Microsoft’s Intelligent Communications Strategy

Michael Sampson - Currents

Everything that Skype for Business Online used to offer will eventually be integrated into Microsoft Teams, and it will be based on the Skype infrastructure rather than Office Communications Server and Lync in the cloud. ” Sharing more of the thinking and backstory helps everyone.

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Getting the Message Across: Five Levels of Change Communications

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People often tell me that change communications are the most challenging implementation task. Everyone knows that communication is necessary. But so much communication fails. The Five Levels of Communication. Five Levels of Communication. Is communication complete?

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Monday Video – Gotta Share!

Nancy White

There have been many conversations across my networks about how much time we do/don’t spend “sharing&# online. via YouTube – SURPRISE MUSICAL – Gotta Share! Monday videos communication social mediaOK, there IS a Monday Video after all.

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The Inside Scoop on the International Association of Business Communicators Conference

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In June, I traveled to Washington, DC for my first International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) conference. I discovered the organization several years ago when they invited me to write an article for their flagship e-magazine, Communication World.

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Fully Distributed Team + Face-to-Face Communication

Michael Sampson - Currents

Andrew shares the thinking and practices of’s fully distributed team , looking at the history underlying his way of managing the firm, the role of face-to-face communication, and how to work day-to-day in a distributed environment. Here’s the piece about the importance / role / benefits of face-to-face communication: The biggest thing missing from fully distributed teams is true face-to-face communication.

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OrchestratorMail - Bringing Structure and Clarity to Email Communication

Michael Sampson - Currents

There's been a lot of academic research carried out on improving the use of email as a facilitator of communication, but academics generally lack the capability to turn ideas into product improvements. OrchestratorMail maintains a list of open email communications, via a dashboard.

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The Tilburg story of knowledge sharing for social innovation

Making CommunitySense

Last October, I gave an invited talk at the School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University , USA. Topic of my talk was “Knowledge Sharing for Social Innovation: The Dutch Tilburg Regional Case” I published the slides of my talk in a previous post.

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Knowledge Sharing for Social Innovation: The Dutch Tilburg Regional Case

Making CommunitySense

On October 21st, I gave a guest lecture at Rutgers University , USA, having been invited by the Communication Department, the MCIS Program, and the Collaborative for Knowledge, Innovation and Design. A video recording of my presentation, and an interview by the School of Communication and Information with my host, Mark Aakhus , are still to follow. Knowledge sharing about the innovations remains a bottleneck, however.

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The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing

Alchemy of Change

There are a few places where it gets a bit repetitive, but she does share lots of interesting anecdotes and she’s telling an interesting and very important story here – the story of better sharing through technology. Some things are better owned and some are better shared.

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Addressing Social Networking Gripes with Shared Value


Think of social networking as just another marketing channel: This just would apply not only to Marketing and Communications, for which it’s a given, as I am sure you would agree with it if you have been exposed to either of those groups in social channels , as they themselves call them.

Shrunken communication in distributed teams (the egg of communication :)


One of the first things we have observed was a heavy focus on goal-oriented communication between people in different locations: they would talk (this includes ‘type’ :) about solving particular problems around work, but hardly anything else.

People Powered Change needs ppchange communications

Social Reporter

How will projects share experience, learn from each other, and inspire others? Certainly not just by press releases, reports, launches, presentations and the usual style of corporate communications. For People Powered Change to succeed, it needs People Powered Communications.

Sharing as accountability

Jenny Connected

Dean is always entertaining to listen to and for me there is no doubting his sincerity and passion for his belief in sharing as accountability. However, at one point, he still said ‘You should feel guilty if you are not sharing anything’. sharing as altruistic giving and distribution?

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Ask Me Anything: Knowledge Sharing Through Peer Interviews

Full Circle Associates

We have started interviewing ourselves on the KM team, and have offered to interview any grantee to help tease out and share their insights with other grantees and stakeholders. We are short on time so we are reluctant or unable to stop, reflect, write and share.

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What poets can tell us about ‘openness’ and ‘sharing’

Jenny Connected

No registration or ‘signing up’ was required and it was expected that participants would ‘openly’ share their knowledge, expertise, ideas and thinking in the course. Resources would also be openly shared with the possibility of aggregation, remixing, repurposing and feeding forward. Emily Dickinson ‘ dwells in possibility’ She is ‘open’ to new ways of thinking, the sky is the limit, but she does have some conditions as to who can share in these.

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Teams, communities and networks in terms of communication forms


While I came with the communication egg model to talk about things missing in distributed teams I feel that it could be useful in more contexts. At this point it makes sense to go and read Shrunken communication in distributed teams (the egg of communication :) ].

Boston E20 Notes: Building a Unified Communications and Collaboration Roadmap

Portals and KM

I attended Irwin Lazar’s workshop - Building a Unified Communications and Collaboration Roadmap"   Irwin is Vice President, Communications Research, Nemertes Research. Anyway you work with someone else: video, voice, messaging, social computing, document sharing.

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Case Study: Comics in Community Communication

Community Guy

Comics speak to us on an emotional level; they use storytelling rather than fact sharing as a foundation. Evangeline Haughney from Adobe Systems asked that same question and turned to comics to help share research findings in a compelling way with her colleagues.

Building Social Business: Connecting, Sharing and Collaborating

John Tropea - Delicious Collaboration

Pages Home About Gautam Indian HR Blogs Indian Social Media Strategists Linkbar Articles Media Mentions Thoughts Quora Facebook Twitter HR Community Welcome Follow @GautamGhosh May 19, 2011 Connecting, Sharing and Collaborating Tweet What causes people to connect with each other?

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Building on Traditional Ways of Knowledge Sharing

Portals and KM

Here is where knowledge has been exchanged for some time and continues to be shared. The first example, in this case from another country in Europe, where I was involved a situation where we were tasked with creating a way for plumbers to share best practices on how to fix residential heating systems. While having morning coffee, they would share their best practices. So there were not significant cultural barriers to overcome to activate this new knowledge sharing system.

Sharing our inspiration from the Learning Technologies conference with links to all our liveblogs

Joitske Hulsebosch

The directions are: social learning, mobile learning, learning from sharing videos, blended learning and serious games.

2015 21

Cisco Releases Cisco Jabber - A "Unified Communications" Product

Michael Sampson - Currents

Cisco released Cisco Jabber , offering a plethora of communication tools: " Cisco Jabber, a unified communications application that brings together presence, instant messaging (IM), voice and video, voice messaging, desktop sharing and conferencing into a single consistent experience across PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones. Cisco will be hoping they can steal share from them.

How to Write a Social Media Strategy in 9 Steps

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Shares How to write a #socialmedia strategy for Gov, Organisations. Shares. Course Online Communities Online Course social media communications Marketing online public relations strategy Training workshop

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Why Is Knowledge Sharing Important? A Matter of Survival


That man has got plenty of golden nuggets to share around the topics of Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, Communities, Learning and Enterprise 2.0 Have you checked out one of his most recent blog posts on Why is Knowledge Sharing Important?

Distributed Agile: communication and common ground


With the holidays I somewhat took a break from blogging on our work on the distributed Agile case , but there are still quite a few things there that I wanted to share to hear what do you think. Why sharing a team room might be not so good.

How I share online

Joitske Hulsebosch

The subject is online sharing of knowledge and experiences. " We all talk about online knowledge sharing, but who is really practising it? I surfed back to my very first blogpost - which has really been the start of my online sharing career. Continue to share about the practice.

Yammer for internal knowledge sharing for health care and policy making

Joitske Hulsebosch

I also meet many organizations where it is set up spontaneously by someone and then it remains a small group of employees who sign up , or people sign up, but very little sharing is going on. P resentations were shared in real time , and feedback was collected. What is Yammer?

Beyond the Webinar

Full Circle Associates

I’ve edited/generalized my thoughts to share. Us/Them: It is logical for an organizer or organizing agency to want to appear well prepared for sharing their work. Think about set ups where the only ones who can use the voice tool to communicate are the organizers.

2014 25

My Harvest from a Half Day at Seattle #Kaizencamp

Full Circle Associates

I sat at two rounds of “lean coffee,” one about Storytelling and the Arts, and one about Knowledge Sharing. ” Knowledge Sharing URLs/Resources: The Knowledge Sharing Toolkit [link] Liberating Structures [link] Cynefin complexity framework from [link].

Beyond Sharing: Reimagining the Digital Newsroom with SharePoint (Chad Schorr, Associated Press) - Share 2012, Atlanta

Michael Sampson - Currents

can email the story (link and contents) to another person, or IM the link to someone (with a skin on communicator). -. Chad Schorr from Associated Press is talking about reimagining the digital newsroom with SharePoint. The AP built a new editorial approach on SharePoint for publishing news. Three themes: - SharePoint can be used for your tier 1 mission critical applications. You can run your business on SharePoint. SharePoint is a foundation for solutions.

Notes on INV103 Social Communications Strategy and the IBM Sametime Roadmap

Michael Sampson - Currents

Some notes: Social Communications Matures. Social communications - from dial tone (calling a location), to presence (calling a known person), to relevance (calling the right person, based on Connections profiles). A transition from unified communications to social communications. Know who the experts are, new communication tools, and reduction of low value requests (they are automatically available through Connections). -.

Conversations With a Wonderful Client

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This is posted at Conversations with Nancy White around the implementation of CIAT’s internal communications strategy and reposted here for sharing! collaboration communication knowledge sharing reflection Sometimes you just get lucky.

2015 15

Communication for mentors

Viv Mcwaters

I’ve been asked to design and deliver a short session on communication skills (2 hours) as part of a longer training for a group of mentors. This got me thinking about specific communication skills needed for mentors, and how this might differ from other situations and/or relationships. I’m a bit antsy about the term ‘communication skills’ – it just too big, probably means something different to every person who hears it. Share this on Facebook.

Amplify in Sydney: What Do People Care About? What Do They Share?

Michael Sampson - Currents

What Do They Share? In this Amplify Talk, Michael Sampson will explore the complex social factors that underpin collaboration: What do people care about and why do they share? In late May I will be in Sydney to speak at and present a workshop at Collective 2014. While in town, I will be presenting a separate session at the Amplify Festival : “ What Do People Care About? The demand for ideas about improving user adoption of enterprise collaboration platforms remains high.

Communicating Diagonally: New Value Pathways via Enterprise Social Networking?

Governance in a Networked World

One of the keystone value claims for implementing an Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) platform like Yammer, Jive or IBM Connect is facilitating horizontal communication paths across the enterprise. But what about “Diagonal Communication”?

IJHTS: 9 questions you can’t answer when not visualizing your work

Full Circle Associates

It is still worth sharing. communication graphic facilitation visual thinkingI J ust H ave T o S hare: From Jim Benson, image by @toddaclark @toddaclark’s visualization of Jim Benson’s List I book marked this over a year ago and meant to blog it.

2016 22

Microsoft's Unified Communications Predictions

Collaborative Thinking

UC gets unified The term "unified communications" has long been muddled and miss-used, and the problem is made worse by vendors who slap a "unified" label on products that are anything but. A single identity with presence at the core is spot on - but it makes you wonder why Microsoft does not openly share its rich presence information? People need access to their workplace communications tools, wherever they happen to be and on whatever device they happen to be using.


Improving science communications with improv

Viv Mcwaters

In another life I was a science communicator, working with scientists to help them tell the story of their work. Of course, she wasn’t referring to making up the story, rather to improvising the story and sharing her message.

3 tips for science communications

Viv Mcwaters

I’m quite fond of science and scientists: I’m married to a scientist; I even studied science once; I dabbled in science communications; I failed to get a Churchill Fellowship to explore science communications; and I love just about anything to do with space exploration. The structures and protocols of science communications provides both a shield and a barrier – a shield from criticism by outsiders, and a barrier to sharing knowledge and meaning.

My Pen, Our Pens: Engagement through Participatory Visualization Workshop

Full Circle Associates

So I wanted to share our individual and collective offerings, this year in September in Rossland on September 16 and 17. For 2 days we will explore, share and practice participatory visualization practices which support group process.

2016 29