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Relationships and Identity: Two Sides of the Social Networking Coin

Collaborative Thinking

When we think of relationships, and study it from a social perspective, we look at: how people construct facets of their identity based on social structures in a particular context and activity. When we study relationships from a purely identity management focus, we look at the people, process, and technology arenas such as: how the organization ensures that authenticated and authorized employees are securely accessing information and applications. Facebook Connect, OpenSocial).

Reading Joyce’s Dubliners With Imaginary Friends | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Share and Enjoy: 2 responses so far 2 Responses to “Reading Joyce’s Dubliners With Imaginary Friends&# # virginia Yonkers on 01 Feb 2010 at 8:46 am Believe me, you’re going to need all the help you can get in understanding Joyce!

How I use social media

Nancy White

This afternoon I’m spending a half hour on a Skype video conversation to share a bit of how I use social media. I remember Ran Avrahami, a professor in Israel, and how he jumped into the conversations and reached out and connected with us. Finding and connecting with people.

Social Learning: Learning Never Ends…


Whether it is due to serendipitous knowledge discoveries or just plain socialising there is always a good chance that there won’t be a single day where you don’t learn a single thing.

How I use social media | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I remember Ran Avrahami, a professor in Israel, and how he jumped into the conversations and reached out and connected with us. “Eminds&# was where I learned that online relationships can be real, how they get real, and how they break and fail.

From workplace courses to global conversations

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Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Aug 27 2008 From courses to community: Josien Kapma and Nancy White Published by Nancy White at 6:42 am under communities of practice , learning This is an article that Josien Kapma and I wrote for the Dutch journal, “Leren in Organisaties&#. Innovation requires connections and stimulation beyond the people in our organizations.

Green Chameleon » Is KM a Pseudoscience?

Green Chameleon

Both helped me clarify for myself the characteristics and dangers of “magical thinking&# in knowledge management, which I’ve blogged and spoken about before The Beyerstein article in particular caught my attention for the clarity it brings to the conduct of a rational pursuit. Though in large part i think some of these things are coming up from the thought that we dont really have a universal definition of knowledge and hence we cannot have a universal process for managing it.

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