Thoughts on Managing Your Social Vendor Relationships

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Let’s face it – the vendors you rely on for social media & community platforms, services and advice have you outnumbered and surrounded. What I am saying is that the sides of the social vendor relationship game aren’t evenly matched.

Are Enterprise 2.0 Applications Prices Going to Fall? What About Market Size?

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market might continue to grow in a down market, see Awareness Report Shows Significant Rise in Enterprise Social Media - Will It Continue? market. More recently, Oliver Young provided a new report with some cautions, Vendors: Prepare For Falling Prices For Enterprise Web 2.0 It was likely written before the recent market downturn. market is experiencing an explosion of activity among enterprises seeking collaboration and productivity improvements.

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Forrester Wave Report: The Leaders in Community Platforms for Marketers (Part 4/4)

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What you must do before you select a vendor Many of our clients follow the POST methdology , which is a framework for them to first understand the People they’re trying to reach, and how they use social technologies. Key findings of the 9 vendors What did we find?

What’s Your Purpose?


Competitors driving your agenda : ‘ My competitors are all going through this Digital Transformation programme already. Take a look, for instance, into IT vendors, specially, in the Social Software / Collaboration space.

Enterprise 2.0 Finds Its Pay Day - McKinsey

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The state that “our data show that fully networked enterprises are not only more likely to be market leaders or to be gaining market share but also use management practices that lead to margins higher than those of companies using the Web in more limited ways.”. This should be good news to all the vendors. Market share gains were significantly correlated with fully networked and externally networked organizations. Here is some good news for the end of the year.

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Looking Back - Moving Forward

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On Monday, August 8th, I start with Cisco as a senior technical solution marketing manager for social software. My long tenure in this role has provided me with a deep understanding of the collaboration market and its many adjacencies (e.g.,

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New Report: Cisco for Collaboration

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The impact of Cisco's announcements on its standing in the collaboration market. - The impact that Cisco's announcements have on competitors, including Microsoft, IBM, Enterprise 2.0 vendors, and hosted service providers. For purchasing details, see Cisco for Collaboration: Vendor and Product Analysis. I just published my review of Cisco's Collaboration Summit last week. Cisco hosted a major strategy conference in California during the second week of November 2009.

Cisco for Collaboration

Michael Sampson - Currents

The impact of Cisco’s announcements on its standing in the collaboration market. - The impact that Cisco’s announcements have on competitors, including Microsoft, IBM, Enterprise 2.0 vendors, and hosted service providers. Published: November 2009. Cisco hosted a major strategy conference in California during the second week of November 2009.

Burton Group Field Research Study: Social Networking Within the Enterprise

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Almost universally, organizations participating in the study felt they were behind their competitors -- or the market in general -- when it came to internal social networking initiatives. The media, blogs, and vendors are all abuzz about social networking tools, and some enterprises have started to roll them out. In those situations, IT organizations felt it was sufficient to just “turn on” those features rather than look at vendor alternatives.

Community Input: SharePoint 2010

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However, the market responded negatively to the social tools included within MOSS 2007. Thought-leadership was lost as competitors (e.g., This buyer-preference has included virtually all vendors to expand offerings of single social tools into suites or platforms. Intranet on-premises solution: Right now, I don't see SP2010 being viable/credible for external social media if organizations objectively compare/contrast what the market offers with competitive solutions.

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Lotusphere 2011 Notes: IBM Social Business Partners

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He is currently responsible for the product and market strategy for the Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino product family — market-leading collaborative software; LotusLive Notes; Lotus Symphony; Lotus Protector; and other related Lotus-branded software solutions.

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Year-End Thoughts On Enterprise 2.0 Social Software (Part 3)

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There are a few vendor events that stood out in my mind for 2009 (related to Enterprise 2.0 However, by the end of the year, things become much more clear as I outlined in several posts: Cisco Broadens Foray Into Collaboration Market. The good news is that Cisco delivered its opening ante and salvo (hosted/SaaS e-mail) as it more proactively enters the collaboration market. However, in general, vendors will have to integrate with SharePoint 2010 at some level (e.g.,

Will Google Succeed with TV Where Apple and Microsoft Have Fallen Short?

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She notes that Google believes there is a huge market opportunity in this space with around 4 billion people across the world watching TV. Leslie notes that many other players have been in this market for a while. Sean Portnoy looks at a different set of competitors for Google TV and asks on ZDNet, Will Google TV Threaten Cable Providers? Leslie D'Monte recently covered Google's linking of TV and the Web.

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Text Analytics Offers a Discovery Channel to Make Better Sense of Content

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  The authors note that customers, employees, and competitors comment on products, personalities, and companies in increasingly public places, like Twitter and discussion forums. This is not simply a Web issue as internal sources like emails and call center notes are full of product suggestions, feedback on competitors, and thoughts on the market.   Perhaps I am biased because I have been talking with a lot of vendors in this space.

Cisco: Great Expectations But "Where's The (Collaboration) Beef"?

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While the media stories below fail to provide detailed product guidance as to where Cisco is going, the information does provide interesting insight as to how Cisco’s leadership team thinks about collaboration, cloud computing, and other market initiatives. In this case, it helps me better assess whether Cisco exhibits the level of business acumen necessary to successfully move into market adjacencies such as collaboration and Web 2.0. .

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Social Task Management – When Social Business Got Down to Work – #e2conf Highlights


vendor landscape, here we are at the crossroads for Social Business where the foundation of its core mission, i.e. helping knowledge workers work smarter, not necessarily harder, is taking a new level of engagement.

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An Ant’s Eye Point-of-View: Measuring Social Influence

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One of the hottest topics on the minds of social media marketers is the concept of quantifying influence, or the power of an individual’s voice on social channels. There are many vendors that offer solutions that analyze a user’s activity and network to deliver an “influencer” score. Reputation Quantification: Turning social reputation into an actionable asset for marketers and customer service is the next evolution of influence monitoring service.

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Understanding Cisco's Collaboration Strategy (Part1)

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What is driving Cisco into the collaboration market? Cisco believes that the collaboration market is in transition – that there are structural changes in the market that opens the door for Cisco to leverage its assets (voice, video, and networking) in ways that will enable it to take a leadership position. Formulates strategies, adjusts its own business model(s), and arrays resources to capitalize on market opportunities created by those shifts.

My KM World 2010 and Enterprise Search Summit 2010 Notes: James Robertson on Intranets in 2015

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There are product chats about the company’s various offerings, as well as competitors. She has done some tasks and has an initial understanding of what is happening at the company and within its market. Make this capability a mandate for vendors. Here is another in a series of session notes for KM World 2010 and Enterprise Search Summit 2010. I attended the session, Intranets in 2015 led by James Robertson, Managing Director - Step Two Designs.

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Will We See Major Price Reductions for Enterprise 2.0 Applications?

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market might continue to grow in a down market, see Awareness Report Shows Significant Rise in Enterprise Social Media - Will It Continue ? market. More recently, Oliver Young provided a new report with some cautions, Vendors: Prepare For Falling Prices For Enterprise Web 2.0 It was likely written before the recent market downturn. market is experiencing an explosion of activity among enterprises seeking collaboration and productivity improvements.

List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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Below you’ll find a list of over 100 vendors (and more in the comments) of vendors that offer commodity community software. In 2008, I published a vendor product catalog that has details of over 50 of the vendors, beyond these listed descriptions.

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#e2conf 2011 Highlights – 10 Reasons Why I Enjoyed the Event


So this year they changed the format to make the keynotes less vendor-driven, much shorter!! -15 I know that plenty of folks out there are probably waiting for the next blog post in the series of #e2conf 2011 Highlights from the Enterprise 2.0

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Enterprise Twitter: Clarity Amid The Hype

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For the most part I agree but we're still in the phase were vendors are hyping the benefits and not being transparent regarding some of the "non-fun" aspects of making these systems acceptable for large enterprise environments. I don't address the conflict these tools will have with enterprise IM/UC systems but that's another decision organizations will have to address - and will UC vendors respond in a "good enough" fashion to keep these tools from gaining any type of long-term traction.

Oracle Beehive 1.5: Still A Work-In-Progress

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Beehive is (at least) Oracle's third attempt to introduce a credible collaboration solution into the market. Oracle is correct in pointing out that the current state of contextual collaboration remains fragile (sometimes done in a brute-force fashion), but Oracle is misinformed that it has discovered the concept or will lead the charge towards this end-state given its poor track record in the collaboration market so far.

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Surveying the collaboration battleground

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Matthew Moore and Keith De La Rue set out on a mission to determine whats really happening in the market for collaborative software in Australia. In June 2009, we set out to assess the state of play in the collaborative software market in Australia.

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Instant Communities: List of companies that provide Web Collaboration Suites or Platforms

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iUpload “iUpload enables Internet-based business communities for the purpose of improving communications, enhancing customer relationships, driving sales opportunities and gathering marketing data.&# Web Strategy by Jeremiah » Welcome Marketing Profs Community!

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Collaborative Thinking: Of bread, butter, cheese, and mousetraps.

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There are a couple of ways to look at how Microsoft is responding to market and customer demand for social software (lets define it for sake of argument as social software being equal to blogs, wikis, tags/bookmarks, feed syndication and social networking): 1. That said, overall, what is implemented is pretty marginal compared to specialized vendors in the market. These vendors are investing a lot of time, money and resources to deliver a high-level of integration.

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Community Managers and Quarterbacks " Musings by Tom Humbarger

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For me, these tasks ranged from reviewing every new member’s profile, updating permissions, answering questions, listeng to what the members are saying, reviewing and moderating posts where necessary, contacting bloggers, lining up webcast speakers, moderating monthly webcasts, validating community uptime and response time, and keeping an eye on competitor sites.

News Updates (June 24, 2009)

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vendors by SharePoint and its next release. Analysts say the number of competitors will consolidate in the coming year as Microsoft captures greater market share. Central Desktop Status Updates. Central Desktop added a Status Updates feature to its collaboration service. Today, we officially launched and released a fully integrated micro-blogging tool into the Central Desktop platform.

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Dear SageCircle

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The lack of any review cycle by either vendors or the firms themselves allows for very timely posting, but can represent a real challenge to AR teams. . Several important best practice process steps come to mind: Know the analysts in your market that use social media regularly and ensure they have the company position and key messages the moment the news breaks. I apologize if I ever misspell a word, or post an phrase that is grammatically challenged on my blog again.

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How Toyota and Linux Keep Collaboration Simple - HBS Working Knowledge

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Obsession, interaction, and a light touch The rules of markets are about cash and contracts. Such a role is impossible when proprietary code is licensed from a commercial vendor. Toyotas suppliers regularly share extensive process improvement lessons both vertically and laterally, even with their competitors.

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The Enterprise Social Network, Auto-Generated And Visually Mapped

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reply Patrick - April 24th, 2008 at 3:50 pm PDT What’s the target market? reply Phil Dewey - April 24th, 2008 at 4:50 pm PDT Wasn’t Cisco supposed to just crush this market? reply LawyerKM - April 24th, 2008 at 5:31 pm PDT @Patrick - One target market for this type of system is legal. The Global 1000 market for Enterprise 2.0 It’s depressing to see (much larger) competitors stoop to scare tactics of this kind.

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Green Chameleon » Universities and KM Practice

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If that’s true then it bears out my suspicion that the “charge ‘em high, fly in gurus, preach to novices, and pander to vendors&# business model is indeed starting to crack, at least in the smaller more fragmented markets. Similarly, private sector consultants tend not to want to share until their assignments are complete and they are confident of keeping competitors at bay.

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A Journey In Social Media: What Is Collaboration?

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Marketing people, development people, etc. Now, I knew he was trying to close a deal (remember, I work for a large IT vendor), but I was able to share some thinking and get to a productive discussion of some core ideas. If you choose "collaborating around conversation", you wont have a lot of established competitors. And Id argue you want to target where the market is going, rather than where its been.

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How To Develop a Business-Aligned Social Media & Social Networking Strategy

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The following are examples of initiatives; note that some are planning exercises while others involve delivery of operating systems: Create and maintain a corporate Facebook page to serve as a corporate marketing and recruiting tool. by management, by staff, by vendors, by customers, etc.)

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IBM Drives Enterprise Adoption of Social Networks with New Enterprise Adaptability Practice

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Pureplays vs. Enterprise Vendors: A Real Battle? After briefing you on the Enterprise Adaptability practice, I will dive deeper into its market significance and consider prospects for success.

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When online communities go to work | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

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But, as we’re beginning to see with Social CRM , enterprise-class crowdsourcing, and prediction markets, there are now in fact workable ways for companies to engage and collaborate with large groups of people that greatly outnumber their workers.

More Consolidation in the White Label Social Networking Space: Mzinga Acquires Prospero

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I had a chance to get Forrester analyst Jeremiah Owyang’s thoughts on where this market is heading. As Owyang puts it, successful companies “will be strategic marketing or enterprise partners who can share the goals of their clients’ business objectives.&# In addition to intra-market acquisitions like those of Prospero and Social Platform, Owyang sees major ERP , media, and web companies getting involved through acquisitions and partnerships.

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

anunnavigable, unfathomable website from an advertising agency, profiledby Most corporate websites simply ported the sales and marketing materialthat used to be distributed manually to a flat website with abewildering array of pages, accessed through either frames ormenus.

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A Practical Guide to Implementing Web 2.0 (aka Social Networking Tools) in Your Organization

How to Save the World

Most corporate websites simply ported the sales and marketing material that used to be distributed manually to a flat website with a bewildering array of 'pages', accessed through either 'frames' or 'menus'. More recently, some vendors like Prezi.

R/WW Thanksgiving: Thank You Google for Open Social (Or, Why Open Social Really Matters)

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Initially several incompatible products wereon the market, most notably from BEA and IBM. The incongruence between vendors meant that companies could not developportable applications - each application had to run on the software from a specific vendor.

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Wikinomics» Blog Archive » Is your Organization Talent Ready?

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government innovation intellectual property Internet leadership marketing mash-ups mass collaboration media mobile music MySpace Net Generation open innovation openness open source platforms policy politics privacy prosumers Second Life social media social networking technology transparency user-created virtual worlds web 2.0 a way to seize unique opportunities ahead of competitors. Exploring How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything with Don Tapscott , Anthony D.

The Changing Enterprise

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It’s suppliers, competitors, and intellectual property partners as well. Do we look to product vendors (IBM, Microsoft) or to solutions companies? (4) Yes, regarding point 3, I believe there is opportunity for enterprise vendors to bring innovations into the consumer space.