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Bro Orange and Community Indicators

Full Circle Associates

I’ve had this loose tag, Community Indicators, that I’ve slapped on my blog posts, on delicious, etc. community indicators

Community Indicators in Times of Stress

Nancy White

Right now I have the house to myself and found I needed some reflective time, and some processing of what has been swirling around us: community.

Reviving Community Indicators – Learning

Nancy White

The fellows will be taking leadership/stewardship roles in the Dreamfish network and communities over the next six month. CCR Graphics_15Dec09.

Ford Foundation, Open Access and Really Sharing Knowledge

Full Circle Associates

collaboration community indicators knowledge sharing learning open Walking the talk is harder than publishing the policy. Open our minds.

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The Fence of Fear

Full Circle Associates

Then I read Shawn Callahan (of Anecdote ) recent post about An indicator of group fear in organisations and a wee insight arrived.

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Social Media Principle #3 Economies Have Currencies

Evolving Web

Affinity groups develop around types of pictures or specific communities. You put them up to demonstrate your activity in the community.

Organizational Entropy and Information Abuse

Evolving Web

The middle question I would give a probably – it’s certainly an indicator that you need to do an entropy check. It’s an awesome observation.

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A List Apart: Articles: Community: From Little Things, Big Things Grow


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Please Donate to Help Nepal’s Earthquake Victims

Full Circle Associates

community indicators culture of loveJust sayin… Next of course, my attention went to the question of “Where to donate?” I received several emails from charities that I already support that do work in the area. I donated to Save the Children. I shared the article on my wall.

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Who We Appreciate on this Second Community Manager Appreciation Day


online_community online_facilitation community_management community_indicators

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Twitter Revisited : []


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Personal Kanban at the World Bank: Modus Cooperandi Info Pak 1

Evolving Web

Tags: Business Cooperation Community Indicators Cooperation Culture Enterprise 2.0

Community for the 21st Century Harvest

Nancy White

via Community for the 21st Century – The World Cafe Community. Over 550 people registered. I simply LOVE these harvests. Brilliant.

I am the Immigrant to my Neighborhood Crows…

Full Circle Associates

community indicators reflectionI have been intrigued by Seattle’s crows since I moved here in 1981. Beautiful photo from KUOW.

Noodling on my fOSSa presentation

Nancy White

The role of transversal connections in online communities and networks. What is fOSSa? what tech people are actually doing and innovating?

Hospital checklists and Inviting Participation

Full Circle Associates

collaboration communication community indicators complexity engagement knowledge sharing checklists UdGAgoraNot blind obedience.

The Power of Ordinary Practices – Quotes Worth Amplifying

Full Circle Associates

collaboration community indicators complexity engagement facilitation learning leadershipThe red threads are really showing up today.

Patterns of Engagement » Blog Archive » Community rituals, or how FaceBook and Twitter are making the invisible visible


A lovely post reflecting on community rituals and how some of them are being effected with online tools. community_indicators online_community Tags: pattern_language community web2.0

Full Circle Online Interaction Blog: So What IS a Community Indicator? v1

John Tropea - Delicious Community

Home About Full Circle Resources Contact Us Full Circus Full Circle Associates connections for a changing world, online and offline… Wednesday, August 24, 2005 So What IS a Community Indicator? After sliding into this (un)project on “ community indicators ” over the last month, it’s time to try and explain myself.

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Monday Video: What is (A) Community?

Nancy White

Essential Arts – Blog – What is a Community? What is a Community? Monday videos community community indicators

Kaizen Camp: Seattle 2012

Evolving Web

Business Cooperation Community Indicators Cooperation Culture Emergent Democracy Life Management Personal KanbanSo, no boring food!

Twitter Search #myonlineorigins

Nancy White

Tags: community indicators online interaction

Bringing Home Beauty and Wondonga Friends

Nancy White

community indicators visual thinkingThank you Geoff for getting them to us and send our deep gratitude to the artists. Instagram.

Living Example of Community Q&A Power

Nancy White

From the wonderful and amazing Seattlefarmcoop : Seattle Farm Co-op comes evidence of the power of online communities and networks. bee swarm.

Welcome back, Seb

Nancy White

You can read about it waaaay back : Seb Paquet taught me my first explicit blogging community indicator: welcoming. I like that!

Long Live the Community

Evolving Web

Talks with LSSC ranged from setting up free communities to instituting style certification for Capital K Kanban.

Message From Meetup/Community Thoughts

Nancy White

I thought this was worth sharing as I know many of you, dear readers, are as passionate about community as I am. To: nancyw at fullcirc dot com.

RSA and Connected Communities

Nancy White

One is the Connected Communities Report: How social networks power and sustain the Big Society by Jonathan Rowson, Steve Broome and Alasdair Jones.


Many Voices

Nancy White

Tags: Monday videos communication community indicators creativity culture of love

Schwier's Community Links from Edmedia 09


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References on Lurking

Nancy White

Of course, this has been studied in the academic community, such as this paper from Jenny Preece and Blair Nonnecke. Download file.

Watching the Inaguration from Overseas

Nancy White

I’m glad my community was with me. And the photo above is a great community indicator! Photoo: Facebook | Photos of You.


Evolving Web

In a few short weeks, the community grew large enough to support a dedicated web site. soundbag !dot!

Visualizing my Twitter Friends

Nancy White

Tags: visual thinking community indicators networks

Community Technology Spidergram Evolves Again

Nancy White

Gabriele Sani from World Vision in Italy has recently done this with the Community Orientations Spidergram from our Digital Habitats book.

Personal Kanban Discussed on the Business 901 Podcast

Evolving Web

Focused Social Media Life Management online communities Personal Kanban social software Tags: Business Cooperation Community Indicators Cooperation Enterprise 2.0 In late March, I had the good fortune to be on Joe Dager's Business 901 Podcast. The topic, of course, was Personal Kanban. The topic, of course, was Personal Kanban.

Canberra Countryside and Communities

Nancy White

Tags: Digital Habitats community community indicators events Australia Canberra NancyWhiteOz

How Could I have missed the annual Soup Swap?

Nancy White

It is such a community indicator. Tags: community community indicators Waaah. I missed it. It’s essential.

Privacy in a Post TMI World

Evolving Web

Sociology online communities Culture Management Community Indicators Life Web 2.0The crux of the matter is trust and expectations.

Congratulations to Beth Kanter, Active Networker

Nancy White

Tags: social media collaboration community indicators