eXo Provides Cloud Workspaces to Enable Flexible Social Intranets

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He said that the goal with eXo Cloud Workspaces is to provide an easy-to-use social intranet so work teams can start to collaborate in a fully functional space.  added social intranet features to that collaboration platform, then eXo Platform 3.5

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News Updates (March 10, 2009)

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CorasWorks released the Beta of Breeze, a hosted collaboration service built on Microsoft SharePoint, and combined with other CorasWorks tools. The Breeze environment integrates an intranet, portal, and extranet and contains more than forty-plus business applications and processes that flow across 7 departments of an organization. tools may indeed improve productivity. GM's Collaboration Strategy. Leveraging Virtual Teams and Social Tools Forum.

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Instant Communities: List of companies that provide Web Collaboration Suites or Platforms

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Requirements Here’s a list of companies that provide collaboration platforms with turn-key social features for ‘instant’ community. These tools may have social networking features, that’s optional, but should certainly scale to it. formerly Twisted Systems, Inc.)

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The Business Case for In-house Social Networks

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But here is the surprising flip-side: Companies are starting to rush to build out internal social networks, accessible by employees, perhaps vendors too, and the irony is that this is happening in the belief that online networking tools will in fact increase productivity. “This “I really think social networking is the killer app,” adds Paul Pluschkell, CEO of Spigit, a developer of enterprise networking tools.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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It’s somewhat relevant as Om Malik has now asked a rhetorical question if Social Network tools are just a feature of website. Kindly do not submit Social Networking tools that don’t meet this criteria, as the list can extend to hundreds if not thousands of companies.

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A Practical Guide to Implementing Web 2.0 (aka Social Networking Tools) in Your Organization

How to Save the World

aka Social Networking Tools) in Your Organization. Intranets. internal content management systems) that serve up content almost no one uses. Groupware' tools. Now, we have a host of new tools available, called variously Web 2.0,

How to Save the World

How to Save the World

aka Social Networking Tools) in Your Organization BLOG A Practical Guide toImplementing Web 2.0 (aka social networking tools, social media and social software. So what are you, as the manager leading a Web 2.0 tools can be introduced effectively and usefully, andhow?

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