Is Twitter Where Connections Go to Die? – The Unfollowing Experiment – The Follow-Up


Indeed, while re-reading through ‘ Is Twitter Where Connections Go to Die? – Here’s what else I have learned about my Twitter #0Following experiment for the last year or so: . I still use my main three public lists : Collaborators, Cooperators and People I Learn From.

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The Future of Work Is Learning


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Is Twitter Where Connections Go to Die? – The Unfollowing Experiment


I use it every single day of the week, it’s my favourite personal learning network by far, but I am starting to question the value of connections over there. When you decide to stop following everyone and question the purpose of that connection in the first place?

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How Social Networking Tools Enable Heutagogy in Learning Organisations


Now imagine you swap the wordings ’ teaching ’ for ‘learning’ and ‘our schools’ for ‘ our workplaces ’. That’s why Workplace Learning is broken and why heutagogy may need to come to the rescue to save us all…. our networks) we would want to learn with / from.

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Collaborators, Cooperators and People I Learn From


Finally, after a good few days of tinkering Collaborators , Cooperators and People I Learn From were born. . So, all of a sudden, I have transformed into a curator of connections, relationships, triangles to close, and good, relevant content on what matters to me.

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When Collect and Connect is not enough…

Chris Collison

One of the common constructs used to ‘frame’ knowledge management activities is that of Collect or Connect. Collect is often thought of to refer to the KM activities closest to document management and information management.

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Mapping the KM Landscape

Chris Collison

So here it is: my rendition of the KM Landscape (click to enlarge). I wanted to try and show the breadth of techniques and processes, the connections between them, and also some of our neighbouring disciplines ad opportunities for boundary collaboration.

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10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

Last week I had the pleasure of providing my final virtual webinar for the first of the UN’s KM Online blended learning programme. Last week the focus was on KM Strategy and Implementation, and we had an excellent interactive discussion about different options for implementation.

Looking back – KM highlights from 2014

Chris Collison

If you ever wondered what I get up to as a KM consultant, it will give you some insights… 1. Here’s a shot of some of some participants conducting the Marshmallow Tower exercise to apply the fundamentals of KM.

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Social Learning at TELUS by Dan Pontefract


Like, for instance, a recent Plus entry that my good friend, Dan Pontefract , Director of Learning and Collaboration at TELUS , shared across where he included a link to a recent video clip, where he was interviewed to talk about their experiences with social software tools within the enterprise.

Looking back – KM highlights from 2014 (part 2)

Chris Collison

Continuing from my top ten KM consulting highlights (in no particular order!) After nearly ten years of independent consultancy in KM, I finally managed to combine a business trip with an extra family holiday. from 2014… 6. Sharing Knowledge in the Offshore Wind community.

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Portals and KM Blog Begins it Tenth Year

Portals and KM

I certainly would not have predicted that when I started the blog on May 2, 2004 with three posts: Is KM the Killer App for Portals? I had recently learned about blogs and sold a free-lance article to Portals Magazine on them.

Getting Lessons Learned Right! Part 1: Customers.

Chris Collison

Having spent the last few weeks exploring what’s wrong with lessons learned, it’s time to turn our attention towards the elements that contribute to successful organisational learning. Just who is customer for the learning? The question “what have we learned?”

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My KM World Session Notes: Carla O'Dell on KM in a 2.0 World

Portals and KM

I am primarily posting my notes from the  2011 KM World  on the  Darwin blog. The implications for the networked enterprise are profound: The more people create and interact with each other’s content, the more the content improves; search results get better as the best content and the most active peers bubble to the top; people build new connections to others they never knew had the same interests. Carla said that 17 years ago AQPC got interested in KM

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How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools


So it’s probably a good time now to revisit where do I get most of my learning nowadays and what digital tools do I rely on, or not, to get my daily work done. . Thus if you want to learn further more how to break free from the email yoke, or learn, at the same time, how other 2.0

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Life Without eMail – 5th Year Progress Report – The Community, The Movement


Well, mainly because if there is anything that I have learned over the course of time, and, specially, in the last couple of years, is that the world doesn’t use email. Someone who lives these digital tools, walking the talk, learning by doing.

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Building Social Business: Connecting, Sharing and Collaborating

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Pages Home About Gautam Indian HR Blogs Indian Social Media Strategists Linkbar Articles Media Mentions Thoughts Quora Facebook Twitter HR Community Welcome Follow @GautamGhosh May 19, 2011 Connecting, Sharing and Collaborating Tweet What causes people to connect with each other?

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Enterprise 2.0: Two Success Stories on Connecting People with People to Make a Difference!


Needless to say that those conversations were all rather engaging and very enlightening, more than anything else, because I probably learned just as much as we all did! stop learning from what other folks are doing in this Enterprise 2.0 Want to learn more?

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The Social Enterprise – Welcome to the Era of Intrapreneurship!


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The Sharing Economy


Somehow, the connection to Servant Leadership is clear, it’s right there!, and so is that connection of Social Business and open (knowledge) sharing. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Life Personal KM Social Enterprise

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How Meaningful, Smarter, Freelance Work Is Redesigning the Social Enterprise


Already done with my third reading of the post since it was first aired out yesterday and still learning new insights! IBM Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Enterprise

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Reclaim Blogging – On Why Your Blog Still Is Your Best Personal Branding Social Tool


honest, insightful, willing to learn and share plenty more, etc. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Metablogging Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing

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How Playing Games at Work Can Help Boost Your Productivity


do another piece of research or study on the impact of NOT having social software tools, or games, to build trust, connect, collaborate and share your knowledge with your peers, customers and business partners.

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Google Plus and Twitter – How They Work for Me Hand in Hand


it’s now time for me to readjust and get the best of both worlds; so, if you would want to stay in touch whether on Twitter or Google Plus itself , do reach out to ensure we are still connected. It’s been over a month since I first started making use of Google Plus. Yes, me, too!,

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Google Plus – One50, Two50 and TheRest


However, in the last couple of days, I have been playing, experimenting and learning quite a bit more about Google Plus itself and how it will be redefining the way I interact on the Social Web. So if you would want to reach out and connect with me on Google Plus, here’s my Profile.

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What’s wrong with Lessons Learned? Part 2.

Chris Collison

What’s the connection between Madonna, King Solomon and Louis Vuitton? I’ve learned my lesson well…” King Solomon waxed lyrical about lessons from laziness in the book of Proverbs (24:30-34). Any ideas on branding this learning cycle stuff?

Twitter Is Where Conversations Go To Die


Of co-shared responsibility for one another, to help each other, to connect, collaborate and innovate together. Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Enterprise

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Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary


And that’s why I am very excited to keep learning more about the progress they are making, because 18 months down the line, the news we are getting as a result of that blunt move, are very very encouraging altogether.

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Social Media at Work


Alas, my local Internet Service Provider, movistar , had other plans for me: no other than disrupt an entire week with a rather poor performance of my ADSL line to the point where I spent more time being offline, disconnected, than connected.

The Future of Work by 2020


Large enterprises will no longer need to exist, because of the nature of the hyper-connected and networked workforce. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Open Business Personal KM Fascinating topic, don’t you think?

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Appreciative Inquiry and Knowledge Management? No problem.

Chris Collison

the connections between my world of KM and organizational learning, and the philosophical mindset which underpins Appreciative Inquiry. Having facilitated a number of KM-related workshops using an AI, I can vouch for the positive engagement power of the approach.

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Reflections from 2011 – Redefining Your Social Web Presence


Most of us, knowledge workers, have always had that very strong urge to connect with others, to share our affinities and true passions, to care for what one embarks on, and to help out where we possibly can.

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KM World 2014: Some Useful Sessions: Thursday, Nov 6

Portals and KM

KM World 2014 will be held in Washington DC at the Grand Hyatt from November 4 to 7. On Thursday, November 6 the session, KM Enterprise Adoption: How to Make It Stick! The sessions is described as follows: Many companies are quick to adopt a KM transformation program but few have managed to make them stick. KM adoption experience is facilitated and discussed by three KM practitioners from Deloitte, Jive, and Microsoft.

Seeing the whole elephant…

Chris Collison

I’ve conducted around 30 interviews in two different organisations in the last couple of months, as part of some KM strategy work. It’s a given that KM needs to connect directly to the goals and objectives of the organisation.

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Reflections from 2011 – Focused and Purposeful Social Networking


Yes, the main purpose, if you want to call it that way, for social software, still today: connecting people to people and connecting people to content. It’s become for me my favourite deep thinking learning place on the stuff I am really passionate about.

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The Big Three – How To Handle Your Fragmented Social Life


And those three social networking tools would be the following ones in order of preference: IBM Connections. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing

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Narrate Your Work, Working Out Loud, with Google Plus


But once I learned to build a new set of habits for my use of Google Plus things have finally clicked. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Open Business Personal KM Productivity Tools

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Google Plus – Bridging Together Too Irreconcilable Worlds


Well, imagine combining both of them in a single hangout, using video, to converse, connect, share your knowledge, collaborate both with a purpose or perhaps just for the sake of it. Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing

Building an Engaging Community By Gautam Ghosh


Lots of rather interesting insights I wish we would have available as well through audio / video, so that we could learn plenty more from Gautam on what has worked for him over the course of the years and what not. People sharing and learning about a common interest are.

Why Ideas Are Obvious to You But Amazing to Others


Fun Stuff and Musings Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Life Personal KM Productivity Tools Social Computing

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