Knoco stories: When communities of practice are not the answer

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When communities of practice are not the answer. Communities of practice are a mainstay of very many Knowledge Management Frameworks. If you are trying to create something, then maybe you need a conference, or a knowledge exchange, or a virtual team.

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CoP Series #9: Community Heartbeats

Nancy White

This is the nineth in a series of blog posts I wrote for Darren Sidnick late last year in the context of communities of practice as part of online learning initiatives. I am finally getting the rest of the series up.

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Leadership Maxims, Avoiding a CoP Mid-Life Crisis, Library Clips, Knowledge and Learning Toolkit, Ten Commandments for Business Failure

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Weekly Knowledge Management Blog by Stan Garfield KM Question, Thought Leader, Blog, Link, and Book of the Week [ Blogroll - KM Home Page - Send a Question - Implementing a successful KM programme ]. KM Question of the Week Q: What advice do you have for leaders? Service – serve your people, your organization, and your community. KM Thought Leader of the Week Richard McDermott is currently recovering from open-heart surgery, and I wish him all the best during his recovery.

In a virtual world, what do we mean by “Community”? « Driving innovation in a digital world

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Home About Archives Driving innovation in a digital world Feeds: Posts Comments In a virtual world, what do we mean by “Community&# ? December 1, 2009 by sourcepov Back in the day, when tribes were really tribes , the most critical need within a community was survival.

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Ten leading platforms for creating online communities | Enterprise Web 2.0 |

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LDAP Live ID openid Lightweight Service Models Mashups Enterprise Mashups Situational Software Network Effects Open APIs Products Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Ajax SaaS SOA Business Process Management Global SOA Governance Orchestration Web-Oriented Architecture (WOA) WS-* Social Computing Social Software Community Customer Community Grassroots Community Social Media Social Networking Tolerance Continuum Web 2.0 Ten leading platforms for online communities 1.