Socialtext Helps Companies Find the People Inside - The Static to Social Intranet

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The key focus is on making the intranet more "social": " First generation intranets and portal technologies have aggregated enterprise systems and enabled self?service And since content requires IT's help to update, intranets quickly become stale and outdated. Socialtext also empowers IT with the tools it needs to extend and manage the platform, providing their company with an intranet that maximizes business value. ". Enterprise Collaboration Intranets

SharePoint Swoop – The Intranet Makeover Show

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Microsoft published Season 1 of SharePoint Swoop: The Intranet Makeover Show , where three well-known MVPs swoop into an organisation for three days and make some SharePoint and Office 365 magic happen. Three MVP experts have just three days to help an international toy company modernize its overwhelmed intranet. A world where the journey of a growing pop culture business intersects with three superhero Microsoft MVPs.

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Intranets That Surprise and Delight (James Robertson, Step Two Designs)

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In the closing keynote of Intranets2012, James Robertson is talking about intranets that surprise and delight. James is the Managing Director of Step Two Designs - the company that presented the Intranets2012 conference. Key points: - three key themes of this conference - (a) making intranets work, (b) new technology, and (c) social and collaboration. - We should deliver intranets that surprise and delight. and the culture of the company. -. Intranets

(Intranets2011) "What Makes an Essential Intranet?" - James Robertson, Step Two Designs

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In the final session of Intranets2011 , James Robertson of Step Two Designs is presenting on "what makes an essential Intranet?" James polled the audience about current state of the Intranet: lots of red ("terrible"), lots of orange ("ok"), and some greens ("great"). Intranets

Green Chameleon » Getting Started on Your Intranet

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Getting Started on Your Intranet I am increasingly of the opinion that no knowledge management effort can avoid the intranet. Intranets have always been messy work.

Green Chameleon » Have You Done Something Wonderful With Your Intranet?

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Have You Done Something Wonderful With Your Intranet? My company Straits Knowledge is proud to be a supporter of the new Intranet Innovation Awards launched by James Robertson’s company Step Two Designs.

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Help Complete the Intranet-Digital Workplace Trends 2011 Survey

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I heard about a useful survey recently, th e 6th annual Intranet-Digital Workplace Trends survey. Key topics covered in this year's "Intranet-Digital Workplace Trends" survey are: Mobile Strategies & Approaches, Collaborative & Social Aspects, Search, Governance & Management, Business Value, and Future Scenarios. Social networking exists "enterprise wide" in 10 percent of these companies and "in some parts" in another 15 percent.

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Finding experts in your company.

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Blog Your path to success Finding experts in your company. I attended a KM conference recently where a speaker remarked on how difficult it was to find experts in his company. But the problem of finding experts in your company is real. gyehuda on Finding experts in your company.

infoarch: Companies as Communities

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infoarch About my experiencesas an information architect Monday, September 21, 2009 Companies as Communities Professor Henry Mintzberg has an interesting article in the HBR of July-August 2009 titled: Rebuilding Companies as Communities. That book was a big eye-opener to me, introducing me to social worlds theory, companies staring as communities, communities that just exist (and cant be formed) in communities, etc. Start with the remnants of community in your company.

PebbleRoad: The culture of collaboration and what it means for your intranet

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PebbleRoad Home About us Services Work Events Articles Articles 5 Dec 21 2009 [link] The culture of collaboration and what it means for your intranet by Maish Nichani Many organisations are waking up to the fact that collaboration is a key piece of the intranet puzzle. I have spoken to many such people in charge of collaboration in their organisations and what puzzles me in turn is their lack of understanding of the culture of collaboration. IDEOs intranet ).

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Masterclass: The cultures of collaboration - Inside Knowledge

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As we move between each of these different types of working together, how do our traditional notions of collaboration and collaborative culture vary? Understanding your collaboration culture What is your organisations collaboration culture? How is your collaboration culture?

Enterprise 2.0 Report: Intranet Collaboration Features and Social Networking

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Social Software on Intranets A Report From the Front Lines of Enterprise Community, Collaboration, and Social Networking Projects 168 pages, PDF format Download Report (from eSellerate) $298 for a single report, $598 for the report and a site license to make copies within your organization and place on your own intranet. (No For this project, we collected case studies from 14 companies in 6 countries : AXA UK Agilent Technologies, Inc. Corporate culture: friend or foe?

Masterclass: The cultures of collaboration - Inside Knowledge

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As we move between each of these different types of working together, how do our traditional notions of collaboration and collaborative culture vary? Understanding your collaboration culture What is your organisations collaboration culture? How is your collaboration culture?

How to Find In-House Experts at Big Companies -

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But most companies make it harder than it should be. MySpace Save This ↓ More Text By DORIT NEVO, IZAK BENBASAT And YAIR WAND Every big company has in-house experts. For starters, big companies tend to be dynamic organizations, in a constant state of flux, and few commit the resources necessary to constantly review and update the credentials of often rapidly changing rolls of experts. Especially in big companies, there can be many experts to choose from.

Enterprise 2.0 initiatives and corporate culture awareness. | Gil Yehuda's Enterprise 2.0 Blog

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initiatives and corporate culture awareness. Can your company be unsuitable for Enterprise 2.0? Check out this recent article and blog about corporate culture and the adoption of social business tools. is paved on a supportive culture. What is a supportive culture?

Green Chameleon » Juicy

Green Chameleon blog articles how-to guides events publications book videos about Juicy I’m a big fan of Nathan Wallace, the “ let’s turn our intranet into a wiki &# guy. He has just blogged about Juice , the initiative that won his team a Gold award in the Business Solutions category of StepTwo’s 2008 Intranet Innovation Awards. It seems simple enough: supplying new hires at his company with ICT equipment kits.

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Doing Enterprise Social Media The Wrong Way

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Today, one would be hard-pressed to find a business not providing a social networking platform, be it Yammer, Jive, offerings from Microsoft or IBM, or some type of homespun intranet. Deloitte's recent survey on corporate culture suggests executives and employees are of distinctly differing opinions. companies, 45% of executives said social media has a positive impact on their workplace culture, while only 27% of employees agreed. ".

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Bring Back the Corporate Knowledge Managers - as Collaboration Connectors

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Progressive companies, searching for better ways to spread tacit know-how, need to find ways to tip the scales by decreasing the cost or increasing the return. In my own work - for example, see slides 52-61 in my Congres Intranet 2012 slide deck - I talk about raising the ceiling of value so you can get a broader perspective on the opportunities for collaboration. Collaboration Culture

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The FASTForward Blog » Serena has Adopted Facebook as Their Intranet: Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

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Serena has Adopted Facebook as Their Intranet by Bill Ives November 28, 2007 at 8:42 am · Filed under Enterprise 2.0 In my first post I referred to an article on their policy which I felt was somewhat mis-titled, Serena Software Adopts Facebook as Corporate Intranet , and said that they are not really going that far. Serena is really replacing its existing intranet with Facebook as a front end linked to a low-cost content management system behind the firewall.

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Ephraim on Collaboration: "Collaboration 1.0 at the Heart of Enterprise 2.0 Success"

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with “collaboration” when pitching social intranets and the like to executives. Argues that company-wide discussions on blogs and forums, social networking, micro-blogging, and expertise finders "aren't collaboration." Lists 6 "foundations of effective collaboration" - about shared goals, collaborative processes, and cultural requirements. Implementing a social intranet will be an uphill battle. Collaboration Collaboration Culture Enterprise 2.0

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Overcoming the Fear (Deane Barker, Blend Interactive) #intranets2012 #socbiz @gadgetopia

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Deane Barker from Blend Interactive is talking about Overcoming the Fear: What C-Level execs are afraid of when it comes to social intranets. Key points: - If you go and tell an executive that you're going to let every employee post to the intranet, most executives will freak out. - The survey respondents were intranet professionals. - key finding - a social intranet is just another communications channel.

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10 options for implementing a KM strategy

Chris Collison

You might question whether you can change culture with an initiative, or roll-out values - we''ll leave that for a future post - but you get the idea.]. It just works, and it creates momentum inside the company to fill in any gaps between what is said externally and what happens internally.

RedCentral: Automating Coke Cosolidated's Salesforce (Share 2012, Atlanta)

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Coca Cola - the world's largest beverage company. Coke Consolidated - an independent bottler, is owned 35% by Coca Cola company. intranet home page - links to company newsletter, news, core systems, various departments (HR, supply chain, etc.), sales and delivery on the intranet - the "bread and butter" of our company. Red (Right Execution Daily): - has changed culture and behavior through RED.

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Jakob Nielsen Takes on Enterprise 2.0

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Jakob Nielsen is a guru on intranets. He recently posted an extensive piece on Social Networking on Intranets that addressed adoption issues for enterprise 2.0 It is a summary of the key findings from a study of 14 companies in a much larger 168 page report.

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Share2011 - Core Business: Reminding Ourselves of the Reason We Are All Here (Cory Banks, PB)

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Cory has been involved in implementing five intranets. What's an Intranet? -. Cory said, "I couldn't find a good definition of Intranet.". -. Traditional intranet - content management, phone book. -. How do design an Intranet without using the organizational structure?

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Blog>> KM Practitioner Interview Series: Shaharudin Mohd Ishak

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Shah is Divisional Director of the Operations and KM Division at the International Enterprise Singapore (IES), a government agency tasked with spearheading the growth of Singapore companies in overseas markets. We are in the midst of revamping our intranet.

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Always say yes to grad students: an interview about virtual teams

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The biggest difficulties and challenges are the same that they’ve always been: lack of clear purpose; inadequate methods—or attention to—maintaining good communication; lack of familiarity and camaraderie among team members; and insensitivity to cultural differences.

Internal and external community managers are not the same

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Intranets and digital workplace. The matter was to know if a good external community manager, interface between a company and its customers, could easily turn into a successful internal one, interface with employees. Intranets and digital workplace. culture. intranet.

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Notes on "Success Factors for Implementing MOSS 2007 as a Large Scale ECM" (Helen Rayner, Telecom NZ)

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Telecom is a big company (for NZ). Helen said the current intranet has 13,000 pages. The new intranet is in place -- the infrastructure is in place. There are three business groups up on the intranet today -- Information Management, Wholesale, and Chorus. why 4: corporate culture is about "one Telecom" now. one company working together". Helen Rayner from Telecom New Zealand is kicking off day two of the NZ SharePoint Conference.


Key Differences Between Social and Collaborative Networks

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Enterprise Wiki General governance government information management innovation intranet KM Knowledge Management Links managing wiki growth patterns podcast Presentation sharing sharing knowledge Social Media Social Software students Teaching technology trends user generated content video Web2.0

News Updates (June 15, 2009)

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Using social technologies for the sake of coolness is out – using them in support of business strategy and to drive culture change is in. Extending your strategy and governance into proper policy and code of conduct language helps embed adoption and expectations into the culture of the organization. Palm would benefit enormously from Dell's corporate culture, which is competitive, disciplined and, above all, consistent. Kathmandu Goes Intranet Dashboard.

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AIIM Industry Watch on Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0

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This supports the study from Toby Ward I recently posted on (see New Study Finds Social Media Becoming Mainstream on Corporate Intranet ). Lack of understanding, corporate culture and cost are the biggest impediments. Would all those who find it easier to find information on their corporate intranet than the Web raise their hand. AIIM recently published a useful study on Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0. It provides more encouraging news for enterprise 2.0.

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Share2011 - Keynote: Building a Robust Framework for Social Networking at Work (Ramin Mobasseri, eBay)

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Across the whole project - aligning culture. We want to give employees the ability to get to the tools they enjoy using, from the intranet. Explore what's working with other companies - share the learning. Culture, per Sandy Carter at IBM, "Culture eats strategy for lunch.".

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Implementing Wikis in the Age of Enterprise 2.0 at Océ

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Océ has a traditional corporate intranet and Samuel is on the steering committee. The committee agreed that about 80-90% of the content of their intranet should be on the wiki or other platforms than the intranet. Samuel wants to tell intranet authors especially, and employees in general, what the options are for information sharing as he explained in this blog post, Where Do I Share and Store My Information?

Green Chameleon » People Process Technology

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That’s why I especially liked one of the Intranet Innovation Award winning cases this year, from a company called Transfield Services in Australia. The KM team there looked at a proposed rollout of Sharepoint Teamsites across the (global) company and evidently thought “aha!

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The Case for Corporate Social Networking

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Static intranet which is a series of HTML pages, in which information is centralized and which do not focus on feedback, commenting or sharing also seem outdated to them. Having a social intranet where employees can share and engage with others goes a long way to build employee engagement.

Always say yes to grad students: an interview about virtual teams

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Pay attention, be kind, be encouraging, continuously refer to purpose, use multiple forms of communication, reward people for good work, recognize excellent teamwork, lavish people with meaningful praise when they far exceed expectations, continuously examine your own behavior, freely admit mistakes, learn how to apologize in a genuine way, and continuously educate yourself on cultural differences. According to my survey results, virtual managers do not use intranets anymore.

2010 Update on IBM Social Software Efforts: Part Two

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Also there is a need for approval to share in some cultures and it can be addressed through the moderation function.  IBM has been granted more patents than any other company for past 17 years.

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Defining and Measuring Enterprise Collaboration - Managing Technology - Dennis D. McDonald's Web Site

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Are there any barriers or impediments (legal, cultural, political, etc.) I recently posted an article on my blog about how to start collaborating and what it implies for managers, companies and people.

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Selling the Case for Accelerating Business Performance with Enterprise Collaboration Technologies: Enterprise 2.0 Conference Notes

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Sameer said you need to begin with the culture of your firm around making new initiatives, as well as the pain points that are being felt right now.   Fitting into the firm’s culture is essential and every firm has its unique culture. Culture is represented through people and building a collaboration system for these people needs to work within it. At the same time culture is often blamed for lack of progress. People often blame culture as scapegoat.

So you love your customers.and you let others take care of them - Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

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Intranets and digital workplace. That’s one of the impacts of social business in the relationships between a company and its ecosystem. Either it’s about marketing, sales, support, innovation, both companies, partners, customers, employees are looking for a new form of engagements. I’d like to know how to build a strong relationship between a business, a brand, and its ecosystem, by letting a third party act and talk on the company’s behalf.

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My Favorite Tweets for January 1 - 15 2010

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initiatives and corporate culture awareness. RT @ myventurepad : Block Around Clock.54% of US Companies Deny Employees Web Access. 2009 intranet teams are 27% larger than 2006 [link] 10:09 AM Jan 8th. Here is the eighth in a new series of posts that provide access to my favorite tweets that contain links to useful information.    Some of these I did to link to things I found useful and others are RTs that I want to save for the same reason.

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Communication, communities and collaboration

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Obviously, given social equity is culture-specific, these findings only apply to those cultures low on Hofstede’s Power-Distance index. Organisations are even starting to see that social environments like Facebook serve as excellent corporate intranets.