Column 2 : Enterprise 2.0: Reports from the Frontier

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Sujatha Bodapati then talked about collaboration challenges in their organization, with major operations in both the US and India, resulting in internal issues of culture, geography and time zones. License © 2009 Sandy Kemsley | Thanks, WordPress | Barthelme theme by Scott Allan Wallick | Standards Compliant XHTML & CSSColumn 2 BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and technology trends in business.

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Anne Truitt Zelenka » Hierarchies Plus: What Enterprise 2.0 Can Do for the Typical Big Business

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More formally, I can’t help but chuck in the issue of gender and how this fits in and around all this… Scott Mark Posted August 3, 2007 at 2:51 pm | Permalink >> the most effective employees were not those who only worked using the formal organizational hierarchy but were those who both respected the hierarchy and were able to tap into a rich set of informal relationships 4 Trackbacks By India Inc.,The

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Chris Corrigan " Going deep into Open Space

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I have been doing community development work in India for some time now and have been using a range of facilitation techniques that are part of the art of hosting family… i am still a beginner but everything you say about open space rings true… Spending a long time in a community, i think, helps to nurture a really different perspective on things like open space and facilitation… even ‘workshops’ or ‘gatherings’ in general. Valid XHTML and CSS

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34 More Ways to Build Your Own Social Network

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The reality is that it takes at least 1-3 months (safe estimate) to have the community up and running after various levels of testing - especially if the client is offshore or separated by geography and a different time zone e.g. USA and India. User homepage templates are physically duplicated and copied into folders along with images and CSS information.

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