Remote Consulting on Collaboration Strategy

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In recent years my international travel has picked up substantially, with public seminars, in-house workshops, and client consulting on the agenda while I’m on the road. When I’m not on the road, however, I still work with clients around the world on their collaboration strategy. This involves discussions and document reviews, with most of the time invested in the latter.

Available for Consulting or Workshops in the United States (end of April 2015)

Michael Sampson - Currents

This means I will have some days available for other engagements – consulting or in-house workshops. It looks likely that I’ll be in the United States for a client project at the end of April. The committed days will be Monday April 27 and Tuesday April 28. Those days are: – Wednesday April 29. – Thursday April 30. – Friday May 1. Are there any opportunities to serve you and your team while I’m up and on the ground?

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My First Year as a Consultant and what 2016 Holds for Online Communities (I hope)

Online Community Strategy

Almost overnight, the big consultancies dropped “Social Business” and began to sell Digital Transformation strategies. Big consultancies need to keep clients anxious and their armies of consultants employed. Sonoma Sunrise in honor of the dawn of 2016.

Fast Wonder: Online Community Consulting


Last week, I wrote a blog post about finding the right mix of listening and creating content for online communities or social media programs, and this week, I wanted to talk more specifically about the role of listening as a community manager. This post comes from my experience as a community manager and describes what has worked well for me over the years. online_community online_facilitation

Research consultancy: taking the plunge?

Making CommunitySense

one-man) research consultancy company. As an (academic) research consultant, you are a linking pin between science and society. When being a consultant, you are literally “all over the place&# and working more on a short-term contract basis.

Copyright, Creative Commons and ‘fair use’ – a short video guide

e-Moderation Station

It’s the first in a new series of 5-minute video guides on topics related to education and technology, which we are adding to The Consultants-E YouTube channel. The Consultants-E. 1-minute guide video copyright creative commons fair use plagiarism The Consultants-E video guide

Wanted: Consultant for Practice Management System Evaluation in New Zealand

Michael Sampson - Currents

His firm is looking for a consultant in New Zealand to help them choose a practice management system. The following aspects about the consultant are important to the client: - They know about business intelligence and reporting. One of my clients works for an accountancy and tax advisory firm. They are good at capturing requirements for management reports. They have previous expose to practice management systems, including APS and MYOB Accountants Office. They are vendor-neutral.

Consultation and power

Chris Corrigan

This move is in protest at not being included or consulted properly. Meaningful consultation, participation in decision making and the right to say no to development when it does not suit our needs is what we strive for when we participate in the many forums we attend with the federal and territorial governments. I want to make it clear that we understand that meaningful consultation is not the same as controlling or having a veto over the actions of governments.

Larry Brauner Interviews Career Consultant and Book Author in His LinkedIn Group

Online Social Networking

I shall be interviewing over a number of weeks Janice Weinberg , a Westport, Connecticut career consultant and author of career books for IT professionals and managers. I launched my own LinkedIn group, Larry Brauner and Friends , as an experiment early last year.

Reflections of a home-based consultant living on the edge of the woods

Michelle Laurie

“Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.”. This is the Chinese fortune cookie wisdom I received Sunday night after eating out in a town nearby. The town of 10,000 people is the hub of the region I live in which most likely has more trees, wildlife and clean running water than it does people.

Share2011 - The Seven Most Important SharePoint Success Factors (Richard Harbridge, Allin Consulting)

Michael Sampson - Currents

In the first session after lunch (I need a black shirt for lunch at this conference, not a white shirt), Richard Harbridge from Allin Consulting is talking about SharePoint success. Richard Harbridge: 7 SharePoint Success Factors View more presentations from SharePoint Saturday NY.

BroadVision Offers Social Engagement Analysis Consulting Service

Portals and KM

This optional consulting service helps customers frame relevant questions and create reports to address the issues they are most concerned with. The SET program and this new analytics consulting service will help firms take the remaining steps to succeed

Consulting Skills: What Is the Difference Between a Consultant and an Enthusiast?

Web Social Architecture

This suggests I should look into consulting! Oh wait--I already am a consultant. A smart person pointed out to me recently what I think is one of the core truths of good consulting: That a consultant is not the same thing as an enthusiast. Tags: Consulting Skills

Join us: Largest international Net-Mapper meeting ever!

Net-Map Toolbox

You might be working with Net-Map in your university, organization, consulting practice and maybe you are the only one excited by the participatory drawing of networks.

Knowledge Pit Stops

Chris Collison

Behaviours Experience Facilitation Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge transfer No More Consultants Peer Assist Storytelling

Coaching vs. Consulting

Hildy Gottlieb

As I pondered a blog post that has been brewing in my mind, I asked, “Coaches: I’m working on a list of the ways coaching is different from consulting. “Coaching builds learning environments; consulting claims knowledge.&#. “Consulting is about the work.

Crowds, tribes, teams: Tuttle turns to consulting

Social Reporter

This is an innovative consulting approach to discover and understand client needs using a process of refinement through three forms: Crowd : 10-15 of our members meet with a similar number of your people in a relaxed space for free conversation.

What does it take to be a consultant at Ant’s Eye View?

Ant's Eyeview Blog

As enterprise companies are starting to see the upside of implementing social business practices, there’s more and more demand for social business consultants. We’re frequently asked, “What does it take to be a consultant at Ant’s Eye View?&#

KM Tools: Creating a River Diagram…

Chris Collison

Geoff Parcell and I wrote a couple of chapters in “No More Consultants&# , but some how it’s one of those topics always has me grabbing a sheet of paper, a whiteboard or a napkin to work through the steps in a more visual way. Tags: Benchmarking KM Knowledge Management No More Consultants People I work with.

KM 24

Getting People to Change

Hildy Gottlieb

Consultants and funders and people involved in capacity building work all seem to live with the same frustrations. Building "Creating the Future" Capacity Building Community Engagement Consulting Funders Leadership

Speed Consulting

Chris Collison

If your community feels like this, and you have an opportunity to meet face-to-face, then let me recommend a simple “Speed Consulting” exercise which can help groups to break these bad habits. (I’m I’m indebted to my friend and consulting colleague Elizabeth Lank for introducing me to this technique). A quick guide to speed consulting. Everybody else at the table plays the role of a consultant. Ask members of the “consulting teams” to do the same.

Green Chameleon » What Do Consultants Get Paid For?

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about What Do Consultants Get Paid For? Dave Snowden’s response to my attempt to differentiate the roles that consultants play was to reduce the role to butterflies and bees who cross-pollinate but don’t get too deeply involved (though he backtracked a bit when challenged by Clive Flashman). Consultants play a much wider variety of roles, some of them good, some of them bad.

Anecdote: Collaboration consulting—fostering a collaboration culture

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Send this entry to: Email this entry to a friend View the Technorati Link Cosmos for this entry Trackback Pings TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Collaboration consulting—fostering a collaboration culture : » The Tension in Collaboration from Four Groups Blog SummaryThere is a tension at the heart of our efforts to collaborate.

Message to other consultants about BP disaster

Endless Knots

Those of us in consulting spend so much time talking about communication and organization and so many other terms that I first listed them here then deleted them all because the stream together sounds like so much gobbledygook. What advice can we, brilliant consultants of the world, offer BP and the US government right now--and offer to future BP-like disasters?

Joining the Merced Group to Offer Social Business Consulting Services

Portals and KM

I have been doing some consulting over the past few years on an informal basis, along with my other activities, and this move provides an organization and channel for my consulting going forward. I also plan to get more involved in consulting now, putting into practice all that I have learned in the social business space, both inside the enterprise on the Web.

What Motivates Participants to Engage in Online Communities at Fast Wonder Blog: Consulting, Online Communities, and Social Media

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Blog Consulting Starting Point Yahoo Pipes and RSS Hacks Speaking OpenID?

Pistachio Consulting’s Enterprise Microsharing Tools Comparison

Portals and KM

Nineteen micro-sharing applications are reviewed and compared in Pistachio Consulting ’s E nterprise Microsharing Tools Comparison. This is an excellent resource for anyone considering micro-message adoption in the enterprise. The reports first defines micro-sharing as “social networking tools and systems that enable listening, awareness, communication and collaboration between people, through short bursts of text, links, and multimedia content.”

The life of the indie consultant - 2 (ouch, collections)

Endless Knots

This post is about one truly unglamorous aspect of consulting: billing. After I mapped the 19-step flow chart of signatures, invoice rejections, and just-plain-stopped-in-the-water moments, I started to receive calls from other consultants seeking advice on how to be paid. What looks big to you is not what the big consulting firms charge anyway and probably not as big as the bill of the cleaning company. Tags: Consulting Economy Collaboration Business

Organising Knowledge » SKOS Working Draft Open for Consultation

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about SKOS Working Draft Open for Consultation Via Alistair Miles, the draft specification for the SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organisation System) is now open for consultation.

Advising communities of practice: Process consultation revisited

Joitske Hulsebosch

I reread Process consultation revisited by Edgar H. There is often confusion on what a process consultant does, and Schein explains that very clearly by contrasting it with the expertise consultancy. Schein.

Education Technology Action Group consultation


The public consultation on the three strands, Connected Institutions , Data and Infrastructure , and Understanding and Accrediting Learning , and an additional Wild Card cluster, is open until 23 June - comments, proposals, suggestions or observations have been invited from anywhere in the world, by reply form , by email or Twitter ( #etag ), or for the Data and Infrastructure strand, via this Google doc. were captured by Allison and added to the Strand 2 consultation Google doc.

Swarm Leader opportunity for team practitioners, consultants and researchers

The Bumble Bee

For consultants: the opportunity to develop consulting work and Swarmteams reseller revenues. Bioteams and Swarms are acknowledged as radical innovations in the field of teams, communities and social networks.

Pistachio Consulting is Updating their Enterprise Microsharing Tools Comparison

Portals and KM

Pistachio Consulting published one of the first comprehensive surveys of the enterprise microsharing tools market in fall 2008 and I covered it here (see   Pistachio Consulting’s Enterprise Microsharing Tools Comparison ). Pitaschio Consulting now invites interested enterprise microsharing vendors to participate in this new research effort.

Community-Driven Consulting Hits New Zealand

Hildy Gottlieb

Consultant Class #8 in New Zealand. As seasoned consultants, it is rare to find a place where we can experiment, where we can feel safe to try something we haven’t done before while being honest about how insecure we feel “building the plane while we’re flying it.”

2020 Social, a New Indian Social Technology Consulting Firm

Portals and KM

  2020 Social is a business consulting firm focusing on how organizations can leverage social technologies. My long time Internet friend, Gautam Ghosh, is now involved in an interesting venture.   It is located in India and primarily serves the growing Indian market. India has a huge population moving online and increasing broadband penetration along with an overall online population of 30-40 million. This is great opportunity for them.

Straight from the Consultant’s Mouth

Hildy Gottlieb

I’ve been sharing a lot about Pollyanna Principled Consulting and our Immersion Courses these days, mostly because I am as immersed in them as the students are! Tags: Changing the World Consulting Pollyanna Principles

Intro to Community-Driven Consulting

Hildy Gottlieb

As part of the launch this week of The Pollyanna Principles , we hosted a 90 minute teleclass, Introduction to Community-Driven Consulting. The class touched on a range of questions, including these: • What is Community-Driven Consulting and how is it different from the consulting I’m doing now? Will I have to learn all new consulting tools / approaches? • How is the consultant / client relationship different? • consulting “tool&# for another.

The Right Mix: Listening and Creating Content « Fast Wonder: Online Community Consulting


Whether you are managing an online community or a social media program for your organization, having the right mix of listening and creating content is important. Without listening to feedback, you are just creating content in a vacuum without gaining any insights from other people. If you just listen and create nothing, you are all but invisible and aren’t contributing anything to the discussion or even acknowledging that you are listening.

ZAAZ Needs a Social Media Strategist / Planner / Consultant (Freelance)

Web Social Architecture

We don’t have a formal job description written up yet, but here are the rough outlines: 5-7 years online strategic planning, product management, marketing, or the like. Seattle area. Agency experience. Formal (as opposed to ad hoc) experience implementing online community / web 2.0 / social media efforts on behalf of brands, ideation through execution. Familiarity with social media tools, listening platforms, internal operations / community management.

Opportunity for Consulting or Workshop with Michael - United States on April 19 and 20

Michael Sampson - Currents

I have two days available at the end of that week for another consulting or workshop engagement - Thursday April 19 and/or Friday April 20. I could: - provide consulting on strategies for making collaboration work , around the topics of culture, governance, and adoption. My trip for Share 2012 has expanded. I'll be in the United States for the week prior to the conference, delivering a two-day in-house workshop on user adoption for a client in Seattle.