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Creating Global Knowledge Sharing Networks at ConocoPhillips

Portals and KM

On Friday I attended Driving Business Excellence With Formal, Global Networks led by Dan Ranta , Director of Knowledge Sharing, ConocoPhillips. Here is the session description: “In 2004, ConocoPhillips launched a large initiative to create internal communities of practice that would enhance knowledge sharing within the firm. Seven years later, the ConocoPhillips' knowledge-sharing program is ranked as best-in-class across industries.”.

Building a knowledge sharing network about Ageing Better from the ground up

Social Reporter

In my last few posts I’ve promoted the idea of more digital innovation in the Big Lottery Fund’s £82 million Ageing Better programme, and ways to share knowledge and experience both among the 15 local partners and more widely. It is, of course, very welcome that Big Lottery Fund, consultants and others tweet from events … but it isn’t a substitute for well-curated resources and more organised ways to share knowledge.

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Relationship Centric Teaching – Part 3 of ISS Fellowship

Full Circle Associates

Lilla Watson (Quote found via The Interaction Institute / ) Coincidentally, an essay by Clay Shirky, The Digital Revolution Has Already Happened ” was circulating when I was planning and it really hit home. There are natural connections.

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IBM Aims at Reinventing Relationships with Northstar: We Better Watch…


Did you have a chance to look into the brand-new shiny IBM’s Northstar tool suite that is supposed to provide us with an opportunity to reinvent relationships ? You know, one cannot get to reinvent relationships out of the blue and overnight, right?

Using IBM Lotus Connections 2.5


For the time being, I am not planning on upgrading till a number of critical applications I use on a daily basis on my MacBook Pro are fully compatible with it. IBM’s Lotus Connections v2.5 Thus the exciting thing for me for today is not just the availability of Connections v2.5

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Launch Day of Communities and Networks Connection

Nancy White

Connections make the world go round. With that, I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Community & Networks Connection. And perhaps to stimulate a new connection between you and these brilliant people. . Connectable Dots.

Following Up After a Liberating Structures Facilitated Event

Full Circle Associates

In late January I helped plan and facilitate the INGENEAS Global Symposium, a gathering of academics, researchers, practitioners, business people and policy makers interested in the role of gender and nutrition in rural agricultural extension services in the developing world.

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Getting Lessons Learned Right! Part 1: Customers.

Chris Collison

Not only that, but the time was deliberately managed such that 50% of each day was available for connecting, networking and asking further questions., When we know who our customers are, then we can connect the supply with demand.

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I’ve been away:Reflections on a Journey Part 1

Nancy White

Four countries, many sets of new and old relationships and a profoundly moving and challenging experience of a new set of complex cultures has left me so much to reflect on that it will take a while. As I noted above, the power of debriefing and shared meaning making. Introduction.

Conversations With a Wonderful Client

Full Circle Associates

This is posted at Conversations with Nancy White around the implementation of CIAT’s internal communications strategy and reposted here for sharing! It seemed to me that we needed to create effective bridges to connect those four “populations”. Sometimes you just get lucky.

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The Man Who Should Have Used Lotus Connections — Communities: The Driving Force of Enterprise 2.0


Yesterday, at work, was one of those days where there were not enough hours in the day that would allow you to go through everything you had planned in the morning to achieve during the course of the day. I am sure you can relate to how difficult it is to plan any kind of global events.

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Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2012 Highlights – Back to Basics of Conferences! #ls12 #ibmconnect


As more and more blog posts are starting to come along sharing further insights on some of the major highlights from the recent IBM Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2012 events held last week in Orlando, Florida, I guess it’s now time for me to start sharing my two cents on what both events were like, what I learned, what I thought were some pretty interesting developments and happenings, as well as a bunch of other tidbits that I think would prove useful to share over here in this blog.

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Lessons Lost

Chris Collison

Following on from my last post comparing operational effectiveness with knowledge effectiveness, I’m reminded of the “Choke Model” from my BP days. I think there’s a similar perspective that we could take looking at the way in which knowledge is lost during our efforts to “refine it” and transfer it to customers. Let’s take a walk through an organizational learning cycle and see where some of the “chokes” in our knowledge management processes might be.

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About Full Circle | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I founded Full Circle in 1997 to allow me to to tap both my and my network’s breadth of skills, knowledge and interest in a productive and creative way. The Full Circle Philosophy To connectconnect people with ideas, information, services and other people. To collaborate — utilize the full skills, knowledge and experience of each player in every collaboration To discern — apply the right tools and techniques for the right solution.

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Above and Beyond KM » Blog Archive » E2.0 Community Roles and Adoption Planning

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Above and Beyond KM A discussion of knowledge management that goes above and beyond technology. Community Roles and Adoption Planning Here are my notes from the second session of the Enterprise 2.o

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Tom Vander Wall Nails My Sharepoint Experience | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

SharePoint is many things, but it misses the critical element of social media which is networked connection between people and ideas, easy discoverability, makes visible and allows people to act on weak ties, and support for other network-like interactions rather than closed group performance.

Reading Joyce’s Dubliners With Imaginary Friends | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

There are plans afoot to use some postcard art, paper and snail mail.

Talking and Walking Collaboration | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Share and Enjoy: 8 responses so far 8 Responses to “Talking and Walking Collaboration&# # Cliff Figallo on 04 Jun 2008 at 12:43 pm So true – there’s more talk and writing about collaboration than actual successful collaboration.

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Want to Know What Community Members (a.k.a. Customers) Need? Just Ask.

Online Community Strategy

In many cases there seems to be a real fear (or at least discomfort) in connecting 1 to 1 with customers. WHY are they motivated to build relationships with each other? . WHERE do they want to build relationships with each other? . Are you “Member Shy”?

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Want to Know What Community Members (a.k.a. Customers) Need? Just Ask.

Online Community Strategy

In many cases there seems to be a real fear (or at least discomfort) in connecting 1 to 1 with customers. WHY are they motivated to build relationships with each other? . WHERE do they want to build relationships with each other? . Are you “Member Shy”?

2016 46

Why Do I Share My Knowledge?


and Social Business thought leaders and blogger extraordinaire, Oscar Berg , put together a rather inspiring article that I thought would be worth while reflecting on, specially, since it is at the heart of not just social software, but also collaboration and knowledge management in general.

2012 285

Why BIG’s #ageingbetter programme needs added digital innovation

Social Reporter

A recent study prompted the headline that loneliness is causing as many deaths among the elderly as cancer , and another that loneliness is more deadly than obesity – so it is clearly important to explore and share ways to tackle the issue as rapidly as possible. First in developing innovative approaches to services, and the ways people can use technology themselves to develop relationships. Which brings me to sharing experience.

2014 152

Social Business in 2013 – An Opportunity (Open Business)


Or, better said, the metamorphosis of Human Resources into Human Relationships. Knowledge workers ultimately adopt and embrace as well a much more open, public, trustworthy and transparent manner of collaborating and sharing their knowledge.

2013 249

The wilting initiative - Are you at risk?

Governance in a Networked World

Selected staff members had been appointed to drive the adoption of a change and communications approach across all of the project teams to create a step change in planning and execution. A new corporate initiative has been established.

Happiness at Work Starts with #NoeMail


Yes, indeed, this means, from now onwards, I am planning to start sharing some additional insights about presentations , interviews , recordings , vlogs , video clips , etc. How could we get connected?

2016 170

Rethinking networks as passionate human clouds

Social Reporter

Warning: this is a bit of ramble that also takes in the RSA, NCVO, cloud computing and the local government knowledge hub. I used the interview with Peggy as a peg for a slightly provocative piece on the RSA City London network - “Is the network quiet because we have no shared passion?

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Re-visiting the challenge of networking civil society as Khub closes

Social Reporter

News that the Local Government Association is closing its Knowledge Hub as part of a £2 million savings plan provides a reminder of how difficult it is to maintain big one-stop-shop knowledge-sharing systems. It may be the Knowledge Hub , with 18,500 users, could have continued if LGA hadn’t faced a big cut in support from Government, but I suspect there is more to it than that. LGA plans to cut jobs to save nearly £2 million.

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A World Without Email – Year 2, Weeks 23 to 27 (Recovering from a Moment of Weakness)


Unfortunately, we are not there yet fully embracing social software to collaborate and share our knowledge with our peers. planned availability for August 25th 2009. Goodness!

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Social Physics: Oxymoron or Big 'Social' Data Tipping Point?

Governance in a Networked World

Pentland rightly points out that traditional survey based collections are mostly ‘single point in time’ (marked as ‘1’ in the graph) and therefore make it difficult to claim any cause and effect relationships from the results. I’ve long been a fan of Sandy Pentland’s work at the MIT media lab.

2014 158

Is Multitasking Bad for the Brain?


Do you think that, as the title of this blog post suggests, all of us, knowledge Web workers, are damaging our brains when we multitask? But surely plan to soon!). However, what I am surely planning to start doing (And I have already started it!) What do you reckon?

2010 260

Us Now Film Now Online!


Do you remember the blog post I shared over here a couple of days ago on " Us Now - On the Power of Mass Collaboration, Government and the Internet "? Weekend is just around the corner and my brain & body decided to make other plans for what’s left of this Friday afternoon.

2009 130

Can Twitter Serve as a Personal Knowledge Management Tool?


I have been using Twitter now for over two and a half years and, all along, if you have been following some of my recent twitterings , you would know how I seem to keep having a love / hate relationship with it. Twitter as a Personal Knowledge Management Tool – Here is the how!

Enterprise 2.0 Conference – What to Expect – The Pre-Event


Continuing further with that series of blog posts I mentioned yesterday I would be sharing during the course of this week on the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 And this specific one is the one I plan to attend during the course of the morning.

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Trip to Boston to Attend and Present at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference


If my last blog post I was sharing with you folks how busy things were in general; well, last week was no different. And then, towards the end of the week, due to an IBM internal micro-jam, on the topic of Web Digital Plan Jam that basically kept me buzzing around for three days non stop!

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Trip to London to Participate in SOMESSO / Headshift’s Social Business Summit


So much to share, so much to learn from, so many conversations and discussions to dive into; in short, now you know where my excitement originates from and why I am really looking forward to participating in this Social Business Summit.

2010 188

Google Plus – One50, Two50 and TheRest


The truth is that I am ready to make plenty of blunt moves on redefining my social networking presence out there on the Social Web, and I will be sharing some further insights on that regard very soon, but one thing for sure is that at this point in time my blog will remain where it is.

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Older people want to be involved – digital tech can help

Social Reporter

Only recently launched there are already new bonds and relationships being made, there is a lovely thread on the Middlesbrough forum which sums it all up. What’s slightly disturbing is that I haven’t heard the Shaping our Age report mentioned by others that I’ve been working with in the field … which may just be another example of the problems of knowledge sharing that we – and Shirley Ayres – have highlighted.

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Finding Experts in Your Company … While You Are on the Road!


Hopefully all smartphone interfaces will be able to access such apps in the future " He is actually referring to this demo shared in YouTube that shows IBMs Lotus Connections on an Apple iPhone (Wish it would contain sound as well; it would be have so much more effective!

Mock Thesis Proposal: Personal Support Networks During Periods Of Employee Transition, Part 1

Collaborative Thinking

Folklore”: Employees share knowledge and rumors that help provide important context to situations workers find themselves in. Information: A SNS provides employees with a wealth of information on colleagues (via profiles), relationships (via a social graph), interactions (via wall posts, forums, and micro-blogging), and content (via uploaded files). Smart phones, tablets, gaming, and consumer SNS’s are influencing concepts related to participation, sharing, and privacy.

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Reflections from 2011 – Redefining Your Social Web Presence


After having put together last couple of blog posts about some of my reflections from the year we are about to end around The Social Web and Technology in general, I guess it’s now a good time to share with the world the third one from the series. Share them along, too, please!

2011 223

IBM’s Smart Work Jam Under Way Already – Are You Jamming?


I have already been navigating through some of the various discussions taking place and I must say that the quality of the ideas shared so far, and the various contributions to each and everyone of them, have been quite an amazing experience! So get out there and CONNECT!! Goodness!

IBM 158

My Pen, Our Pens: Engagement through Participatory Visualization Workshop

Full Circle Associates

So I wanted to share our individual and collective offerings, this year in September in Rossland on September 16 and 17. For 2 days we will explore, share and practice participatory visualization practices which support group process.

2016 72

SOMESSO London 2009 - My Favourite Highlights


And, of course, I already have got a few favourite sessions that I thought I would drop a quick blog post about and share with you folks some of them, so you could have a look and enjoy them just as much as I did already.

2009 130