#Movistar – Who Owns Your Customers Problems?


What a difference owning your customer’s problem makes! . Yes, I know, I am one of the 22 million customers Movistar has, but it is of no excuse really to make a single customer wait for nearly 2.5 Why can’t companies that claim to be customer centric get this?

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Facebook Intensive Class – Computer Class, 1 Day

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Learn how to add Business Apps, Use marketing Intelligence tools, Advertising, and make sure your Facebook is Optimised (FBO) for your customers newsfeed. Are you customers on Facebook? We provide wifi – don’t forget to bring the power supply!

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What can you learn from a chatbot?

Joitske Hulsebosch

I have my office on the first floor of our house and therefore I use a Wifi homeplug to strengthen the WiFi signal from the groundfloor. I went to the customer service page of bol.com to see what I had to do.

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#Movistar – The Only Boss You Need to Pay Attention To


Oh well, one more week to go… Indeed, one more week to go before Movistar finally shares some mercy upon myself and decides to treat this customer with some decency by hooking up both my landline and ADSL connection after nearly 2.5

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The Trials and Tribulations of a Mobile Knowledge Worker in a Social Business World


Well, probably because of a worrying issue that keeps growing further along over time: not walking the talk when being consistently confronted with bad customer service after having had some of the worst customer user experiences. . After all, I am just a customer.

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Listening is a Key Component of Social Media Success

Portals and KM

Joe McKendrick commented on the FastForward blog on a post by Irina Slutsky of Advertising Age, ' Chief Listeners' Use Technology to Track, Sort Company Mentions. Susan performs a similar job of “broad listening” to Dell customers and consumers, and “giving all the intelligence to her Dell colleagues internally.” Irina reports that both Susan and Beth said their companies are driving innovation through customer feedback.

News Updates (January 25, 2010)

Michael Sampson - Currents

One company already taking this approach achieved all its objectives including a cost reduction for the department of 10 percent in the first year. Gartner expects 20 percent of companies to employ business information managers by 2013, compared with 5 percent in 2009. From June 9-11 at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco, hundreds of customers, speakers, partners and Atlassians will get together for the biggest Atlassian event ever! Gartner: New IT Jobs.

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Cisco Broadens Foray Into Collaboration Market

Collaborative Thinking

The directory features a virtual assistant to assist with scheduling meetings between the more than 1000 rooms and 75 customers on Cisco TelePresence exchanges. With Cisco Unified Communications system 8.0 , Cisco extends support for a wide range of endpoints including new video- and WiFi-enabled Cisco Unified IP Phones and additional smartphones via Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator. also offers customers a choice of deployment models – whether on-premise, on-demand, or hybrid.

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How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools


I call it, not knowing what to do with it when there isn’t a company directive in place showcasing commitment to it while listening and engaging with the community of practitioners who make it what it is today.

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Notes on Wednesday's Keynote at Lotusphere 2012 - The Future of Social Technology

Michael Sampson - Currents

Customers are calling IBM and seeking possibilities for applying Watson. - 10 of the largest banks and 6 largest insurance companies, use Polycom to save costs and speed the flow of information. readiness of the network - 3G, 4G, and WiFi. -. Customers want video as a service. You will need to work across company boundaries. To Manoj - what kind of investments will be needed? - (Manoj) We work with customers at two levels.

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UC And ROI: IBM's Truth And Fiction Example

Collaborative Thinking

Let's take a company - we'll call them Renovations, Inc. If instead you use Sametime to make your calls over your WiFi connection, you can avoid these international fees. And if you operate a call center, it costs on average $10 to handle a single customer call. Thumbs-Down: This example is a stretch for me - a big stretch - most customer-facing applications on web sites that are handled by call centers do not use off-the-shelf generic IM products.

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How Twitter changed to include everyone

Endless Knots

Point ="How to use Twitter for Business"=direct sales conversations, immediate customer service, search world now.     iandavidklein #e2conf #e2conf21 Orgs can build trust w customers when feed includes (thoughtful) personal tweets along w the corp messages.

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Online Community Unconference 2007 / Online Community Unconference 2007

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Conference wifi is found on the open network "workshop" Wiki Index Schedule See the complete Schedule. Name Title Company Bill Johnston Event Organizer; Director of Community and Research Forum One A Adam Aberman Director of Global Online Strategy Youth Venture and Ashoka's Youth Initiative Micah Alpern Design Lead for Yahoo! Socialtext Mobile Settings Help Log in Register Search this workspace: Home People.lists the people you are following.

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