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Is this Knowledge Management’s most effective tool?

Chris Collison

Connection, Collection, Collaboration, Curation, Conversation, Communities, Culture…. One of knowledge management’s most powerful tools. We’re relationship-driven.” Having a coffee with someone is a pretty visible way to share knowledge.

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Collaborating Externally with Your Customers: The Final Frontier of Enterprise 2.0


10 years later one keeps hearing that very same inhibitor (Or excuse, who knows), when trying to collaborate and share their knowledge with external parties. I, too, have one I would want to share with you all: now we *do* have choices!

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Why Do I Share My Knowledge?


and Social Business thought leaders and blogger extraordinaire, Oscar Berg , put together a rather inspiring article that I thought would be worth while reflecting on, specially, since it is at the heart of not just social software, but also collaboration and knowledge management in general.

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Why 90% of Organisations would NOT Survive a Digital Disruption

Governance in a Networked World

Now just a ‘little bit’ of science Those of you who have been following our activities at Optimice will know that we are passionately focused on relationships and the networks that they form; in essence the ‘network’ side of Kotter’s dual operating system. Think twice about private messaging.

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Killing Email: How and Why I Ditched My Inbox by Zen Habits


That well crafted piece covers eventually the various steps he is attempting to go by in order to, slowly, but steadily, move away from email as his primary means of communicating, collaborating and sharing knowledge.

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Big Blue’s Collaboration Challenges with Mark Hennessy


Won’t say much more on that topic, since I’m working on whether I can share that podcasting episode outside of the firewall some time soon! IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing

How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools


IBM Connections : Even though I left IBM nearly 2 years ago IBM Connections still remains my #1 business tool for work with my clients, specially, when they ask me their data to remain within the European Union borders. In this case, WhatsApp for messaging purposes.

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The Power of Collaborative Innovation by John Chambers


That’s the case of this recent video interview where John Chambers , CEO of Cisco Systems , spends a little bit under five minutes sharing some great insights around the topic of Enterprise 2.0

IBM’s Trip to Become A Socially Integrated Enterprise


Here are a couple of my favourite quotes from the interview: “ At IBM we are trying to create a new way of working that connects our people with our customers, prospective employees, communities in which we want to do business and other constituencies in a more direct manner and meaningful way.

New Technology – The Threat to Our Corporate Information


Specially, in the context where some people keep postulating that social tools make things a whole lot easier with regards to sharing your company’s secrets across, as well as leaking confidential information out to competitors and whoever else.

7 Things You Should Know About Backchannel Communication


It’s only then when you would be able to see how powerful such backchannel conversations can be to enhance the overall experience of what’s been shared across, and when you are soliciting input with a bunch of team / community members, that’s probably as good as it gets, too!

It’s All About Work Life Integration; It’s All About You!


Well, it’s been a long while since I shared a blog post on this topic, so I thought I would spend with you folks today a few minutes talking about it. After all, we are all smart and very productive knowledge workers, aren’t we not?

10 Reasons NOT to Ban Social Media In Organisations – The Meme


side ) blog post where I shared a couple of thoughts on the Top 10 Reasons to Ban Social Media in the Organisations that Jane Hart shared over at her blog coming from a YouTube video put together by Ron Desi with that same title. It’s about controlling the message.

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A World Without Email – Year 3, Weeks 1 to 8 (On Email Sanity by Zen Habits)


It then gets better, because Leo shares some really good piece of advice on how to not only process old emails, but, finally, how to " Stop the Flood ", which is, I guess, what most of us may have been suffering from all along.

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A World Without Email – Year 2, Weeks 49 to 51 (EMail Is Where Knowledge Goes to Die)


So I thought I would write down today the one before last blog entry for Year #2 of those weekly (Now probably more monthly ) progress reports sharing some further insights on the state of things at this point, as I am about to close the second year of this my new reality. However, for week #51 I am going to share it over here, so you can get a quick glimpse of what the last three weeks have been like put together in combination. re-findability of the content originally shared.

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Collaboration Is More Important Than Ever – 3 Barriers To Adoption


Last Friday, my good friend Jack Vinson put together a rather good blog post where he was reminding us all how crucial collaboration has become for all businesses and knowledge workers out there. In the era of the Knowledge Economy, it can’t be otherwise.

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A World Without Email - Year 2, Weeks 11 to 14 (Email as a Collaboration Tool? No, Thanks!)


And here I am, once again, putting together another blog post where I will be sharing a quick update on how things are going. I know I may not be able to share some further insights on interesting links I may bump into, but I think I am willing to give it a try.

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A World Without Email — Year 2, Week 52 (Email Is Dead… Long Live Email!)


What I have been postulating all along though is a re-birth of email as a messaging / notification system vs. a content repository of various sorts. using social software tools to collaborate and share your knowledge across vs. other traditional ones like email. ", specially after all I have written all along, and after all of the details I have shared over here over the course of the last few months?

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Enterprise 2.0 Conference Highlights – Day One


As long as the wi-fi connection allowed me to , of course! Most folks shared their insights inclined towards the concept of witnessing a revolution at work, whereas I tend to think it is more an evolution of what we have been having all along.

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Collaborative Thinking: Why Is Social Software So Important?

Collaborative Thinking

First, before being a buyer or seller of products and services, an organization is a participant in a complex network of market and stakeholder relationships (e.g., Catalyzing stakeholder participation builds relationships that evolve into a groundswell of community action.

Collaborative Thinking: Socializing At Work - No Longer A Waste Of Time

Collaborative Thinking

Many organizations, as a result, foster a leadership, decision-making and information-sharing environment that values certain types of management activities and styles (e.g., Intuitively, strategists recognize that personal contacts, casual conversations and informal information sharing (whether done face-to-face or digitally) can be a valuable, if not essential, business activity.

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Online Facilitation Workshop | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Nov 03 2007 Online Facilitation Workshop Published by Nancy White Upcoming Dates: The next workshop has not been scheduled. Additionally, we will have scheduled sessions with other synchronous tools such as telephone conference call, weekly chats and utilize instant messaging tools.

Online Facilitation Workshop | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Home About Full Circle Contact Resources Wiki Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Nov 03 2007 Online Facilitation Workshop Published by Nancy White Upcoming Dates: The next workshop has not been scheduled. Additionally, we will have scheduled sessions with other synchronous tools such as telephone conference call, weekly chats and utilize instant messaging tools.

Collaboration vs sharing

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Engineers without Fears Sunday, October 14, 2007 Collaboration vs sharing James Robertson talks about collaboration tools as anti-knowledge sharing. A big part of the role of KM (or whatever you want to call it) is the development of shared contexts between groups within an organisation because without that shared context you cant transfer anything. Predicting what does need to shared (tricky).

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Collaborative Thinking: Enterprise 2.0: A Critical Assessment

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Collaborative Thinking Perceptions on collaboration and social software by Mike Gotta See how were connected Connections February 2009 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Categories Attention Management blogging BurtonGroupCatalyst07 BurtonGroupCatalyst08 Business_IT_Alignment Collaboration Commentary Communication design digital+life e-Mail Enterprise 2.0

Anne Truitt Zelenka » Hierarchies Plus: What Enterprise 2.0 Can Do for the Typical Big Business

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Anne Truitt Zelenka thinking, teaching, and learning — transparently « Instant Messaging Gets New Respect 5 Quick Ways to Be More Mindful » Hierarchies Plus: What Enterprise 2.0 But big businesses have always needed their hierarchies subverted or at the very least complemented with additional relationships to get certain kinds of work done. In his book Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age , network theorist Duncan J.

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IBM Drives Enterprise Adoption of Social Networks with New Enterprise Adaptability Practice

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

The Googlization of Knowledge Management Tuesday IBM announced a new services practice, “Enterprise Adaptability&# services, which aims to help global companies realize a quantum leap in workforce agility and collaboration by facilitating their adoption of social networks and Web 2.0.

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Anecdote - Whitepapers - Building a collaborative workplace

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Staff induction Anecdote circles Narrative & Change Knowledge strategy Collaboration Stories to size up Expertise Location About KM SNA and strategy Narrative & Branding Connecting people Tacit & Communities. China’s initial reluctance to share information is considered a significant factor in the rapid spread of the disease and the initial failure to control its spread. Research was shared in near real-time. What we do. Keynote Speaking. About Us.

What's Next After Knowledge Management? A Scenario

How to Save the World

BLOG What's Next After Knowledge Management? I care about all this because I have spent about 1/3 of my career in an area called Knowledge Management. Managers talked with other managers, and employees talked with other employees, and occasionally with outside colleagues, to learn their jobs and share what they had learned. Share price: Investors' assessment of future growth in cash flow, which is critical to obtaining low-cost capital. Category: Knowledge Management.