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Collaborative Thinking

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Collaborative Thinking: Of bread, butter, cheese, and mousetraps.

Collaborative Thinking

Interesting comment below regarding a little debate between Sam Lawrence of Jive Software and Lawrence Liu of Microsoft regarding the recent SharePoint conference. Socialtext , NewsGator and Atlassian ( Confluence wiki ) are examples. Then you might look at vendors such as Attensa, Awareness Networks, Connectbeam, Jive Software, HiveLive, SelectMinds, Traction Software, or open source efforts such as Drupal, Scuttle, Wordpress, etc. Tagging Community Book Roll Robert L.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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technologies – blogs, wikis, discussion groups, social networking, podcasts, RSS, tagging, photos, videos, mapping, etc. Atlassian ConfluenceConfluence is an enterprise wiki that makes it easy for your team to collaborate and share knowledge.

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Possibly related posts: How to finish an Instant Message conversation ROI of tagging Principles of wiki and Enterprise 2.0 The multi-way tagging (adding tags to my profile and others, plus seeing what other folks have tagged eachother) is a powerful additional layer of functionality.

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IBM Lotus Connections, in plain English " Connected

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I am now the Social Enterprise Evangelist at Jive Software. That night, I pinged (IM’ed) David and asked him to start tagging all his Cognos peeps’ profiles with “cognos”.

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Social Software Vendor Roundup

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