News Updates (November 18, 2009)

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Emailing large attachments to a distribution list is a pretty crude form of collaboration when compared to the application features on offer from major software vendors. Cash for Clunkers: Confluence Edition. With the upcoming December launch of Confluence 3.1,

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Being Collaborative - How Can We Tell?

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According to this argument, we could conclude that a team was being "collaborative" if they used collaboration software - Traction TeamPage, Yammer, Atlassian Confluence, Central Desktop, or any one of the other alternatives. A third potential answer is the presence of well-formed collaborative interaction routines. In my Making Collaboration Work monthly newsletter for June, I wrote about three possible ways of seeing whether collaboration was taking place.

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Rebooting the iMac. Some Items to Share

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SmartQ includes the ability to customize data capture forms. Atlassian updated Confluence, its enterprise wiki , with enhanced editing and navigation support. My computer has 105 open tabs in Safari, and I need to restart it (which hasn't happened for. at least two weeks). here's some of those: Thinking about Collaboration Inside. Fredric writes about the emergence of the social intranet , and some of the challenges inside organizations.

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Clay Shirky on Institutions vs. Collaboration – Business 2.0


They will need custom built social platforms, or products such as Confluence, Jive, Socialtext and Lotus Connections. "

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Why 90% of Organisations would NOT Survive a Digital Disruption

Governance in a Networked World

In fact it should not be a competition, but a confluence of the formal and informal, if successful transformation is to be achieved. The lines show the proportion of these relationships that are formed between people from across Location/BU and Discipline. Really?

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"Voluntary Simplicity" and "The Living Universe"

Endless Knots

In Networking: The First Report and Directory (see our books ), Jessica and I recognized networks as a new form of organization in the grassroots movements of the 1970s.

Community Equity, SunSpace, FOAF+SSL, & KiWi

Collaborative Thinking

We agreed that it was unreasonable and unrealistic to expect that Sun would replace the existing Confluence installation in favor of KiWi, because the aim of KiWi cannot be to create yet another Wiki engine that competes with what is already there. Instead, in the SunSpace use case, the KiWi system will be more like an intelligent index that integrates content and data from already existing sources and offers additional value in the form of advanced services (e.g.

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News Updates (February 25, 2010)

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Two Department of Defense units are experimenting with a new form of secure data sharing. TimeBridge TimeBridge released a new service to simplify meeting scheduling. MeetWith.Me works great for one-on-one meetings, and acts like a public calendar, but hides private details. This personalized URL lets colleagues and friends see busy and available time-blocks on users' schedules so they know when the user is free to meet.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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Atlassian ConfluenceConfluence is an enterprise wiki that makes it easy for your team to collaborate and share knowledge. Confluence - The Enterprise Wiki. While founded from early usenet days, forums allow for communities to form around similar ideas and collaborate.

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Work Together: 60+ Collaborative Tools for Groups

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Confluence - An enterprise-class wiki with features such as PDF exporting. yasmin I found comapping to be excellent form for project management with collegues. Peter I'd like to suggest Collanos Workplace, a free peer-to-peer team collaboration suite, to be added to the list: It allows internet users to form teams and collaborate together on a shared projects, supporting on- and offline work. David Koehn Mention Confluence but not MediaWiki?

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Finally, total organisational collaborativeness is likely to be possible in small organisations, but not in large organisations - unless you mean the generic organisational culture from which collaborative activities may form. Engineers without Fears Tuesday, September 11, 2007 Collaboration tools James Robertson has been thinking about collaboration tools. Which is interesting because I have as well.

Core Principles for the New Economy: Human Agency & Enlightened Self-Interest « emergent by design

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I just want to clarify what it is we’re experimenting with, as Stowe hasn’t been the only person lately who misinterpreted it as attempting to form some kind of unified hivemind. It is the communal form of the concept of the genius. I want to make this happen in an online environment, which we’re doing now using enterprise collaboration software, Confluence Atlassian.). Skip to content. emergent by design. future of facebook project. future of money project. support.

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Creating Passionate Users: How to Build a User Community, Part 1

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Read More] Tracked on Dec 4, 2006 8:59:21 PM » Useful Diagrams from Confluence: Susanne Dickel How can people cocreate information environments? !cocreation.png or "how do I submit a form?".

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BT Web 2.0 adoption case study " Inside out

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Consequently, we will be migrating information off the JotBox into a number of different tools ranging from WordPress, Mediawiki, and Confluence to SharePoint 2007 over the coming months. After all, it’s just another form of content management.

Delta Knowledge: Creating Knowledge Cultures - Post 7

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But for those leaders who are willing to see themselves as more sponsor than emperor, a valuable organisational form that takes advantage of knowledge networks in a more formal way is called Communities of Practice (CoP).

BT Web 2.0 adoption case study « Inside out

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Consequently, we will be migrating information off the JotBox into a number of different tools ranging from WordPress, Mediawiki, and Confluence to SharePoint 2007 over the coming months. After all, it’s just another form of content management.

infoarch: Crafting Collaboration with Stigmergy

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204) Elliott goes on "to discriminate between discursive collaboration—the collaborative generation of pure ideas through discussion, and stigmergic collaboration—the externalisation of such ideas through various forms of collective material production." (204)

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Are we really collaborating? :: Blog :: Headshift

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Therefore, providing workers with more flexibility in how theycommunicate with each other, and customers, can result in new forms ofcooperative action, more fruitful collaboration, fasterdecision-making, and greater productivity. Headshift London | New York | Paris | Sydney | Zurich about projects blog themes Search Investigating the relationship between communication, coordination, cooperation and collaboration.

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A Journey In Social Media: We Are Now Corporate Legit

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Do you see it as more document centric collaboration (another form of email) or do you see it as coversational ? Nathan from uses Confluence at Jansenn-Cilag and noted that it should be easy enough for your mum to use.

Getting started with enterprise social networking :: Blog :: Headshift

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Enterprise 2.0 = Emergence Software | innovation Creators

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“That’s a con job… it can’t be that easy&# they said about dragging and dropping a UI element onto a form. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing the new wave of enterprise-focussed apps (I use — and love — Confluence for example). The basic premise behind Quickplace is that people often need to form ad-hoc ‘places’ for collaboration.

infoarch: Collaborative Thinking: Communication (and Coordination?) in a Modern, Complex Organization

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ideas and strategy Integrate Lotus Connections and Confluence 1 day ago The Social Organization Deep Bench Profile 2: Heather Strout 1 day ago Groundswell New research: B2B buyers have very high social participation 2 days ago tfpl blog Does the lack of top management understanding of the value of information services prejudice its judgment? infoarch About my experiencesas an information architect Thursday, August 14, 2008 Collaborative Thinking: Communication (and Coordination?)

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Innovation and Communities of Practice

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The natural partners to meet that task are the project communities and other forms of communities of practice. Idea stage: knowledge confluence, trust flows, and taxonomies In the idea stage of innovation, we collect, evaluate, connect, and re-contextualize ideas. In both forms, they are facilitated for generating breakthrough insights and innovative ideas that can be implemented. Log in Other login options: Facebook Connect New to Scribd?