The Trials and Tribulations of a Mobile Knowledge Worker in a Social Business World


Don’t you think it leaves plenty of ground to question those claims from companies stating they walk the talk when living Social, yet, time and time again they keep failing to deliver? for a wifi service that even at our very own homes is much much better!

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Staying Connected Always Comes with a Price – Are You Willing to Pay for IT?


2010: The year of (the) mobile!!! 2010: *The* Year of Mobile!!!! 2010, once again, will not be the year of the awesome Mobile Web Computing experience. One more year gone by and still waiting for the world of mobile to deliver… Maybe in 2011?!?!

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SharePoint on the iPad - SouthLabs Acquired by Infragistics

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The company was recently acquired by Infragistics : " Infragistics, the user experience software company and a world leader in user interface (UI) development tools, announced today the acquisition of SouthLabs, developers of SharePlus, the mobile SharePoint app. SharePlus Enterprise is the most robust offering in this suite and provides enterprises with added security such as multi-factor authentication and remote swipe to keep company intelligence private.

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#Movistar – Who Owns Your Customers Problems?


Why can’t companies that claim to be customer centric get this? Why can’t companies become more like Frank? Why can’t companies become more human by showing more empathy and engagement when dealing with their customer’s problems?

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#Movistar – The Only Boss You Need to Pay Attention To


Here I am, once again, incredibly frustrated and very irritated I got disconnected from the Internet last week Friday, as I blew up my monthly data allowance on my mobile phone for the zillionth time over the course of last few weeks.

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A tasty intro to digital – Tea, Toast and T’Internet

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Digital Inclusion Officer Nathaniel Spagni recently installed WIFI in the lounge. That Device Company, who are behind the project, aim to donate £50,000 to Age UK during 2014 through promotion and sales.

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How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools


There may well be a time where I’ll write about them, specially, in the mobility scenario when both my iPhone and iPad Air have become my not so new anymore workplace. .

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Notes on Wednesday's Keynote at Lotusphere 2012 - The Future of Social Technology

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10 of the largest banks and 6 largest insurance companies, use Polycom to save costs and speed the flow of information. the proliferation of mobile devices - eg., readiness of the network - 3G, 4G, and WiFi. -. You will need to work across company boundaries. mobility - use whatever tablet you have. The session has three individual sessions, then a panel discussion of the three speakers. Speaker 1 - Sir Tim Berners-Lee. -

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Cisco Broadens Foray Into Collaboration Market

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With Cisco Unified Communications system 8.0 , Cisco extends support for a wide range of endpoints including new video- and WiFi-enabled Cisco Unified IP Phones and additional smartphones via Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator. Cisco WebEx TM Mail is a new corporate-grade, hosted email solution from Cisco with native Microsoft Outlook interoperability, optimized mobile device support, and browser-independent AJAX web 2.0

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UC And ROI: IBM's Truth And Fiction Example

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Let's take a company - we'll call them Renovations, Inc. Anyone who travels internationally knows how expensive it is to use your hotel or mobile phone. If instead you use Sametime to make your calls over your WiFi connection, you can avoid these international fees. I caught a couple of blog posts on the IBM Keynote for UC ( Lotusphere Message: Yes There Is a UC ROI ) and then one on the Sametime blog (see below).

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How Twitter changed to include everyone

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    barrycordero RT @yammer_team : want to push info, but only 1 company Twitter account?     roguru #e2conf #e2conf21 spam is an essential business tool and companies depend on it to make a living. from mobile web. from mobile web. from mobile web.

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Online Community Unconference 2007 / Online Community Unconference 2007

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Socialtext Mobile Settings Help Log in Register Search this workspace: Home People.lists the people you are following. Conference wifi is found on the open network "workshop" Wiki Index Schedule See the complete Schedule. Name Title Company Bill Johnston Event Organizer; Director of Community and Research Forum One A Adam Aberman Director of Global Online Strategy Youth Venture and Ashoka's Youth Initiative Micah Alpern Design Lead for Yahoo!

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