Tomoye: Bringing Web 2.0 to Communities of Practice

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to Communities of Practice by Bill Ives January 28, 2008 at 5:48 pm · Filed under Communities , Enterprise 2.0 , Reviews Communities of practice have been around a while, and so has the software platforms to support them.

4th Annual Global Intranet Strategies Survey

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The 4th annual Global Intranet Strategies Survey opened at the end of June and will stay open until August 31. All participants receive a complimentary copy (pdf) of the " Global Intranet Trends for 2010" report that will be published in the second part of October. Are intranets catching up with what people need to do their jobs? How does the online workplace support virtual teams and communities of practice?

News Updates (July 16, 2009)

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SharePoint Solutions (a Microsoft business partner) is asking for input on what people want out of SharePoint 2010. includes a number of new features that are already on the iPhone and Palm Pre. " The new features include improved touch capabilities, including gestures such as tapping, tapping and holding, panning, and flicking in order to navigate through the Mobile interface – a direct response to the touchscreen capabilities of the iPhone and Palm Pre. SharePoint 2010.

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Endless Knots: Teams of practice

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Endless Knots Recent Posts Oldie but goodie: "CompuServes Intranet Forum" Boosting Productivity through Virtual Collaboration - webcast Light on Lumière Will someone please make me a sandwich.board? For at least a decade and a half, communities of practice have held their seat. We documented Bobs story in Virtual Teams --and, perhaps more importantly, he documented it himself in Building the Knowledge-Driven Organization.

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Endless Knots: "Getting to We"

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Endless Knots Recent Posts Local boy makes good.pickles and makes the NY Times "No texting at the taaaa-ble" or at Selectmen meetings Oldie but goodie: "CompuServes Intranet Forum" Boosting Productivity through Virtual Collaboration - webcast Light on Lumière Will someone please make me a sandwich.board? Web/Tech Weblogs Women Writing Yoga Feeds Technorati Add me to your TypePad People list Analytics « What disease is a cousin of yours?

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Leadership Maxims, Avoiding a CoP Mid-Life Crisis, Library Clips, Knowledge and Learning Toolkit, Ten Commandments for Business Failure

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Weekly Knowledge Management Blog by Stan Garfield KM Question, Thought Leader, Blog, Link, and Book of the Week [ Blogroll - KM Home Page - Send a Question - Implementing a successful KM programme ]. KM Question of the Week Q: What advice do you have for leaders? Service – serve your people, your organization, and your community. KM Thought Leader of the Week Richard McDermott is currently recovering from open-heart surgery, and I wish him all the best during his recovery.

Measuring Community Strength | Gil Yehuda's Enterprise 2.0 Blog

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Blog Your path to success Measuring Community Strength by Gil Yehuda on February 4, 2010 in Enterprise 2.0 At times I find the word “community&# is misapplied. These posts jogged thoughts I wanted to share with you about communities and audiences. Tags: community

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