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Moving Beyond “Collaboration” Meaning Video and Calling: Cisco Partners with Jive

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In light of what I wrote all those years ago, and being mindful of my perplexity last month, it was good to see Cisco (who has focused very heavily on video meetings, calling and presence, but struggling to get a foothold in the other Pillars) announce a partnership with Jive for integration between their respective offerings. Really?

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Jive SBS Structure Best Practices, Part 1 » Connected

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—– There are generally two approaches to creating an initial Jive SBS structure: emergent , and prescribed. Conference! Thanks!

GE Goes Box (What about Its Other Collaboration Tools?)

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“ What is unclear is what this means for GE’s current collaboration tools. October 2013 – Jive Software. From a presentation at JiveWorld last year: “ GE’s social business journey began with its small consulting business and a community that grew from 250 to over 4000 internal users.

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8 Great Tools for Private Social Networks and Online Communities: The 2011 Edition


These range from private blogs to share privileged information and invite input; to online communities around face-to-face events; to project and partner collaboration; to communities of practice focused on specific topics. Jive Engage Platform. It is designed for enterprise-level users, and is, like Jive, more expensive.

Building Great Enterprise 2.0 Communities

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Migration Tools. Communities. It’s All About Community Most business leaders do not care about social networking — especially at the office. Social and collaboration technologies enable us to form virtual communities and feel more connected. Do You Really Have a Community? Communities. about us.

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21st Century Learning: The Art of Building Virtual Communities


21st Century Learning « Learning 2.0 | Main | Meme: 8 Random Facts » The Art of Building Virtual Communities This is cross posted over on techLEARNING. Youd think developing a virtual learning community (VLC) or online community of practice (CoP) would be easier. Communities will meet wheretheir members are.

The Social Organization: Social Media is not Community

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Social media can help foster communities but social media can be limited to allowing a conversation around content.which is *not* community.

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(Intranets2011) "A social intranet - two years on" - Melissa Hendry, REA Group

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They use Jive Software. in communities, sharing of common interests), flowed across to discussions about work. -. The results? -.

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Building Social Business: 5 Skills for Online Community Managers

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Leveraging Community thinking. I first came across online communities long back. Lets build a community. community management

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Collaboration Loop - Jive Software Launches New Edition of Clearspace X

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tools to capture customers’ data and feedback enables an organization to take a transactional relationship and give it more dimension. I’m the (relatively) new community manager for the Enterprise 2.0 community, we’re asking you to help select the sessions that will become a part of the Conference program. experts.

KM World 2014: Some Useful Sessions: Thursday, Nov 6

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Above and Beyond KM, Jean-Claude Monney, Chief Knowledge Collaboration Energizer, Microsoft Services, Microsoft, Stan Garfield, Community Evangelist, Global Knowledge Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited Author, Implementing a Successful KM Programme; Founder, SIKM Leaders Community, Deirdre Walsh, Jive Software.

Badgeville Offers Cloud- based Gamification Platform and Expertise

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Third, there are new tools that make it easy to build such programs, especially those that work through the cloud. Badgeville is one of these.

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Community Input: SharePoint 2010

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However, the market responded negatively to the social tools included within MOSS 2007. IBM, Jive) delivered social platforms that were far superior to what was delivered out-of-the-box by Microsoft. wikis and communities) filled gaps in social tooling. I wanted to obtain feedback though. leave comments, thanks. Thesis.

IBM Connections Conversations - 2: Overview of Next Release

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This effort is designed to give social tools the ability to work together, a wise move. After covering Connections 3.0  

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Fun with Drupal Commons, a Powerful Solution for Online Community Building


For years, we have been advising clients on how to build, manage, and grow successful online communities. However, the tools continue to get better and better, and we are excited to begin working with Acquia's Drupal Commons , a recent entrant into the enterprise collaboration fray. This hasn't changed. Stay tuned!

‘Communities’ and ‘Networks’: A Conceptual and Linguistic 2.0 Mess | Sonnez en cas d'absence


Dec 2 ‘Communities’ and ‘Networks’: A Conceptual and Linguistic 2.0 Communities are made up of networks. An awful 2.0 users.

Collaboration for Funders: Use the Right Tools


In part one, we look at determining the value of creating a collaboration community. The third post is an encouragement to know your community , and the fourth discusses the importance of timing in launching a community and running its programs. Communities take time to grow and needs change over time. Iterate.


Rethinking Intranets as Social Workplaces (Dion Hinchcliffe, DachisGroup) #intranets2012 @dhinchcliffe

Michael Sampson - Currents

This hasn't changed even with new technology tools. BUT - the new social tools have changed this (at least partially). 1) a holistic social view community that meets business needs. -. (2) Launched Jive in late 2009. -. Dion Hinchcliffe from the DachinGroup is talking about "Rethinking Intranets as Social Workplaces."

In The Next Version - It’s Like Facebook For Work. Wait It Is Facebook For Work

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Even though forums and communities have been around since the 70s (the Well, AOL, Compuserve, etc.) In The Next Version. About. or E20. Tweet.

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Clay Shirky on Institutions vs. Collaboration – Business 2.0


looking at business driving enterprise social software tools, rather than the other way round [link] " And the suspense was over! I am sure!

Forrester Wave Report: The Leaders in Community Platforms for Marketers (Part 4/4)

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First of all, this is still a very young market, with the average tenure of a company being just a few years in community. community platform?

Share2011 - Keynote: Building a Robust Framework for Social Networking at Work (Ramin Mobasseri, eBay)

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People have email, Facebook, and other tools available. December 2010 to Jun 2011 - tested Yammer, NewsGator, Chatter, Jive, and other tools. -.

Avoid Profile Potpourri

Collaborative Thinking

Often these profile components are also associated with additional benefits such as expertise location and community-building.

Collaboration Roadmap (2011) - Technology Agnostic / Indifferent / Neutral

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if you use Jive, you can take the advice in Collaboration Roadmap and apply it to your work with Jive. I've called it a "group" framework, but some people prefer the use of the term "community." SharePoint Roadmap is now out-of-print, although you can purchase a copy for Kindle. ditto for anything else. Collaboration Roadmap

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Clearstep Business Community : Community Engagement Models

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We highly recommending reading Groundswell thoroughly to determine what engagement model works best for your community’s goals and objectives. Here’s the community and we’re just going to provide a place for you to participate. You’re there to provide tools for users to take your message and promote it to the rest of the Internet.

Defining Online Community

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About « How to Structure a Community Links for this week on Ma.gnolia » Warning : join() [ function.join ]: Invalid arguments passed in /mnt/local/home/fastwonderblog/ on line 697 "> Defining Online Community Published by Dawn on December 28, 2007 in community.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference – What to Expect – The Pre-Event


Exploring the Tools and Techniques of Emergent Change #e2conf1 (With Dion Hinchcliffe ). expertise location, communities). Reality 2.0:

Enterprise 2.0 Conference Notes: Three Approaches to Social Computing Platforms

Green Chameleon

It had a large software firm - Microsoft (Lawrence Liu) a small firm - Jive (Sam Lawrence), a custom effort, - Sabre for travel (John Samuel), and a company that includes consulting and software, nGenera. Jive - we have 2500 clients, 15% of Fortune 500 use our products. Jive 1. they also owns Travelocity). Sabre - hosted.

The Social Organization: Assessing Organizational Readiness for Communities

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Something to think about as you consider either deploying or re-engergizing your community efforts. Posted at 06:01 PM in Deep Thoughts.

News Updates (October 29, 2009)

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Jive Social Business Software 4.0. Jive announced Version 4.0 Jive SBS 4.0 The enhancements and new capabilities in Jive SBS 4.0 Jive extends SBS further out into the marketplace, deep into the enterprise, wide across the firewall, and out on the road. See Jive Mobile. With SBS 4.0, SBS 4.0 LA Going Google.

Hot Topics in Communities: Reputation Systems

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» Warning : join() [ function.join ]: Invalid arguments passed in /mnt/local/home/fastwonderblog/ on line 697 "> Hot Topics in Communities: Reputation Systems Published by Dawn on October 1, 2007 in community. social media, RSS, blogging, and podcasting. Thanks.

List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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Below you’ll find a list of over 100 vendors (and more in the comments) of vendors that offer commodity community software. technologies.

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Custom Corporate Communities: Planning and Getting Started at Fast Wonder Blog: Consulting, Online Communities, and Social Media

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Corporate communities refer to any custom community created by an organization for the purpose of engaging with customers or other people who may be interested in the organization’s products and services. What do you hope to accomplish and what are your goals for the community? social media, RSS, blogging, and podcasting.

Reflections on Community Management: AKA "What Do You Do"

John Tropea - Delicious Community

With the launch of Jivespace , I have been thinking more about what it really means to be an online community manager. With the launch of any new product, it always feels like time to step back and enjoy the lull before starting the next new project; however, this is the time when the community manager role accelerates rather than slowing.

Clearstep Business Community : Whats your Governance Model Look Like.

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The Community manager is the first line of governance, most of the time I can resolve any issues myself. Sense I left my old community to NetApp I have not had to ban one person. and whats above the community manager. We scoffed stating that policy should not be a veiled attempt at tool bigotry. I think turf wars are SOP.

Social Media & Enterprise 2.0 Musings: Opportunity's a knocking here at EMC - Check out EMC's Open Community Roles

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Opportunitys a knocking here at EMC - Check out EMCs Open Community Roles Do you get social? Tags: community job to the Next Level.

Community 2.0 Conference Notes: Day 3 " humantech

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humantech > technology enabled lifestyle « Community 2.0 Conference Notes: Day 1 Community 2.0 Conference Notes: Day 2 » Community 2.0 Conference Notes: Day 3 By boemiller Community 2.0 WARNING: This is a summary of the content presented at the Community 2.0 Tools easy to build. Did it morph?

Should Enterprise 2.0 Software Vendors Offer Professional Services?

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He quotes Oliver Marks , "The reality for all "social community" roll outs is that the software is a relatively minor component compared to the change management required to drive uptake and usage and to weave the software into the business fabric of day to day use." I was the head of customer development and we only used our tools.

News Updates (October 8, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Jive and SharePoint. Jive announced a new connect and integrate (rather than replace) strategy, for integrating with other enterprise systems. The first module under the new strategy is the Jive SharePoint Connector, a deep integration between Jive SBS and Microsoft SharePoint. Windows Phone. see Windows Phone home. -

IBM Lotus Connections, in plain English " Connected

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I am now the Social Enterprise Evangelist at Jive Software. And ok, the same could be said for forums inside the communities bit. Natch.