The Arbejdsglaede of Employee Engagement


If you have been reading this blog for a little while now, you would probably remember how concepts like Employee Engagement make me cringe a little bit. Don’t take me wrong, I do believe rather strongly in Employee Engagement. See what I meant with employee engagement?

Liberate Your Company Through Employee Engagement


that would be the one on Employee Engagement. More than anything else, because all along I have always felt that employee engagement is a myth. Employee Engagement, as we know it, does not exist. That’s one of the many many reasons why Employee Engagement does not exist.

Profiling Employee Expertise – the Behavioural Aspects

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Having good technology on offer to support the profiling of employee expertise is a helpful capability in collaboration tools. Three such behavioural aspects of making employee profiles work are: Define the Profile Baseline. Collaboration Scenarios

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Mastering the Art of Collaboration Through Conversation


Collaboration is probably one of the most loaded words in today’s workplace that I can think of (And I am pretty sure there are plenty of other good candidates out there as well!) So when I started reading through Andrew’s article about ‘ How much collaboration is too much? ’

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Reflections from 2011 – Is Employee Engagement Still a Myth?


Of course, I’m talking about Employee Engagement or, in other words, how do you keep your employees motivated to excel at what they already do, driven by their distinctive passions, purpose and meaning? Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0

Good on Employees for Not Mingling

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Just before heading off on vacation Juan Carlos Perez published Many employees won’t mingle with enterprise social software on PC World (with hat tip to Stuart McIntyre for the quick find). The promise of a successful ESN deployment is appealing to businesses: implement a Facebook- and Twitter-like system for your workplace, with employee profiles, activity streams, document sharing, groups, discussion forums and microblogging, and watch employee collaboration bloom.

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The Right Way to Get Employees to Collaborate - BrainYard

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Last week, my post The Right Way to Get Employees to Collaborate was posted on The BrainYard: " A lot of my work in recent years has been with companies that have approached SharePoint the wrong way. Read more: The Right Way to Get Employees to Collaborate.

Employee Engagement Affects Collaboration

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Collaboration. Employee Engagement Affects Collaboration. A few weeks ago, consulting and analyst firm Blessing White released its 2011 employee engagement report. ” Before going on, I think it’s important to address that engagement and collaboration are two different things (in my opinion) but they definitely overlap. Employees who are not engaged can still collaborate, and just because employees collaborate doesn’t mean they are engaged.

How to Use Employee Engagement to Boost Your Business


Take a look into this nearly three and a half minute long video clip under the title of “ How to Use Employee Engagement to Boost Your Business &# to see what I mean. Yes, it’s that good: How to use Employee Engagement to boost your business – Explania.

Stop Blaming the Tools when Collaboration Fails


. We, human beings, seem to always be very keen on blaming the tools (and technology, in general, for that matter) whenever things just don’t work out all right , specially, in the collaboration space. Collaborative technologies by themselves are not the problem.

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Socialtext 360 Connects Similar Employees - The BrainYard

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Both similarity and differentiation have a key role to play in fostering collaboration. Collaboration Software

Screencast: Employee Profiles & Social Network Sites

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I recorded a short (11 minute) screencast this morning to help a customer better understand the role of employee profiles within social network sites. Screencast: Employee Profiles & Social Network Sites. When organizations discuss the business value of social networking, online communities, or expertise location, the conversation invariably includes a discussion on the role of employee profiles. Identity Social Networking & Collaboration

Want to Trust Your Employees? Give Them All Unlimited Vacation Days


” … “ Give Your Employees Unlimited Vacation Days ” may sound all to unrealistic and utopian at best, yet, to me, it’s the ultimate goal for any employer out there around Employee Engagement: Trust your employees to do the right thing!

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How IBM Uses Social Media to Spur Employee Innovation


From there onwards, the continuous learning experience of transitioning from traditional collaboration and knowledge sharing tools to these social tools has been quite exciting, to say the least. Tags: Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0

Drawing Parallels & Making Connections Between Youth & Employee Learning

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collaboration, social networking etc - but there are moments in both videos when you see an enterprise implication.

Employee Networks (E2E)

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Some insightful company profiles: The new employee connection: Social networking behind the firewall Microsoft calls it TownSquare. In industries from retail to high tech, banking and manufacturing, companies are increasingly building networks behind the firewall where employees can create profiles and connect with one another in ways first demonstrated by LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace. The new employee connection: Social networking behind the firewall

Notes on “Measuring Employee Engagement and User Adoption” (Mark Allison, Webtrends APAC)

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In the third to final session time of the Australian conference (and the second to last for me, as I have a flight to catch), Mark Allison from Webtrends is talking about employee engagement and user adoption. online collaboration is growing.

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Moxie Employees Spaces - Now for Mobile and with Rich Media

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The company also announced the addition of rich video and media sharing capabilities, providing an unmatched user experience for organizations to easily share and collaborate using multiple video formats. Collaboration Software

Collaboration Systems and Wearables

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The Apple and Android options allow the installation of apps, meaning these have the potential to be used in conjunction with collaboration systems. Where else could our collaboration systems work with wearables? Collaboration Hardware

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Mock Thesis Proposal: Personal Support Networks During Periods Of Employee Transition, Part 1

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Social Network Sites (SNS) create multiple affordances employees leverage during their employment lifecycle. In this Masters Thesis, I examine how a SNS helps employees during transitional periods such as: joining the company, moving into a new position, and navigating through organizational disruption. My belief is that personal support networks provide a direct benefit to employees and an indirect benefit to the organization and management. . Abstract.

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Keeping a Closer Eye on Employees’ Social Networking Will Give You More Than a Headache


Have you read Keeping a Closer Eye on Employees’ Social Networking by Joshua Brustein? Or the one who fully understands what major benefits there are out there by unleashing the knowledge, expertise, know-how, experiences and informal networks of the entire employee workforce?

Following the Voice of the Employee within SharePoint

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Most companies are not talking advantage of this rich data source to listen to the voice of the employee , as described by Forrester’s Leslie Owens. Most collaborative platforms do not provide the means to overcome this information overload to discover the patterns and trends of conversation with the enterprise. If awareness is the ability for the observer to conscious of events, then one would welcome as much information as possible to be on top of his/her game. 

Teamwork Needs Healthy Friction to Collaborate and Get Work Done More Effectively


Who would have thought cooking together would provide just the perfect level of healthy friction you would need to help your team(s) members collaborate more openly and effectively to get even more work done? Collaboration Communities Employee Engagement Enterprise2.0

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The Future of Collaboration Lies in Human Resources AND Management’s Hands


“ Here we are, 2014 and still wondering what the future of collaboration is — as if we didn’t know already. Despite all efforts to trump it or get rid of it altogether in favour of other noble concepts like cooperation , the hard truth is that collaboration has always been here. It’s because all along, knowledge workers have been encouraged to compete with one another versus helping, caring or collaborating with one another.

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State of Utah Provides Positive Social Media Guidelines for Employees

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While the majority of private US companies are banning social media at work, Utah state government is confronting that issue with a newly developed set of rules for appropriate social media use by public employees and state officials. They also warn employees to be honest and respectful in their postings, urge them to think before replying to comments, and remind them to follow state privacy laws.”

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Mock Thesis Proposal: Personal Support Networks During Periods Of Employee Transition, Part 2

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Social Network Sites (SNS) create multiple affordances employees leverage during their employment lifecycle. In this Masters Thesis, I examine how a SNS helps employees during transitional periods such as: joining the company, moving into a new position, and navigating through organizational disruption. Individual and small groups of employees will be allowed to “tell their stories” within a defined topic area. management, employees). managers, employees).

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The Collaborative Workspace: Improve Productivity Through Engagement

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If you’re looking to improve productivity at work, it may be time to shift to a collaborative workspace. Whether you’re a small company or well-established corporation, such collaborative office environments can offer great benefits. After potential cost savings, socialization is the biggest draw for collaborative workspaces, especially startups and companies with few employees. Without the barrier of cubicles, employees are free to chat about projects.

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Collaboration is the Hallmark of Community

How to Save the World

There is just something about such collaborations — working personally and collectively towards a common goal where everyone’s work has to mesh. We have been collaborative creatures, as much as we have been social creatures, since our prehistoric emergence on this planet.

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Qumu: Executives Are Concerned About Employee Generated Videos, But Have Never Seen an Inappropriate Video on the Corporate Network

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announced the results of its April 2012 Business Video Behavior Project, which looked at the topic of Employee Generated Content (EGC) in the enterprise. In a survey of 240 managers and executives across a variety of disciplines, Qumu found that more than half of them (51.2%) are concerned that employees will upload irresponsible content to the company network, and 12% of executives even admit they worry about employees uploading embarrassing videos of them from company parties.

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Notes on CCS110 Great Expectations - Students Today, Awesome Employees Tomorrow - Cardiff University

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27,000 students, 6000 employees. email is the standard collaboration tool. 3) students expect tools that enable connection with others, across and beyond the university, from multiple devices, and to collaborate better than using email. In the first session after lunch, Simon Vaughan from Cardiff University is presenting on its work with Connections in education.

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Vanity Killed the Social Media Star


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Enterprise 2.0, Where Art Thou?


Over the course of the years, if you have been a long time reader, you may remember how there were a number of themes I kept coming back to from Knowledge Management, to Collaboration, (Social) Learning, Online Communities and, specially, Social / Open Business.

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How Social Networking Tools Enable Heutagogy in Learning Organisations


Collaboration Communities Conference Events elsua Employee Engagement Enterprise2.0 . Imagine one day you read this quote: ‘ The way we teach in our schools isn’t the way I think you create successful (and happy) adults, it’s the way you create the society we’ve had until now.’

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New Deloitte Collaboration Study laments meetings & distractions costs

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According to a new Deloitte Australia report, The Collaborative Economy, overlong meetings, distractions and failed projects are costing their economy $5.4 Reading through the report there a few interesting statistics, such as: • 30% of participants want to collaborate more.

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The Beginning of a New Work Adventure – Joining panagenda!


It all started with a short conversation in an online collaborative space that is not even widely available to everyone out there just yet. Collaboration Communities elsua Employee Engagement Enterprise2.0

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The Illusion of Control


‘ He then pretty much nailed it with this other short, but rather thought-provoking sentence: ’ Collaboration is not an option, it’s an imperative. ’ Collaboration Communities Employee Engagement Enterprise2.0

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Poor Collaboration - Breakdowns, Ideals, and Culture

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Rypple recently published an infographic on collaboration, called Is Poor Collaboration Killing Your Company. It has three sections: the biggest collaboration breakdowns, how employees want to collaborate, and how to create a strong collaborative culture. 86% - lack of collaboration or ineffective communication. How employees want collaboration to work: - wider decision making involvement. Creating a strong collaborative culture: - 1.

10th Year Blogiversary – The Unfinished Journey of Blogging and Why It Matters


Collaboration Communities elsua Employee Engagement Enterprise2.0 Remember the good old days when people were writing about the death of blogging thanks to social media tools ?

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The Limits of Collaboration?

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Collaboration is not a paneaca, a silver bullet to all good things. There is a time and place for collaborating - for working with others, for gathering and exploring ideas, for joint work, for seeking common ground - but there is equally a time for a leader to make a clear decision. A number of years ago, the senior leaders decided to make a big push into "collaboration," and so the traditional command-and-control culture was replaced by what they called a collaborative one.

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Collaboration over Process

Evolving Web

Now, however, I would replace this with "Collaboration over process." While it was team collaborative and was more collaborative with outside stakeholders, the rhetoric still focused on the teams. I could bludgeon uncooperative employees or clients with it.

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Defining Collaboration: Collaboration as a "Technology" (Sense 2)

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What is "collaboration"? The question is frequently asked, and in common definitions collaboration is painted as a particular type of human behavior, and includes no reference to technology. In this post, let's tackle the collaboration and technology issue.

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Defining Collaboration - 5. Collaboration Scenarios as a Way of Classifying Collaboration Technology

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This is the fifth post in a series about defining collaboration. Previously: - Post 1 looked at the three P's of collaboration (potential, process, and practice). What's a Collaboration Scenario. A List of Collaboration Scenarios. How to Use Collaboration Scenarios.

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Building a Solid Library of Use Cases


And they would be right, because, more than anything else, if there is anything that all of these ESNs have got in common is that they are quite substantially different from what so far has been the king of both communications and collaboration in the enterprise.

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