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Banning Email at Cisco

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In an attempt to encourage staff to shift to new ways of communicating, Peter Hughes at Cisco has banned his staff from using email for broadcasting messages : “ Employees’ reliance on email as the primary mode of communication is hurting business productivity, according to an executive at one of the world’s biggest technology companies, Cisco. “ Technology companies that sell collaboration tools need to walk this line. Collaboration Software

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GE Goes Box (What about Its Other Collaboration Tools?)

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“ GE’s IT organization, tasked with bringing innovative, cutting-edge technology to roughly 300,000 employees located in more than 170 countries, selected Box to: - Make it easy for employees to collaborate across business units and with external parties; - Unify business information across applications, thanks to Box’s open platform and integration with other cloud and on-premise solutions; and. “ What is unclear is what this means for GE’s current collaboration tools.

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Three Requirements for Broad Adoption of Collaboration Tools

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In a blog post last July, Joe Schueller from Cisco wrote about the role of culture in Enterprise 2.0 , but more importantly about three keys to gaining broad adoption of collaboration tools in the organization: " However, to drive real value out of a collaboration platform, you need broad adoption, and frankly, leaving > 80% of the population "on the table" isn't going to cut it. Consolidation - I've yet to hear anyone say they don't have enough collaboration tools.

Moving Beyond “Collaboration” Meaning Video and Calling: Cisco Partners with Jive

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When I first wrote the Seven Pillars of IT-Enabled Team Productivity (in 2005), I focused on the needs of collaborative teams from technology. I got called on that a couple of times, but my response was always along the line of: video meetings are okay and have a role to play, but the real opportunity is in building effective habits for collaborating beyond real-time exchange / interaction. For Cisco, this partnership represents a shift in strategy.

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Cisco Kills Cisco Mail - Will Focus on Quad and Video Instead

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Cisco held a big Collaboration event in November 2009 and announced a slew of collaboration products. One of those was a hosted email service, but barely 15 months later, the product has taken a bullet to the head: " Cisco Systems is dropping its hosted e-mail product. Apparently, Cisco Mail no longer fits into the company's win column as it makes strategic decisions about its future. Mmm, "interesting" times ahead for Cisco. Enterprise Collaboration

Virgin Media Using Cisco Quad #collaboration #ciscoquad

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Virgin Media in the UK is deploying a suite of tools from Cisco to support company-wide collaboration : " Virgin Media, one of the UK’s entertainment and digital communications companies has taken a step to becoming a more social business. Collaboration Software

Cisco Launches Second I-Prize Competition

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Cisco has recently announced the launch of the second I-Prize global innovation contest where entrepreneurs worldwide can collaborate and submit proposals for Cisco’s next billion-dollar business idea. I  I wrote about the first contest (see: Cisco I-Prize – Mining the Web and the World for Innovation ) and the results. Cisco WebEx ™ , an online meeting platform for audio and Web conferencing that enables users to share documents and desktops in real time.

Boston E 20 Notes: Interview with Cisco’s Raj Gossain

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The new capability are part what's now called Cisco WebEx® Social (formerly known as Cisco Quad™) and build upon existing offerings that help employees share knowledge, find experts and information and form effective virtual work teams. With These sessions are compatible with a wide variety of video endpoints, including Cisco TelePresence®, IP video phones, mobile and soft clients. Collaboration is a non-linear, iterative, people process.

Cisco: Great Expectations But "Where's The (Collaboration) Beef"?

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Over the past several weeks, two Cisco events generated a great deal of media coverage (refer to “In The News” below). For those that have not been paying close attention, for some time now Cisco has actively been playing a grand chess game. The company has already made several moves in terms of acquisitions (WebEx, PostPath, Jabber) and strategy (describing a general direction regarding collaboration and SaaS/Cloud computing via WebEx Connect). Cisco In The News.

Cisco Community Central: Enterprise Social Software : Pushing The Reset Button On How We Look At “Collaboration”

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To collaborate, the “right tools&# have been workspaces, discussion forums, shared document libraries, wikis, and even web conferencing. The common thread across these tools is their ability to create a “sense of place&#. In contrast, to communicate, the tools of choice have been e-mail, telephony, instant messaging, texting, and audio/video conferencing. Web conferencing enabled remote teams to collaborate while reducing travel costs.

Cisco I-Prize – Mining the Web and the World for Innovation

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In my conversation with Matt Greeley, CEO at B rightidea we covered one of the impressive uses of Webstorm outside the firewall, Cisco's I-Prize. Cisco has launched a contest and invited the world to give it great ideas. The winner gets to join Cisco and is funded to make the idea real. More specifically, "the winning team may have the opportunity to be hired by Cisco to found a new business unit and share a $250,000 signing bonus.

Implementing the Cisco Collaboration Framework

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Cisco on Cisco Implementing the. Cisco Collaboration. a Collaboration Framework Creating a Collaborative Enterprise Cisco on Cisco Implementing the. Cisco Collaboration. Creating a Collaborative Enterprise | © 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. During the past 8 years, Cisco has been. incorporating collaboration into the way we. collaboration regardless of hierarchy or. Cisco Collaboration. Expands Its Social Email Offering to Include Lotus Notes

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provides a cross-platform suite of enterprise collaboration products designed to boost user adoption of dominant enterprise collaboration tools. Provides Social Email to Help Drive Enterprise Collaboration Adoption ).

Lessons on the hard job of designing communities in the organization | Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

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Home About Contact Categories About blogosphere about france About me About this blog Books I read Case management Collaborative practices Communication Communities Corporate blogging economy enterprise 2.0 The most famous and successful examples comes from CISCO.

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In The Next Version - It’s Like Facebook For Work. Wait It Is Facebook For Work

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This private version of the popular social network is designed to provide employees a place to collaborate securely with their colleagues. Since people are already familiar with it, employers can save time and money by avoiding education and training on a new tool. In The Next Version.

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Boston E20 Notes: Building a Unified Communications and Collaboration Roadmap

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I attended Irwin Lazar’s workshop - Building a Unified Communications and Collaboration Roadmap"   Irwin is Vice President, Communications Research, Nemertes Research. What is collaboration? Now it is the integration of all collaboration tools through any device. 

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Volcanic Eruption in Europe Boosts Video Calling

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According to Cisco, there has been a huge surge in demand for its telepresence facilities in Europe. Collaboration technology collaboration technology collaboration tools communication technology technology videoconferencingBoth AFP and Reuters are reporting a spike in video calling as air travel is halted in Europe due to volcanic eruption. Skype, too, is seeing an increase in video-calling during the past few days.

Volcanic Eruption in Europe Boosts Video Calling

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According to Cisco, there has been a huge surge in demand for its telepresence facilities in Europe. Tags: Collaboration technology collaboration technology collaboration tools communication technology technology videoconferencing Both AFP and Reuters are reporting a spike in video calling as air travel is halted in Europe due to volcanic eruption. Skype, too, is seeing an increase in video-calling during the past few days.

Collaboration on Mobile Devices - Only for Viewing Documents?

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David looks at the challenges of supporting people using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) for business collaboration: " With the explosion of newly-available mobile computing options, many companies now support their employees’ smartphones and tablet computers. With employees increasingly ‘always on,’ new opportunities abound for better and more efficient collaboration. Porting desktop collaboration tools to mobile devices won’t work.

Social Networking at Work: A Business Revolution, or a Ruse? Knowledge@Wharton

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Now corporations are hoping they can tap into those capabilities as a way to improve employee productivity, collaboration and communication on the job -- and a long line of software vendors, such as Cisco, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and, along with upstarts like Yammer, are hoping to position themselves as the platform to integrate social networking and business processes. The problem with collaboration tools is they show work in progress.

Tom Malone: Collaboration V Collective Intelligence & Decentralization of Organizations

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Clearly Cisco is "talking their book", their investment in a portfolio of collaboration tools including WebEx in hosting this conversation. Still their interview with Tom Malone about the business benefits of collaboration, and implications of decentralizing decisionmaking on innovation, is recommended listening. Tags: Collaboration Connected Business Organizational Performance

Putting Knowledge Markets in Perspective

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I heard Dan at the Forrester’s Content & Collaboration Forum last September. Because of the transparency of the collaborative tools, knowledge is often captured as a byproduct of work. Cisco also encouraged this.

Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary


into an incredibly powerful social messaging and notification system of content that’s stored elsewhere, i.e. social networking, collaborative and knowledge sharing tools eventually. Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0

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Forrester on Real-Time Collaboration

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Forrester's Ted Schadier, with Matthew Brown and Sara Burnes, adds to the discussion on why enterprise collaboration tool use will grow in his report, Distributed Teams Need Real-Time Collaboration Tools. He summaries the report as follows, "To get work done, distributed and B2B teams need real-time collaboration tools that replicate the power and experience of face-to-face meetings and support "pervasive" interactions. Collaboration Platform. 

Are We In A "Post E2.0 Era"? (Collaborative Thinking)

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Collaborative Thinking. Perceptions on collaboration and social networking by Mike Gotta. The opinions expressed in this blog are my own views and not those of Cisco. Social software enables people to rendezvous, connect or collaborate through computer-mediated communication and to form online communities. emerged, the collaboration market was pretty stable from a technology viewpoint. accomplished is that it gave a name to an underserved area of collaboration.

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Community management: The 'essential' capability of successful Enterprise 2.0 efforts | ZDNet

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efforts By Dion Hinchcliffe | September 28, 2009, 2:21pm PDT Summary It’s not a skill that’s been widely understood until quite recently, however community management has begun to move to the forefront of discussions about enterprise social computing as the use of social tools begins to climb the maturity curve. failure causes such as the tool-first instead of community-first approach as well as the recurrence of the now-familiar suitability of SharePoint for Enterprise 2.0

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33 things to know about those who make your online social spaces live | Bertrand Duperrin's Notepad

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unlike social media managers who often start from scratch and have to make usages and conversations emerge into groups that have to be built, he often starts by making his staff doing things they were already doings but with new tools and channels.

News Updates (May 20, 2009)

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This feature allows employees to use email as a vehicle for transporting important information into a tool more adept at fostering collaboration and rapid communication. It talks about how there are new and better ways to collaborate, using online collaboration tools. But the deluge of mails created by internal collaboration will be a factor controllable by you. Online collaboration software is clearly the right answer. Socialcast Embraces Email.

News Updates (September 21, 2009)

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Making Collaboration Work. Cisco released findings from a recent study of collaboration tools and users. " The results from the Cisco collaboration segmentation study suggest that organizations experience the greatest productivity benefits from collaboration when they: (1) Recognize that personal attitudes and organizational culture regarding collaboration are as important as collaboration tools. (2) tools at home. (3)

News Updates (November 10, 2009)

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Cisco on Collaboration. Cisco announced new products in the collaboration space. " Cisco-hosted directory of organizations and locations with TelePresence gear. These graphics assets can then be easily imported into BlackBerry application development tools.

News Updates (August 7, 2009)

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The software has allowed teams of experienced legal secretaries to collaborate instantly to get more work done, help each other out at peak times and adopt a highly proactive approach in regards firm-wide workload and client deadlines. Cisco reported that telepresence sales increased, while UC sales declined. Cisco had revenues of $8.5 Team Apart went into private beta; it's a new real-time collaboration service. " Voice Workflow at Law Firm.

Impact of Social Software Within the Enterprise by Jon Iwata


Corporate social networking is just as essential as any other business process, knowledge sharing or collaborative tool available out there to help improve the productivity of your knowledge workers. Collaboration IBM

News Updates (September 10, 2009)

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Cisco on TelePresence. Cisco announced plans to extend the reach of its telepresence offerings around the world. " In less than two years, Cisco has enabled eight of the world's top service providers spanning five continents to deliver intercompany Cisco TelePresence services, extending availability of the technology to more than 150 countries and thousands of cities. Cisco also announced a new single-screen, single-camera telepresence product.

News Updates (September 17, 2009)

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Michael asks whether collaboration applications bend to the will of the users, or the other way around. So are we really making any progress when it comes to collaboration, or are we just spinning our collective wheels? Maybe your organization needed a good content management tool, or maybe it needed individual departments to be able to create websites on the fly. Collaboration Demonstration. Co-Working for Collaboration. Cisco's Collaboration Strategy.

News Updates (February 11, 2009)

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Chambers on Cisco and Collaboration. Video interview with John Chambers from Cisco about re-wiring the organization for greater collaboration. Chambers talks about the gradual huge transition in the management of the company - the shift from Command and control management to collaboration and teamwork. More recently Cisco’s internal processes and discipline applied to web 2.0 Fostering User Adoption of Collaboration Tools. Mobile Working.

CleverWorkarounds » The facets of collaboration Part 2–Enter the matrix!

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The facets of collaboration Part 2–Enter the matrix! The facets of collaboration Part 1–Meet robot barbie. The facets of collaboration Part 2–Enter the matrix! The facets of collaboration Part 3-The feature jigsaw. The facets of collaboration Part 4 – BPM vs. HPM.

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List of "White Label" or "Private Label" (Applications you can Rebrand) Social Networking Platforms

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It’s somewhat relevant as Om Malik has now asked a rhetorical question if Social Network tools are just a feature of website. Kindly do not submit Social Networking tools that don’t meet this criteria, as the list can extend to hundreds if not thousands of companies.

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News Updates (July 1, 2009)

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Collaboration Survey in Australia. Matt and Keith are exploring the use of collaboration tools in Australia. " We are researching the use of collaboration tools in Australia. Collaboration” is a buzz term at the moment, and we want to get behind the hype to discover how organisations are selecting and implementing tools and whether they are benefiting from them. Cisco Office? Cisco Systems Inc.

User Adoption Strategies - Review of Recent News

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Transactional system benchmarks just don’t work, but we keep applying them to collaborative situations anyway. Joe from Cisco reflects on the role of culture in the adoption process, and argues that incorporating collaboration technology into the "way we work" is a bigger lever. " By putting your new collaboration tools in the context of a business process or objective business measure, you can drive adoption across the entire spectrum of employees.

News Updates (February 3, 2010)

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Within five years, 70 percent of collaboration and communications applications designed on PCs will be modeled after user experience lessons from smartphone collaboration applications. - PepsiCo Goes Cisco TelePresence. Gartner on Social Media at Work.