Moxie Integrates with Collaboration and Communication Software

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Moxie Software announced new integration options between Employee Spaces and various other enterprise collaboration and communication tools, including SharePoint, Outlook, Skype (for presence availability), and Atlassian Confluence, among others: " Microsoft SharePoint Integration.

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Skype. Skype (Win, Mac, Xbox). Skype. Skype PRO (Win, Mac). Atlassian Confluence. Skype Recording. Call Recorder for Skype (Mac). ZEEF works best with a modern browser. Browse Happy. Upgrade your browser today! Type Subject Company Personal Page name Curator Site or domain Tag Language EN NL FR. ui-button. This page. Subjects. Companies. Curators. Links. Create a page. Sign up. Login. Preferred region. Global (selected). Nederland. France.

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Why 90% of Organisations would NOT Survive a Digital Disruption

Governance in a Networked World

In fact it should not be a competition, but a confluence of the formal and informal, if successful transformation is to be achieved. Many of us in our home lives have used Skype to connect with friends and family online and around the world. We don’t set an agenda for our Skype calls.

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Collaborative Thinking: Lotusphere 2008: What Ill Be Looking For

Collaborative Thinking

vendors become part of a broader Connections platform environment - wouldnt it be great to have Moveable Type of WordPress as blogging options - or to have Confluence or Socialtext as wiki options - or to have Attensa, KnowNow or NewsGator as feed syndication platform options? Is there a possible Saleforce or Skype relationship to build on?

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ONLINE BUSINESS TOOLBOX: 230+ Tools for Running a Business Online

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Confluence - An enterprise wiki platform that’s made for sharing knowledge and collaboration. WeSquare - Use Skype to market your time and make money with your knowledge.

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