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‘Identity in practice’, ‘Participation and non-participation’

Jenny Connected

These are the titles of Chapters 6 and 7 in Etienne Wenger’s Book – Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning and Identity. (p. This is one of the sections of his book that participants in the forthcoming Academic Betreat (starting July 30 th ) have been asked to read and then think about Highlights, Key Words and Questions. 143-172).

Enabling Participation: More Art Than Science

Collaborative Thinking

the value of participation). I divided things up into two basic categories: high-level bootstrapping of the overall social network site, and some specific calls-to-action that might help jumpstart participation. If done well, the rollout is more structure where participation is linked to business processes. initiatives. Summary.

Participating in our environment

Chris Corrigan

It address one of the fundamental problems in our society for me: that of the distinction between participation and consumption.

2015 11

OutStart’s Participate Enables the Social Side of Enterprise Work Processes

Portals and KM

I recently spoke with Mike Gregory about Participate, OutStart's Social Business Software. It also reduces email traffic.    

Participation Inequality: Lurkers vs. Contributors in Internet Communities (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

John Tropea - Delicious Community

User participation often more or less follows a 90-9-1 rule : 90% of users are lurkers (i.e., How to Overcome Participation Inequality You cant.

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Boston E20 Notes: Organization Next Workshop: Bridging the Participation Gap – Networks, Learning, and "Play"

Portals and KM

I attended workshop hosted by Mike Gotta - Organization Next: Bridging the Participation Gap – Networks, Learning, and "Play"   Mike is now Senior Technical Solution Manager for Enterprise Social Software, Cisco. I am pleased to be back for my sixth Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston. There will be many more to follow.

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Homesteading Today and How to Quickly Turn Your Community Against You

Managing Communities

How Should I Participate? Interacting with Members Managing the Community For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you.

2015 30

Encouraging Existing Members of Your Community to Participate Without Nagging Them to Death

Managing Communities

Community CultivationFor more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you.

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Making it Difficult to Join: The Case for Barriers to Participation

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Making membership or participation easy is not a given and a majority of communities have some type of barrier to entry, whether explicit or not.

Communities & Technologies finally meeting Community Informatics

Making CommunitySense

attending the Communities & Technologies Vision workshop. Societal role: the roles of communities in their various forms in society.

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How Duolingo Builds Community on reddit

Managing Communities

Community Cultivation How Should I Participate For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you.

2015 20

Hospital checklists and Inviting Participation

Full Circle Associates

That starts with an informed, intelligent invitation to participate. I remember a few years back when I had major surgery. Not blind obedience.

Integrating online and face-to-face participation in a community of practice

Jenny Connected

Here at BEtreat in California – this is one of the key purposes of this five day course for leaders of communities of practice, where Etienne Wenger and Beverley Trayner are ‘shaking the mix’ as they like to express it – of our understanding of what is possible. We work from 7.00 am to 4.00 pm here is 12.00 and 1.00 am for them. More to come.

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Growing the Tilburg urban farming community map

Making CommunitySense

Introduction: The Tilburg Urban Farming Community. The Tilburg Urban Farmers Community is part of the Urban Farmers for a Liveable Brabant project. The project aims to strengthen and expand the urban farming communities in the cities of Tilburg, Den Bosch and Oss in the southern Dutch province of North Brabant. Communities.

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Why people participate in online communities

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Online community participation Yaniv Golan Let’s start with the obvious question….Why? What are the motives behind user participation in social communities? Understanding why users participate can lead us to understand further how to engage users and increase their participation in online communities.

Community Goals and Measurements

John Tropea - Delicious Community

What goals and measurements should be defined for communities, community members, community managers, and community program managers?

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At the intersection of power and participation

Chris Corrigan

Some participants may be able to operate much more resourcefully because of their power or privilege by, for example, becoming the scribes for small groups and speaking for the group. In Saskatoon last week, one of our participants in the Art of Hosting was carrying the question “how do we collaborate with dictators?”

Building an Engaging Community By Gautam Ghosh


So, what is eventually a community, then, you may be wondering, right?, Community has meaning. Community is shared passion.

Purpose Will Power Future Online Communities

Online Community Strategy

that taps into the power of purpose to drive community engagement. Purpose-Driven Communities. Shared Purpose of Community .

Beyond Ideas: Building Open Innovation Communities

Online Community Strategy

Open Innovation Communities are one of the most valuable types of communities to build and also one of the most difficult to get right.

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How does the ModPo MOOC enable or create a community?

Jenny Connected

I want your help in presenting to the people here about the ModPo community. Finally, a community is not static, but dynamic.

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The Benefits of Being Active in Your Own Community

Managing Communities

photo credit: up to 2011 Much of community management deals with matters that most members will never know about. By what they know – largely, how the community manager participates in the community. Participating can feel like a lighter part of the [.]. Community Cultivation How Should I Participate

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Building Community Around Empire Avenue

Managing Communities

Developing Your Community How Should I Participate Empire Avenue is a stock market where you can purchase shares in your favorite individual or corporate social media presences. I’m on the service with the ticker symbol IFROGGY. My friend Damond Nollan has been riding the Empire Avenue wave. I asked him to write [.].

Building Community on as a DJ

Managing Communities

Back in June, I wrote about, the social DJ service and music community. Community Cultivation How Should I Participate Since then, I have spent countless hours playing music on and have accumulated a good number of points and fans. 1,550 and 137, respectively.

Communities in the Crowd Economy: #CSWEurope15

Online Community Strategy

This week I am participating in Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2015 in Brussels. Crowd, Communities & Collaborative Organization.

2015 40

Beyond Ideas: Building Open Innovation Communities

Online Community Strategy

Unfortunately, this type of community is also one of the most difficult to get right. 4 Stages of “Ideas” Communities.

2016 27

To Develop a Community, Think Network First

Online Community Strategy

Need a Community? Wether you realize it or not, you have and belong to many communities. How do I know where my community is?

2016 27

Attributes of Thriving Online Communities

Online Community Strategy

I got my start building online communities in 1999 with the launch of Attributes of Thriving Communities. Attribute.

Purpose Will Power Future Online Communities

Online Community Strategy

Purpose-Driven Communities. Tactical goals in the context of a community experience, yes. Shared Purpose of Community . Purpose.

If the President Used Your Community to Self-Promote, What Would You Do?

Managing Communities

How Should I Participate? Managing the Community Thinking For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you.

2014 17

Carl Jackson on Supporting Online Communities in International Development

Nancy White

He has worked with a number of IDS’s Eldis communities , including Africa Adapt. Carl Jackson on Online Communities in Development.

The Secret Ingredient for Customer Lifecycle Marketing? Community Management.

Online Community Strategy

Community Management. Participants spend twice as much of their marketing budgets on acquiring new customers as on retaining existing ones.

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Becoming a Jedi Master – The Secret Art of Cultivating Online Communities #sbf12 #cmgr


topics (like online community management, social CRM, customer service, etc. The secret art of cultivating online communities Luis Suarez.

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Beyond lurking - Modes of participation


There are many modes of participation in a community. Or a simple change of venue causes the community to operate differently.

The “Secrets” of Community Building for Businesses

Managing Communities

Do you want the secrets to building community online? How Should I Participate I’ve got them. Meet me in this back alley over here and I’ll give them to you for a price. But, let’s keep them just between us. We wouldn’t want the common people to know. If anyone ever tells you this, run away from them. There [.].

Community engagement is dead

Chris Corrigan

I’ve been around the world of enghagement and consultation long enough that I have seen various names for this work: focus groups, advisory groups, public participation, consultation and now community engagement. And now I think I and we are coming to a more seismic shift in how community is engaged. Or not.

2013 18

Thoughts about community as curriculum in #rhizo14

Jenny Connected

The idea of community as curriculum is not new. It is a semi-open community – full access is through paid membership.

2014 23

Reflections on Community Manager Appreciation Day

Online Community Strategy

Today was the third annual Community Manager’s Appreciation Day, or #CMAD. The intention of #CMAD is to raise awareness about the role of the Community Manager, and to recognize the hard working women and men who support this role for their organizations. Jeremiah Owyang , Partner, Altimeter; + Connie Bensen , Sr.

2013 31

How to be a great community manager

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Communities and Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) need committed leaders. Communities. From What are you supposed to do in a community?

2016 21

Should You Write an Article About What a Community Manager Does?

Managing Communities

How Should I Participate? For more details, please read my post on the matter. Thank you. Thinking

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