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There’s been an interesting discussion amongst facilitators about whether or not collaboration is more complex now than previously. All I can say is that for me collaboration has never been easier. I can find people to collaborate with – whether they live nearby or on the other side of the planet – and we can communicate using a whole range of media, with my particular favourites being skype, blogs and Twitter. Tags: Collaboration

Mastering the Art of Collaboration Through Conversation


Collaboration is probably one of the most loaded words in today’s workplace that I can think of (And I am pretty sure there are plenty of other good candidates out there as well!) So when I started reading through Andrew’s article about ‘ How much collaboration is too much? ’

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Collaboration Systems and Wearables

Michael Sampson - Currents

The Apple and Android options allow the installation of apps, meaning these have the potential to be used in conjunction with collaboration systems. Where else could our collaboration systems work with wearables? Collaboration Hardware

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Collaborative Discussions

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Having a discussion is one of the fundamental patterns of human interaction that can be approached collaboratively … or not. I have been reflecting on what “taking a collaborative approach” means in the context of discussions; here are five ideas: 1. Approaching a discussion with the outcome specified as “getting what I want from the others” is an imposition, not a collaboration. Being Collaborative featured

PhD by Publication and Collaboration

Jenny Connected

This was not even collaborative. none of my collaborators have had the same overall experience), all my published papers have been written collaboratively. In my thesis, I argue that collaboration was central and essential to my research.

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Stop Blaming the Tools when Collaboration Fails


. We, human beings, seem to always be very keen on blaming the tools (and technology, in general, for that matter) whenever things just don’t work out all right , specially, in the collaboration space. Collaborative technologies by themselves are not the problem.

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Collaborators, Cooperators and People I Learn From


Finally, after a good few days of tinkering Collaborators , Cooperators and People I Learn From were born. . Collaborators , Cooperators and People I Learn From. Working together, for me, can be seen in terms of two different types of interactions: collaboration and / or cooperation.

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Xtreme Collaboration

Networking Action

Many times I hear people say they’re fearful of collaborating because it might endanger funding relationships. Although the change community talks about the need to collaborate, the story goes, the basic dynamics throw us into competition that undermines collaboration. Or, … Blog

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Driving as Collaboration

Michael Sampson - Currents

It’s the collaboration of driving: everyone working together to get each person safely to where they are going. In recent years I have trained four of my children to drive (sometime soon we’ll be at the halfway point: four down, seven to go).

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Scaling online collaboration

Endless Knots

The web makes it possible for, in effect, infinite numbers of people to collaborate. But how do you collaborate with infinite numbers? Collaboration Networks and NetworkingIt's a problem. If you're not in the field, what am I talking about?

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Civic Crowdfunding vs Tax – Collaborative Government #Gov2

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

Collaborative projects eg. By the way, World of Warcraft is good for teaching that… digital economy government Online Communities social media Social Media Australia #budget2014 collaboration democracy

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Competences for Global Collaboration MOOC

Jenny Connected

A new MOOC – Competences for Global Collaboration – is due to start on April 22nd. As Charles Darwin is thought to have said: Tagged: #cope14 , collaboration , MOOC , pedagogy , University of Applied Sciences. COPE14 #cope14 collaboration MOOC pedagogy University of Applied Sciences

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Becoming Collaborative

Michael Sampson - Currents

will not mysteriously transform organizations from collections of highly competitive loners to well integrated, cooperative groups of collaborators. Replace "groupware" with "collaboration technology" or "social" and it's just the same. Helping people / organizations with the recommended planning is the focus of my consulting work and my recent books - such as Collaboration Roadmap and User Adoption Strategies. ). Being Collaborative" Groupware.

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Collaborating in Office 2013

Michael Sampson - Currents

While the updates coming in the new Office are too many to elaborate on in this post, I want to look briefly at how Microsoft is further building collaboration capabilities into the heart of Office. Read more: Collaborating in Office 2013.

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On Acting Collaboratively

Michael Sampson - Currents

I have been reminded over the past couple of months about the behaviors or acts of collaboration – what does it look like when someone acts collaboratively? So much of our collaborative activity happens without being able to see the other person or what they are doing when they work. Stuff happens that upsets even the best laid plans, but it is the quick and regular sharing of those happenings that allows a group of collaborators to flex together.

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Why Use Collaboration Tools?

Michael Sampson - Currents

Following on from the Why Collaborate? infographic , I've just posted on a different question - Why use collaboration tools? : ". given the realities of business and organizational life today, the nature of collaboration has changed. Read more: Why Use Collaboration Tools?

Cultivating Collaborative Behaviour

Michael Sampson - Currents

The presentation looks at the fundamental human practices of collaboration, and gives a series of strategies and approaches for individuals, teams and groups, managers, and executives to cultivate such behaviour in organizational life. – slides 4-7: about the topic of collaboration, which is a word that be used to mean many different things (and thus cause confusion and misunderstandings). – slide 10: a general definition of collaboration.

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Why Collaborate?

Michael Sampson - Currents

Over on The Smarter Office blog, I posted Why Collaborate? CollaborationAn (Almost) A to Z. But, I'm missing six of the letters. Do you have any ideas for completing the A to Z? Bonus Points. If you live in Western Europe, there are three Plantronics Savi W740 headsets available for the best answers.

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Collaborative Working vs. Clarity

Michael Sampson - Currents

Now nobody knows who does what, who’s accountable for what, we have multiple teams sniffing around the same customer deals, we talk about “collaborative working” and never do it. “Collaborative working” should never be an excuse for lack of business purpose, strategic direction, individual and joint accountability, job clarity, contribution, etc. Being Collaborative

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Collaborating Across Borders: Five Keys to Creating Powerful Partnerships

Partnering Resources

Collaborating across borders. He needed to integrate the new divisions quickly and help them collaborate with his existing organization. In addition, they were used to working alone and saw no reason to collaborate with their new peers. Collaboration Leadership Team Performance

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Office 365 Getting More Collaborative

Michael Sampson - Currents

Collaboration Software Document Co-Authoring The Microsoft Office 365 team recently announced some upcoming changes in the Office Web Apps in Office 365. The announcements were intended to set the scene on what is being worked on over the next 12-18 months.

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What is collaboration?

Michelle Laurie

Have you ever collaborated with someone yet didn’t feel like it was quite collaboration? I feel the word collaboration is used loosely and should be reserved for times when all contributors are needed to create the outcome.

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Defining Collaboration - 1. The 3P's of Collaboration

Michael Sampson - Currents

What does the word "collaboration" mean? One way of thinking about collaboration, then, is to look at the three P's: Potential, Process, and Practice. In order for collaboration to work - and I'm not even talking about technology at the moment - all three need to be in place.

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Collaboration in the Process of Re-Imagining

Michael Sampson - Currents

A second easy “therefore” – or perhaps it is simple rather than easy – is to build a cadre of collaborators. Collaboration. I have argued that we see the world through what we understand, informed by our experiences, and enlightened by what we have studied.

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The Collaborative Workspace: Improve Productivity Through Engagement

Jenny Connected

If you’re looking to improve productivity at work, it may be time to shift to a collaborative workspace. Whether you’re a small company or well-established corporation, such collaborative office environments can offer great benefits. After potential cost savings, socialization is the biggest draw for collaborative workspaces, especially startups and companies with few employees. Make the Move to a Collaborative Workspace. Collaborative Engagement

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Collaboration vs. Cooperation

Michael Sampson - Currents

On Quora someone asked about the difference between collaboration and cooperation. Danny was first to answer with: Collaboration is “working together toward a shared goal” I don’t know the formal definition of cooperation but guess it means “working together” People do not require a shared goal to cooperate. Collaboration Theory

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Collaboration 2.0 by 3-year-olds

Endless Knots

Confused about collaboration and what it really means? 90% people, 10% technology Collaboration Family Lake and FinnLake and Finn help here, leaving us with a bit of a cliffhanger. Perhaps they'll be back to finish the story.

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The Unboxing of Collaboration Roadmap (2011)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Collaboration Roadmap has landed. Collaboration RoadmapEnjoy the unboxing. I'm beavering away on the pre-orders right now.

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Where’s the Collaboration?

Michael Sampson - Currents

Where’s the collaboration? Except with members of his own team, it is unlikely that he’ll be doing a lot of collaboration with other members of the firm. And thinking about it, that may never actually happen, because the best outcome of his work is that he enables people from the firm to be productive and effective with Office 365 in their work, not to collaborate with him. Perhaps collaborative ways of working are being practiced, but they are hidden from him.

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Stigmergic Collaboration: Environments Matter

Collaborative Thinking

Another interesting article (2006) - key points I think are relevant but overlooked when it comes to the concept of stigmerg y and its influence on collaboration: the role of communication to enable effective collaboration, and the influence of "social negotiation" to guide the collaboration process of small teams. Most concepts of collaboration are unfortunately very document and workspace centric. Stigmergic Collaboration.

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Information Theory and Uncertainty in Collaborative Teams

Michael Sampson - Currents

Information theory says that new information reduces uncertainty. That something additional reduces the set of possible actions or outcomes. That as more information is gathered, collected, captured, understood and refined, uncertainty is reduced to such an extent that certainty rules the day.

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Taking Collaboration Too Far

Michael Sampson - Currents

On The Smarter Office blog, I wrote about the dangers of pushing collaboration too far: " In a couple of recent conference presentations, I’ve shared some concerns with taking the concept of collaboration too far, or pushing it into areas that are ill-suited to the nature of collaborative interaction. I talk about four concerns: - Killing initiative through micro-task collaboration. Read more: Taking Collaboration Too Far. Collaboration Collaboration Culture

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Meaning Conference Highlights – A Collaborative Future #lawwe


Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0

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Is Email Killing Collaboration?

Michael Sampson - Currents

Dan ran some workshops in New Zealand recently to investigate whether email is killing collaboration : " There’s a lot of talk about alternatives to email. So when you start using email to collaborate in groups of 3, 4 or 5, it hurts. And collaboration stops. Email is difficult to use for many-to-many collaboration. Email is not causing people to collaborate less. Why are people collaborating using email when it is painful?

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Magor Visual Collaboration WorkSpace

Michael Sampson - Currents

Magor, a provider of video collaboration capabilities, announced a major win with the Richard Ivey School of Business. Magor’s flagship software product, Visual Collaboration Workspace, offered a reliable solution to fulfill the school’s demand for video activity by providing a greater array of capabilities beyond traditional video participation. Collaboration

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“The Ability to Work Collaboratively”

Michael Sampson - Currents

In a recent BusinessWeek article on Recruiting Preferred Skills (print edition, April 13-19, 2015), I was initially surprised and then delighted to see the prominence placed on the “ability to work collaboratively.” ” It was very cool to see the reality of collaborative capability being emphasised by corporate recruiters. – interestingly, none of the top 10 schools scored highest on teaching the ability to work collaboratively. Being Collaborative

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Etiquette and Efficiency When Collaborating

Michael Sampson - Currents

Over on The Smarter Office blog, I posted on etiquette and efficiency when collaborating : " From an etiquette point-of-view, if you want to talk to someone directly, I feel that it’s best to ask permission via a text-based instant message first. “yt?” Collaboration Collaboration Culture

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Three Pre-Conditions for Productive Collaboration

Michael Sampson - Currents

Being successful in using the strategy of collaboration requires three pre-conditions: practice, process, and potential. Without these, the likelihood of success with collaboration is severely diminished. . Practice, the first pre-condition, is the human practices of collaboration. In order for people to work with other people, there needs to be a fundamental set of collaborative practices at play. Without these human practices, collaboration cannot flourish.

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Orchestrating Accidental Collaboration

Michael Sampson - Currents

A couple of years ago Billy Cripe wrote about the difference between intentional and accidental collaboration. During a discussion with the CTO at a government agency earlier this week, he mentioned how powerful he found the distinction, and that it was being used as a key mental model in their work: " Collaboration comes in two flavors: Accidental and Intentional. technologies have become very good at facilitating intentional collaboration. Accidental Collaboration is.

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Aligning Collaboration with Business Processes

Portals and KM

Forrester recently issued a new report, The State Of Collaboration Software Implementations: 2011 by TJ Keitt with Matthew Brown and Joseph Dang. The tipping point for gaining benefits related to flexible working styles is after a business deploys four or five collaboration technologies.

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Collaboration Roadmap Masterclass (September 26 in London)

Michael Sampson - Currents

The Collaboration Roadmap Masterclass is coming to London on September 26, in conjunction with the Interaction 2013 Intranet Conference in London - at which I will be presenting the opening keynote on Collaboration and the Intranet. Collaboration Roadmap Upcoming Events

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Collaborative thinking: four key roles

The Bumble Bee

This is a very important technique for supporting real collaborative thinking in teams. In his unique book "Dialogue and the art of thinking together" William Issacs introduces the Four-Player System originally developed by David Kantor.

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Collaboration: Something Old, Something Bold, Something Cold (Michael Sampson)

Michael Sampson - Currents

Collaboration: Something Old, Something Bold, Something Cold View more PowerPoint from Michael Sampson. Being Collaborative Collaboration Collaboration Culture Collaboration Roadmap Intranets

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