My TEDxRainier Talk on The Soulful Company

Alchemy of Change

I'm excited to share my TEDxRainier talk on "The Soulful Company." The Soulful Company B Corporation corporations drive meaning mission soulful companyThis talk will serve as a catalyst to shift my focus here at Alchemy of Change into a place for exploring some of the questions I hope to pique with this talk.

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Should Companies Block Access to Digital Tools?


In “ Should Companies Allow Facebook at Work? ” he comes to talk about that number of companies out there who, still, in 2013!,

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Liberate Your Company Through Employee Engagement


This is the main reason and biggest issue why most companies are talking about employee engagement as a way to retain their talent, but why they also keep failing to deliver, because they aren’t capable of coming through to meet the needs of that social contract. .

Magnet company smackdown

Community Guy

In one swift movement, the Buckyballs CEO created a platform for their competitor to own a space that, as a “$20 million company&# , they should have been theirs. Startups are absolutely different than large companies.

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Power Shift – People Running Companies by Apple?


The balance of power from companies running people to, hopefully, people running companies ” [Emphasis mine]. I have been in the IT industry for well over 15 years now and for a good number of them I have been relying on multiple different systems. One of them being Windows.

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Event: Australian Institute of Company Directors AICD social media

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I’m heading over to New Zealand from 12th to 15th May 2010 to participate in social media forum at the Australian Institute of Company Directors Annual Conference. Event: Australian Institute of Company Directors AICD social media is a post from: Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy.

If Companies are People, Where’s Their Soul?

Alchemy of Change

If you liked " If Companies are People, Where’s Their Soul? ", subscribe to Alchemy of Change for more good stuff. The U.S. Constitution is the foundation of our political system, but to find its spirit, we must look to the Declaration of Independence.

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Companies with ‘Networked’ Board Directors have 85% Higher Growth Rates!

Governance in a Networked World

The article identifies the key board interlocks between some of Australia's largest companies. The article has prompted us to release some of our most recent work on linking board interlocks with corporate performance: Companies with ‘Networked’ Board Directors have 85% Higher Growth Rates!

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Virtual Learning Company Questionnaire

Endless Knots

Writing books has its downsides -- sore neck, publisher disagreements, pressure to always start another one -- but then something like this happens and it's worth writing a few more. This morning I received a really nice email from Archana. Collaboration Research Telecommuting Virtual Teams

Examples of Companies Engaging on reddit

Managing Communities

Please Update Your RSS Feed Subscription This feed has moved to: [link] I apologize for the trouble. For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. How Should I Participate

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#1: Mistakes Companies Make on Twitter TIMELINES VELOCITY

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

on mistakes companies make when using Twitter for business. Tip: If you are going to put your company on Twitter, think of it as a strategy not a campaign. This is a series of posts (one a day so another one tomorrow!)

AICD ARTICLE: Australian Institute of Company Directors

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I did an interview with Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) about CEOs and C-Level executives on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other online communities.

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Lotus Connections Update from Lowe's Companies — "Valuable"

Michael Sampson - Currents

She accessed the company’s enterprise inventory system, however, like most major retailers, the business process tightly controls the amount of additional inventory employees can request. Lowe's , a major home improvement chain in the United States, implemented Lotus Connections in 2010 to support an enterprise collaboration strategy.

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Is your company like a Train or a Car

Governance in a Networked World

Dave Gray contrasts the traditional organisation to the 'pod based' organisational form of the connected company. Is your company run like a train i.e. plan the tracks and then manage the timetable or a car.

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Doctor Love | Fast Company

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network

And that should be a wake-up call for every company. If these changes apply in the world of social media, the implications for business -- for every brand, company, and marketer trying to understand the now intimately networked world -- could be significant.

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Images from Drakes Bay Oyster Company, Point Reyes, Marin County

Portals and KM

These images are from Drakes Bay Oyster Company in Point Reyes National Seashore.  I was in Marin County in early July and, as always find it one of the most beautiful places anywhere. This is another in a series on my experiences. I find the interior as beautiful as the coast.

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Potential Cloud Growth within Mid-size Companies

Portals and KM

Are these companies prepared?  In the large company space I have seen at least one study that indicate over 80% of companies plan to use social media in 2011 but another study found less than half have a strategy for social media use.  According to a recent surve y over 60 percent of respondents in the mid-size business space say they are ready to look to the cloud. Many are already using virtualization but only 4 percent are using the cloud now to back up data. 

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What makes a company…


My company is in transition: what worked in the past doesn’t work anymore and getting a clear picture of the future is not easy. When I look what makes a company or country, it is ultimately its people. This raises all kinds of issues and emotions that I don’t want to share in this space. I picked up the quote below a while ago , but was avoiding writing about it. May be I should just quote it: Matthias Kaiserswerth on Leadership and Followership.

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Cisco, The Social Experience Company?

Collaborative Thinking

Platform for Media & Entertainment Companies. LAS VEGAS - January 7, 2009 - At the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Cisco ® today announced the availability of the Cisco Eos TM hosted white-label software platform that allows Media & Entertainment companies to create, manage and grow online communities around their content. Platform for Media & Entertainment Companies -> News@Cisco.

Fast-track business collaboration programme helps UK companies

The Bumble Bee

LEVEL 2: Companies meet other companies to explore how they can help each other on a 1-1 basis particularly around finding and offering new channels to market for existing products and services.

Finding Experts in Your Company … Through Micro-Sharing


I’m sure that every company out there has been trying, over and over again, to come up with successful solutions that would help tackle such problem over the course of decades.

Is Social Media Reaching a Plateau in America's Largest Companies?

Portals and KM

Nora Ganim Barnes and Justina Andonian at the Center for Marketing Research, Charlton College of Business, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth recently released a report on The 2011 Fortune 500 and Social Media Adoption: Have America's Largest Companies Reached a Social Media Plateau? Three companies in the top 5 in 2011 without a public-facing blog are: Chevron, Conoco Philips, and Fannie Mae.   Note that this includes companies without blogs.

The Smart Work Company — What We Do And Why


It features a quick introduction by Anne Marie McEwan (Who I started following in Twitter a little while ago and from whom I have learned quite a bit so far), and in it she spends a little bit less than 5 minutes describing what her company, The Smart Work Company (Gotta love that name, too!),

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MeasuredUp Enables Company to Customer Conversations

Portals and KM

While it is a customer-service driven social networking site, it also helps companies make things right when consumers feel wronged. Marc has introduced the possibility of conversation between customer and company. Anyone can set a page for a company. Here is sample company page.

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Collaborative Thinking: Build Your Companys Receptor Capacity

Collaborative Thinking

June 25, 2005 in In The News | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Build Your Companys Receptor Capacity : Comments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post.

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The Company as Wiki by Best Buy


to create the next generation of collaboration and knowledge sharing tools within the company to help employees connect with one another across the various different sites and share their knowledge in smarter ways.

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LinkedIn Edges Out Apple in Forbes Fastest Growing Tech Companies

Portals and KM

Apple came in second, which they noted was a significant feat for a company of its size. According to the Forbes list of Fast Tech 25 : their annual list of growth kings, the current champion is LinkedIn. Its revenue rose 115% over the last 12 months and is accelerating. Its shares are up 144% since its IPO a year ago.  I have always been a fan of Apple products.

The Company as Wiki by Best Buy’s Brad Anderson


A couple of months back I put together a short blog post ( The Company as Wiki by Best Buy ) on how Best Buy was eventually embracing social software and how they were telling their story in an amazing YouTube video in a little bit less than five minutes.

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Many Companies Hiring Social Media Director Without a Plan

Portals and KM

Felix Gillette at Businessweek recently provided a comprehensive article on the social media director movement. Many firms are looking for them. Felix writes, “in Las Vegas, Harrah's Entertainment recently circulated a job listing for a "corporate social media rock star." " In Chicago, Buick went looking for a handful of "social media ambassadors" to help manage Tweet to Drive, which allows customers to schedule test drives from home via Twitter.

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What Makes a Company Good at IT? Three Keys

Michael Sampson - Currents

found three keys for companies that were "good at IT" - meaning that quantatitve metrics for productivity and profits were aligned with higher scores in various 5-point ranking scales on IT practices. The research surveyed 330 public companies in the United States. The good news is that there is still substantial opportunity for most companies to improve how they manage and use technology, and substantial business benefit once they do.

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Cloud Sherpas Buys WaveAdept (New Zealand's Google Apps Company)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Cloud Sherpas, a US-company focused on Google Apps, has purchased WaveAdept in New Zealand to use as its base for expansion in Asia Pacific: " US Google apps specialist company Cloud Sherpas has bought Wellington Google apps company WaveAdept, which will change its name to Cloud Sherpas. It will use the New Zealand company as a springboard into Asia Pacific.

Collaborative Intelligence for companies - YoolinkPro

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Collaborative Intelligence for your company Home What is Yoolink Pro? Distribute, Save and Access information that matters for your company! We develop simple tools for companies who agree with us. Request a contact. Please fill in this short form. We will contact you asap.

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Still Cleaning Out the Company’s Digital Dump?

Portals and KM

The more things change, the more they stay the same is a worn out phrase, I cringe to repeat here but then I see posts like from BusienssWeek: Is Your Company's Intranet a Digital Landfill? Clearly state the outcome your company needs to achieve through its intranet.   Now this is a fine post with some excellent points.   But it was well over a dozen years ago that we saw the same thing as intranets were introduced.

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Reason #23,4593 people don’t trust companies

Community Guy

Most people don’t trust most companies. We’ve been trained for decades to distrust companies because they fail to act like groups of humans rather than lawsuit fearing entities. Case in point: Ty, the toy company responsible for the popular Beanie Babies dolls, is now marketing “Sweet Sasha” and “Marvelous Malia” dolls. Let’s be honest about that.

Notes on ECE402 The Liebe Company: Social Business Collaboration in Mid-Sized Manufacturing

Michael Sampson - Currents

Jimmy's grandfather started the company. Company is all about lettering and garment manufacturing for sport uniforms and lifestyle garments. Good when the Liebe Company buys another firm. Jimmy Liebe fand a couple of people from IBM are talking about their social business collaboration journey. Some notes: 1. Been in business for 90 years. Don't do a lot of marketing. -. 6-7 years ago, clients got tired of managing the complexity of the supply chain. Needed to simplify.

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Webtrends Moves Toward Greater Openness for Products and Company

Portals and KM

  We went over some of the major directions for the company.   They are culturally open as a company. This included how-to-dos for their products, bugs, fixes and other company information that had been behind a firewall and only previously accessible to customers. They are also sharing the lessons that they have learned inside their company. Last week I attended the Webtrends Engage 2010 event in New Orleans. 

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Finding Experts in Your Company … While You Are on the Road!


become a reality: Your company mobile phone: I do realise that this may well be a rather localised barrier, specially if you are reading this from the US or some European countries, like Germany or the UK, but my current company mobile phone, in 2010!,

Large Company Collaboration SuccessDigital Equipment with VAX Notes in the 1980s

Michael Sampson - Currents

You work in a global high-tech company with more than 100,000 people. You have been in the company for a month, and a customer has just asked you a question about the technical capabilities of a product you haven’t even heard of. Even the best tools will not give you a return on investment unless the employees of the company are committed to helping one another. Patti wrote (in 2001) about the use of VAX Notes at Digital Equipment : Imagine.

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New Website Traffic Case Study — Watch Company — Weeks 1-13

Online Social Networking

Generating website traffic is a key aspect of any online initiative, and I devised a four-part plan for attracting website visitors: Company Contact Lists - Mailing to existing lists of company business contacts.

Finding experts in your company.

John Tropea - Delicious Social Network KM

Blog Your path to success Finding experts in your company. I attended a KM conference recently where a speaker remarked on how difficult it was to find experts in his company. But the problem of finding experts in your company is real. gyehuda on Finding experts in your company.

Enterprise Social Networking, Is Your Company Falling Behind?

Collaborative Thinking

Is social computing in the enterprise just a lot of hype or should you be concerned that your company is going to fall behind? The fact is that social networking provides real business value and many companies have moved past the “what is it” towards “how and where do we start.”. Enterprise Social Networking, Is Your Company Falling Behind? If you're interested in the topic - be sure to catch this webinar next week: Free Webinar – May 20, 2009 at 2 pm ET.

Five Things to Avoid with Your Company Blog

Portals and KM

The strong interest in company blogs continues (e.g., Here is a useful list from Mack Collier”s post, F ive reasons why your company blog sucks. The company web site can serve as the promotional tool so there is no need to have the blog do the same thing. One and five also apply to company Twitter feeds. Sometimes companies are hesitant to open a blog up for comments but to me a blog without comments is not a blog.

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Blog>> KM Method Cards in Good Company!

Green Chameleon

Nancy White has a great post sharing the different types of card decks she uses in facilitation. Our KM Method Cards are included, as are the IDEO Method Cards (come unexpected insights on how to use them), Arthur Shelley’s Organisational Zoo Cards the Corban & Blair story cards and others

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