Colligo's White Paper on SharePoint Adoption

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Colligo Networks recently published a white paper, SharePoint, ECM, and Cloud Storage Adoption (PDF). In comparison to my survey , there was a much higher use of SharePoint for document management in the Colligo survey. Link: Colligo Networks.

Notes on Joel's Keynote at the NZ SharePoint Conference (July 2, 2009)

Michael Sampson - Currents

you have two types of service models. - Joel recommends keeping these two service models separate, maybe even going to the degree of different SharePoint farms. final slide was Joel wearing one of the Colligo "Share." My flight was cancelled from Christchurch, so I was late getting into Wellington for the inaugural SharePoint Conference in New Zealand. The conference is being held at The Duxton Hotel, and there's 200-300 people here.

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