to Stop Customers and Voters from Doing #SocialMedia Activism Campaigns #TPP

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Amendment to Consumer and Competition Act to stop Customer Anti Social Media Campaigns. Losing our communication rights.

PBworks Provides Customer Relationship Collaborative: CRC

Portals and KM

PBworks has now launched its PBworks Customer Relationship Edition, which extends CRM solutions such as by offering shared online workspaces for collaborating with customers and prospects throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Want to Know What Community Members (a.k.a. Customers) Need? Just Ask.

Online Community Strategy

customer’s) needs. In many cases there seems to be a real fear (or at least discomfort) in connecting 1 to 1 with customers. Note: I will be using the terms “member” and “customer” interchangeably in this post. Customer Conferences. Are you “Member Shy”?

2016 74

Instant Customer Data Analysis using Excel: worked example

The Bumble Bee

One of the most useful aspects of Microsoft Excel is its ability to quickly slice and dice customer data from live systems to identify important trends and behaviors which can inform strategy. Are a disproportionate amount of high-balance customers closing their accounts in the last 3 months.

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WOM Lesson: Celebrate Customers

Ant's Eyeview Blog

At Ant’s Eye View, we believe the purpose of business is to create customers who create customers. What better way to create customers than to celebrate your current customers – give your current customers something to talk about – WOM 101.

The problem with customer driven reviews

Community Guy

How is a customer supposed to use these two reviews to make a purchase decision? How are you thinking about making reviews more useful to your customers? This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Click to zoom in

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Event: Customer Service Call Centres and Social Media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

As you probably know, I believe that while marketing and PR want social networks to be about them and their needs, the customer usually has a specific question they want answered, best suited to Customer Service engaging on support and FAQ issues. But mostly, the customer is about wanting answers, not fluffy “please call our hotline with your details&# tweets and responses.

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Citizens or customers?

Chris Corrigan

In essence, the New Public Management seeks to (a) isolate public services, so that (b) each can be run by an individual manager, who is (c) held accountable for quantitate measures of performance, while (d) treating the recipient of these services as “customers.”

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SAP and MindTouch Work Together to Enhance Customer Experience

Portals and KM

A major area of concern for companies with large customer bases is the consistency and quality of the information a company provides. Service agents are also able to help customers take advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities at the right time.

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Great Products Don’t Need Customer Service – “La Bicha”


This time around something really interesting happened though that I wasn’t expecting, but that it had plenty to do with Social Business and Customer Service. And I would be trying to do my utmost to engage with those clients to learn how I could improve the overall customer experience.

2012 176

Customize Enterprise Wikis In SP2010

Collaborative Thinking

New site template for SharePoint Server build on publishing infrastructure - enhanced with categories, social tags and notes, page templates (content types and page layouts), ratings (web analytics) and customizations (master pages, CSS). Sitting in Customizing Enterprise Wikis in SP2010 #spc09. Gail Giacobbe, Principal Program Manager Lead and Ted Pattison, SharePoint MVP.

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What American Idol Teaches Us About Customer Engagement

Alchemy of Change

As customers, we know instantly when organizations get this mix is wrong. So yes, build a culture that values authenticity from day-one, but then concentrate like crazy on execution – know how to fulfill your customer promise.

Moxie Software and Microsoft Partner to Enhance Customer Service Capabilities

Portals and KM

As part of the partnership, Moxie Software will provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM with comprehensive, multi-channel and knowledge base solutions for delivering superior customer experiences. This is a good move, as customer connections will increasingly occur through mobile channels.

2013 151

State of Customer Data Integration in 2012

Portals and KM

In February 2012, Scribe Software surveyed 300 business leaders and channel partners to uncover opportunities and challenges associated with customer data integration. “ The State of Customer Data Integration in 2012” report contains input from C-level executives, business analysts and IT engineers, and systems integrators and consultants who design and implement data integration for their enterprise clients.

2012 122

Introducing Network Thinking: A Mobile Approach to Customer Communities

Online Community Strategy

Customer Communities Don’t Have To Be Complicated. We also know that customers connected to a company’s “network of relationships” are more valuable. One of the best ways to create a customer network is to develop online communities.

2016 73

Organizations Struggling to Integrate Customer Channels

Michael Sampson - Currents

Recent research by Pitney Bowes points to the problem of low integration between different marketing channels , and the consequential costs of this: " Pitney Bowes Software (PBS), a global leader in customer data, analytics and communication software and services reveals, through a study of large B2C organisations in UK, France and Germany, that customers are being lost through fragmented and inconsistent communications and failure to integrate marketing channels.

Connecting With Customers Through Social Media

Collaborative Thinking

Back then, it was all about connecting and responding to customers and just making social media work. Today it's not just Dell Outlet having success connecting with customers on Twitter. Dell Canada responded because the team heard our customers. Twitter numbers and growth in Dell’s presence in other social networks is one thing, but what does this mean to our customers and for Dell’s social media strategy overall moving forward?

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Excellent Customer Support Summarised in a Single Word: ScreenFlow


to find excellent customer service, as I was trying to share further insights on the recent fiasco I have gone through with both movistar & Apple with the 3GS iPhone. A story that features yours truly, once again, but this time around on what excellent customer support is all about.

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New Research on Hard Benefits of Online Customer Communities

The Bumble Bee

According to a 2011 survey, almost 50% of the top 100 global brands host some kind of network or community but are there any indications that these investments are paying off? Strategy and Business Magazine have just published an article which suggests the answer is "YES". Virtual Communities

Adobe Releases Enhanced Customer Experience Management Platform with LiveCycle 2.5

Portals and KM

They began offering LiveCycle in 2004 and are now focusing this platform on supporting customer experience management. They are focusing on helping enterprise and government customers increase efficiencies and improve service.

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The Secret Ingredient for Customer Lifecycle Marketing? Community Management.

Online Community Strategy

A recent benchmarking report from Demand Metric on Customer Lifecycle Marketing illustrates the impact of aligning marketing efforts around a customer journey model. The report also illustrates a number of blindspots that are derailing Customer Lifecycle Marketing efforts.

2016 67

Making Better Use of Customer Intelligence

Portals and KM

First, they found that customer knowledge is an elusive commodity. As a result, decisions can be based on an incomplete view of the customer. For example, the data can raise questions to ask customers. The customers can bring up issues to validate with data. I have seen this first hand in research on internal employee capabilities and interests and I am sure it will work with customers

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Forrester on Web Content Management for Online Customer Experience

Portals and KM

I received a review copy of the Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management For Online Customer Experience, Q3 2011 by Stephen Powers and am just getting around to looking at it. Yet now, the WCM market is growing based on customer experience management (CXM) needs, including multichannel delivery, content targeting, analytics, and integration with other CXM technologies.” Delivery solutions bring interactive experiences to customers.

2012 144

Customers Rock!

Ant's Eyeview Blog

Becky Carroll , Customer Advocate and blogger at Customers Rock! has a very powerful philosophy – best way to achieve organic growth is to successfully build upon a rock-solid customer base. I had the opportunity to meet Becky last year at Marketing Profs Digital Mixer and ever since I have read and admired how she carries the customer experience torch. Take a minute to check out Becky and latest blog post on Avoid the Customer Tug of War

Lotusphere 2012 Notes: Customer Conversation – Russell’s Convenience

Portals and KM

These notes cover my individual interview, Customer Conversation – Russell’s Convenience with Raymond Huff, Russell’s Convenience.  They are also using it to better handle customer feedback and minimize the impact of complaints. They have always been very responsive to customers but now they have an additional channel to handle this and share experiences across stores to avoid repeating any issues of concern. This is another in a series of my notes on Lotusphere 2012.

2012 152

Salesforce Twitter: Don’t interrupt customer conversations

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Social networks meets market intelligence meets customer relationship management systems might just equal spam. Here’s how is works: Salesforce plugs in to the Twitter API, and customer care reps can start Twitter searches from within Salesforce’s service, bypassing Is it for everyone nope, but if you have a bent for listending to your customers this is a natural module to implement.

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The problem with customer driven reviews

Community Guy

How is a customer supposed to use these two reviews to make a purchase decision? How are you thinking about making reviews more useful to your customers? The post The problem with customer driven reviews appeared first on Jake McKee - The Community Guy

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Coveo Customer Information Access Solutions (CIAS) Moves to Version 2.0

Portals and KM

The Customer Information Access Solutions (CIAS) are a set of individual, but related, extensions of the core platform that address specific business issues. We first discussed CIAS for Customer 360 that provides analytics dashboards.

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Getting Lessons Learned Right! Part 1: Customers.

Chris Collison

As we piece this puzzle together, one of the most important principles to bear in mind is that of knowing your customer. Just who is customer for the learning? One clear customer is the team who are conducting the review. The customer was clear – it was the next team.

2013 63

And while we're on the subject of customer service.Sanita

Endless Knots

One pair, the Darcy, which you can order here , continues to get compliments (the other two are regular ole' clogs, albeit in great colors--brown with red trim and steel gray) so here's a picture of it, an ad, if you will, because what they did is real customer service.

2013 171

The Quantified Value of Great Customer Experience

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Research

2014 79

Forrester Groundswell 2011 Awards: AT&T – Proving the ROI of Social Media for Customer Service

Ant's Eyeview Blog

Learn what AT&T did to quantify the impact of leveraging social media for customer service. Background: In the summer of 2009, the customer service team at AT&T made the decision to address negative sentiment and unresolved customer service issues on the social web.

2011 71