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The future of online sharing is mobile, appified and people-centred

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There’s a lot of links to earlier posts on this site about knowledge sharing and the Social App Store idea. Earlier today I went to an excellent seminar on the Business of Collaboration , about online systems and support for knowledge sharing and collaboration. I wanted to find whether experience in the private and public sector could be useful in development of People Powered Change as a knowledge-sharing space.

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Can Twitter Serve as a Personal Knowledge Management Tool?


I have been using Twitter now for over two and a half years and, all along, if you have been following some of my recent twitterings , you would know how I seem to keep having a love / hate relationship with it. Twitter as a Personal Knowledge Management Tool – Here is the how!

How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools


IBM Connections : Even though I left IBM nearly 2 years ago IBM Connections still remains my #1 business tool for work with my clients, specially, when they ask me their data to remain within the European Union borders.

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Will Social Software Replace Email in an Enterprise 2.0 World?


In that brilliant article Andy comes to highlight, amongst several other very interesting things, how the biggest challenge for social software to take over email and become the primary corporate collaboration and knowledge sharing tool is its simplicity, or the lack of.

Twitter Is Where Conversations Go To Die


because we all feel conversations are just that: sharing your messages never mind everyone else’s. Of co-shared responsibility for one another, to help each other, to connect, collaborate and innovate together. Our shared, networked and interconnected world: . .

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The Adventures of Molly Discovering Social Software – On the Importance of Status Updates


However, what you may not be familiar with is how micro-sharing works for one of my favourite social software tools: Lotus Connections , in a large corporate environment such as IBM’s.

Designing for Civil Society: Do communities need boundaries?

John Tropea - Delicious Community

I was rehearsing these arguments with another RSA member the other day and she maintained quite strongly that while she saw the point I was making about collaborations, these depended on the development of shared understanding and trust. In doing so, knowledge is shared.

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