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Howdy Folks – you may have noticed a name change to the Online Community Roundtable group. The primary motivation was to give a home to all the great activity that has sprung up with community managers and strategists around the #octribe tag.


“GOODBYE I HATE YOU ALL” Post Generator Helps Overdramatic Members Leave Your Community in Style

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photo credit: OC Always You may have run into a member of an online community, either as the manager or as a fellow member, that made, or attempted to make, a dramatic exit from the community by posting a colorful goodbye message. According to Urban Dictionary, this is sometimes referred to as a “flounce.” ” If [.]. Humor

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Ideas from Online Community Summit

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Kim Baine after the session at Online Community Summit. I was pleased to attend Forum One’s Online Community Summit again this October. He noted there is a lot of community spirit out in the long tail of transactions with specific groups of collectors, etc.


Online Community Summit, flocking to Sonoma

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Four years ago I photographed these waves of birds at OCS 2004… and now I’m back for 2008. Tags: Online Community Special Events Social Networking ocs2008 twitter a sonoma evening photo from another year , originally uploaded by fotogail.

Online Community Expert Interview: Rawn Shah, IBM

Online Community Report

This month's Online Community Expert interview is with Rawn Shah, Practice lead with the Social Software Adoption team in IBM. He has worked in various roles as a software developer, production manager, a journalist and community program manager in his career.


Online Community Expert Interviews: Vida Killian of Dell and Mari Kuraishi of

Online Community Report

This month we're featuring two video interviews Bill Johnston conducted at the Online Community Summit in Sonoma, CA in October. Tags: OC Expert Interviews

Online Community Expert Interview: Scott K. Wilder, Intuit

Online Community Report

This month's Online Community Expert Interview is with Scott K. Wilder, GM for Intuit`s Small Business Online Communities, Support Website and Content / KB article management. Q: Can you talk about the evolving role of online communities at Inuit?

Online Community Expert Interview: Chia Hwu, 23andMe

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This week's Online Community Expert Interview is with Chia Hwu. Chia, a former organic chemist who is happy to be out of the lab after a ten-year stint in front of a bench, is the Community Manager at 23andMe. She has worked in biotech and tech, been a volunteer coordinator and online community manager at various start-ups. Q: Chia, you have a very unique community, in the sense that your community has the ability explore issues relating to a person's DNA.

Online Community Expert Interview: Angela Connor,

Online Community Report

This week's Online Community Expert Interview is with Angela Connor is a multimedia journalist and community manager with a passion for online communities and social media. She is the Managing Editor of User-Generated Content at where she launched and currently manages the top-rated news organization’s first online community, which has grown to more than 13,000 members. Q: Tell me a little about how you became a Community Manager.

Online Community Expert Interview: Dawn Foster, Fast Wonder Consulting

Online Community Report

This month's Expert Interview is with Dawn Foster, Online Community & Social Media Consultant at Fast Wonder Consulting in Portland, Oregon. Dawn Foster is a consultant, community manager, event organizer, blogger, podcaster, technology enthusiast and business professional.

Online Community Expert Interview: Patrick O’Keefe, Founder, iFroggy Network

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He’s been managing online communities since 2000 and currently runs , , and other sites and blogs about community management at Q1: You run a network of independent communities.

Online Community Expert Interview: Ron Casalotti, BusinessWeek

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This week's second Online Community Expert Interview is with Ron Casalotti. It came with free trial memberships to the online services of the day: AOL, CompuServe, Prodigy, Genie and ImagiNation Network. It had the best onlinecommunity”. Ron started participating in online activities with other members there and three years later AOL hired him. print replicated online model. So – get online now. Tags: OC Expert Interviews

Online Community Expert Interview: Allen Blue, LinkedIn

Online Community Report

This month's Online Community Expert Interview is with Allen Blue of LinkedIn. LinkedIn has traditionally been the professional network of choice, and has experienced a surge in use and attention in recent months because of the increase in job-seeking activity.Allen is one of the co-founders of LinkedIn , where he manages the Content and Communities division, covering LinkedIn's Groups, Events, Answers, Communication and Network Updates products.

Online Community Expert Interview: Aaron Strout, Powered

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In addition to his knowledge of the interactive and new media landscape, Aaron has more than 15 years of online marketing and advertising experience, with a strong background in integrated and online marketing. At the end of the day, companies will enjoy the greatest success when they are coordinating all of their efforts and driving their customers to their online communities and/or social outposts. Tags: OC Expert Interviews

Online Community Expert Interview: Tom Diederich, Cadence Design Systems

Online Community Report

This month's Expert Interview is with Tom Diederich, social media/Web community manager at Cadence Design Systems in San Jose, Calif. Tom recently relaunched the Cadence online community with great success, and he shares insights from the launch in this interview.

Online Community and Social Media Jobs

Online Community Report

Happy New Year OC Report readers and job seekers. We have 12 online community / social media jobs listed below from various companies in the US and abroad. All of these jobs are also posted on the Forum One Networks website and featured in this month’s OC Report newsletter. Community Manager. Online Portal (liferay) Community Manager. Community/Social Media Intern. Community Manager – Hi-tech Channels (Denver).

Highlights in Online Communities and Social Media

Online Community Report

Hello Everyone, I'm Heather Virga and I'm a member of the OC Report team. We are always scanning the latest headlines for interesting social media and online community content and we decided to start publishing relevant highlights to the OC Report. Online Community and Social Media - Let's Get Back to Basics. The economic downturn has been difficult on community and social media teams, but there is a common theme of optimism and hope for 2009.

Online Community Expert Interview: Ryan Holmes, CEO/Founder, Invoke

Online Community Report

This month's Online Community Expert Interview is with Ryan Holmes, CEO/Founder, Invoke - Creators of Memelabs , HootSuite , Claytorials , Since 2000, Invoke has grown to a talented 26-person powerhouse focused on new media disciplines such as online advertising, viral campaigns and social application development. Our focus with Hootsuite has been to build community over generating revenue to date. Tags: OC Expert Interviews

Session Notes from the OC Unconference East (and the wiki is open)

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Cross posted from the Online Community Report: We just opened up the wiki from the Online Community Unconference East, held 2/12 at Baruch College in New York. I woudl encourage you to check out the following: Social Psychology 101 for Community Managers. Managing + Motivating Community leaders. Tags: Online Community Community Management Community 101 ocue2009 unconference Online Community Unconference


Value and Community Behavior Metrics: “Behavior Stoppages?”

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Bill Johnston poses an interesting OCTribe question — what is the monetary value to online community member participation and contribution? Even if all of the rewards are experiential, and nothing looks like compensation, could an organized community that knows about metrics and valuation of a business do a “behavior stoppage&# of desired activities as protest against a company action? Note: This post is part of the OC Tribe series.

Literature Review: Improving Work Practices in Times of Change

Collaborative Thinking

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), where people come together to build relationships with other site members, form communities, share information, and collaborate. communities), emerge and evolve over time. Online Social Networking as Participatory Surveillance.

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Community Influencer Programs

Online Community Report

Note: This post is part of the OC Tribe series. Each 2nd Tuesday and 4th Tuesday of the month, online community practitioners will be encouraged to explore a particular topic via blog, video blog, twitter, or whatever suites your fancy.

Annotated Bibliography: Background For Literature Review Project

Collaborative Thinking

Online Social Networking as Participatory Surveillance. The article examines online social networking as a practice in what he calls “participatory surveillance”. The work builds on research from boyd and Ellison regarding online social network sites (SNS) where the SNS plays the role of mediated public. A SNS allows people to “see” the temporal structures of social life over time; people develop a rhythm in their use of a SNS that helps enable a sense of community.

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The Ongoing Discussion Around Community and Social Media Compensation

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I've worked in a variety of industries in various marketing related roles, including: hardware, community, real estate, software, and now back to community and social media. Online Community & Social Media Compensation - The Moderator Community.

Forum One Networks Partners with Linqia’s Moderator Community

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Forum One is very pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Linqia’s The Moderator Community. The Moderator Community is a gateway for community managers, group moderators and enthusiasts to connect with others and exchange knowledge, learn and ask questions. This partnership will provide community professionals with an opportunity to connect, learn, and share best practices and community programs that are managed all over the world.

Are You a Lurker? « Wikwikit´s Blog

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Therefore, Wikwikit’s success depends on the engagement of our community creating and improving articles. He analyzed a virtual community called the Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link (WELL) and found out that most users did not actively participate in its construction. In fact, 50% of all postings in the WELL were being generated by only 1% of the community, about 70 people. As to the reasons why lurkers do not actively participate in OCs, Preece et al.