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Developing on Cloud Time

Michael Sampson - Currents

One of the promises of cloud services is that you always have the latest stuff available. are part of the negative commentary.

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Little Black Rain Clouds

Michael Sampson - Currents

With many vendors offering cloud delivery of applications and services, the issue of changing what is delivered becomes critically important. ” Thus a technology change by the cloud provider breaks the new social order in organizational groups. Now, it looks like Microsoft may drop the public sites feature in SharePoint Online.

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How Big is the Cloud?

Portals and KM

The global cloud computing market will grow from $40.7 billion in 2011 to more than $241 billion in 2020, according to new Forrester forecast data reported in Sizing The Cloud by Stefan Ried, Ph.D. The total size of the public cloud market will grow from $25.5 The market for virtual private cloud solutions will grow from $7.5

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Measuring Economic Impact of Using Cloud-Based Services: Google Apps

Portals and KM

This is especially true for efforts where a commercial cloud-based collaboration tool is not available for whatever reason.  offerings.

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Cisco Expands Its Cloud Collaboration Strategy

Portals and KM

There are also multiple operating systems and thousands of apps that you can download from the cloud through app stores.    

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eXo Provides Cloud Workspaces to Enable Flexible Social Intranets

Portals and KM

So they are now offering eXo Cloud Workspaces to fill this gap. on-premise or in a private cloud. Here is a sample home page screen.

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Can Cloud Computing Elevate the Role of IT, Making It More Strategic?

Portals and KM

Here is an interesting study by IDG that found that cloud computing is enabling a more central role for IT in shaping business strategy and driving innovation. Half feel that the cloud is contributing to this change. The research polled 200 IT managers in the U.S. and Europe. However this transition will set up challenges.

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Alfresco Now Offers Cloud-based Open Source Document Management

Portals and KM

In response to the changing market, they have added a cloud version to the existing on-premise offering. I would certainly agree.

The Further Integration of Cloud Services

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SaaS provides a cloud-based version of an application.  The cloud is growing. Integrating cloud services is a good thing.

rPath Supports the New Dynamic and Cloud-based Vision for IT

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Now the Cloud is fast becoming and alternative channel. The cloud is becoming more versatile. This makes a lot of sense to me.

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BroadVision Offers a “Social Business Cloud” Through its Enterprise 2.0 Platform - Clearvale

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CEO, Pehong Chenwisely decided to bet on the viability of the native cloud. It contains many of the features found within the enterprise 2.0

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Bioteams, collaboration and the Mobile Cloud

The Bumble Bee

I was part of a fascinating panel session "Mobility, Teams, The Cloud and Collaboration" at the recent Mobile Cloud Summit (London: 21 September). To watch videos of all the other sessions at the Mobile Cloud Summit. Image Source : Mobile Devices

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Novell Vibe - A New Cloud Based Social Collaboration Platform #novell #collaboration

Michael Sampson - Currents

One of the capabilities in Vibe is real-time co-authoring (per Pillar 2 ). My Comments. Collaboration Software

Future of Cloud Computing Survey - North Bridge Venture Partners

Portals and KM

  North Bridge Venture Partners has released the  results of its second annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey. The 2012 survey captures current industry perceptions, sentiments and emerging trends in cloud computing. This is part a growing body of research that supports the growth of the cloud.    

Lack of Understanding the Main Barrier to Cloud Adoption #cloud #adoption

Michael Sampson - Currents

Research from the United Kingdom pegs a lack of understanding as the main barrier to cloud adoption : " Perceived risks over service control and fears over data sovereignty are the key issues that are restricting UK organisations from implementing cloud services, according to recent research from Claranet, the managed services provider.

Amplified Individuals in the Cloud

Social Reporter

Now we have to change the metaphor again, and Rethink networks as passionate clouds. Which raises the question: whose clouds will these be?

#PLENK2010 – Open courses and the ‘Granny Cloud’ phenomenon

Jenny Connected

Alec’s idea of a ‘call for mentors’ also struck me as very similar to Sugata Mitra’s ‘granny cloud’ Mitra is renowned for his ‘Hole -in- the -Wall’ experiments in India, which resulted in evidence that children can organise their own learning and teach each other – see [link] for details.

OpDemand Simplifies Cloud Management

Portals and KM

OpDemand  is a Colorado-based startup that aims to improve ease of use for cloud developers. We are just a few years apart.  

eXo Extends Cloud IDE - Cloud-based Development Platform

Portals and KM

Benjamin covered their new integration of Google App Engine with their eXo Cloud IDE.  Here is a sample debug sequence. It is free.

Word Clouds

Viv Mcwaters

This is brilliant (hat tip to Lynn Walsh) - Wordle lets you create word clouds from any text. If you’ve done some work with a group to develop a document or strategy - anything really - and you want to share it with others, you could use a word cloud to capture the key words - as an image in a report or slideshow. Brilliant!

Tweet Clouds | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I tried three options, shown below in screen shots. The first is just my tweets, the second my tweets plus @replies and the third adds my

All Types of Cloud Usage Continues to Expand

Portals and KM

  This may be because the readers report that it remains difficult to demonstrate that the cloud actually lowers IT costs.  


Exploring the Two Sides of Cloud Computing

Green Chameleon

Web services guru David Chappell has published a think piece on “ cloud platforms ,&# which he defines as platforms that “let developers write applications that run in the cloud, or use services provided from the cloud, or both.&# Cloud infrastructure services include on-demand storage, integration, and identity.

Avon Calling: Cloud Computing Social Networks

Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy

I keep an eye on cloud computing (that’s where all your business systems run on the internet, not your company servers) cos it’s, y’know, interesting. But next month, Avon will begin to equip 150,000 sales leaders with a cloud-based computing system accessible via smartphones and PCs. come into play: Ding!

The Cloud Moves Forward Privately

Portals and KM

While cloud computing continues to increase it is interesting, but not surprising, that more firms are choosing private clouds than public ones. The survey wnet across 40 countries, from April to July 2010, and found that 39 percent of respondents allocated some IT budget to the cloud.  


The Growth of Personal Cloud Storage

Portals and KM

I keep reading about more uses of the cloud and it all makes sense.    Although aspects of the cloud have long been in the consumer world also.  As Brandon Butler writes in Network World, Gartner predicts that 1/3 of consumer data will be stored in the cloud by '16.    

Inside or Outside? Gartner Attempts to Clear Cloud ‘Confusion’

Green Chameleon

Analyst firm Gartner just issued a statement that it believes there is “confusion&# in the market over the definition of “cloud computing,&# and wants to set the record straight. “Mixing the discussion of ‘cloud-enabling technologies’ with ‘cloud computing services’ creates confusion.&#.

The Cloud Keeps Getting Bigger

Portals and KM

The IT Channel Planet reports that Gartner has predicted SaaS revenue within enterprise application software market will jump up 14 percent over 2009, based on convergence with cloud computing models and diminished security and availability concerns among business customers. I heard about this through George Dearing on Twitter.  

Cloud Computing: Uh Oh, Now It’s Getting Serious

Green Chameleon

The beauty of cloud computing was that it was something you just did without having to think too hard about it. have just announced the creation of a “global, multi-data center, open source test bed for the advancement of cloud computing research and education.&#. HP, Intel, and Yahoo! What is the purpose of having a test bed?Â

Potential Cloud Growth within Mid-size Companies

Portals and KM

According to a recent surve y over 60 percent of respondents in the mid-size business space say they are ready to look to the cloud. Many are already using virtualization but only 4 percent are using the cloud now to back up data.  At the same time, only 8% believe there is no advantage to the cloud.    

Rethinking networks as passionate human clouds

Social Reporter

Warning: this is a bit of ramble that also takes in the RSA, NCVO, cloud computing and the local government knowledge hub. Do we need one&# ?

"Dot Cloud - The 21st Century Business Platform Built on Cloud Computing" Book Excerpt

The Bumble Bee

To download an except of Dot Cloud - The 21st Century Business Platform Built on Cloud Computing.

Clouds & Mobility = Sensors & User Experience

Collaborative Thinking

Insightful expansion of what cloud computing could enable. . Into the cloud: a conversation with Russ Daniels, Part II - Ars Technica. RD: Let me give you another example that describes the expressiveness of the cloud and the role that devices play. Into the cloud: a conversation with Russ Daniels, Part II - Ars Technica.

Garden of Good and Evil in the Cloud

Portals and KM

The cloud is rising with the enterprise and the Forbes post, From Annoyance to Harmonizer: Cloud Computing's Maturity Curve , documents some of the issues in this rise. On one hand, 37% of respondents reported they have been asked to take ownership of cloud solutions that were purchased by the business without IT’s input.


Three Cloud Hosting Methods to Increase Profitability

Portals and KM

  The union of cloud computing and hosting technology has produced wonders for the business community.   When it comes to actual products that use cloud hosting, there are three types to choose from.   Cloud Shared Hosting On the small end of the scale, shared cloud hosting is the first option.

Does the Fourth Amendment cover 'the cloud'? | The Wisdom of Clouds - CNET News

Collaborative Thinking

Interesting read: One of the biggest issues facing individuals and corporations choosing to adopt public cloud computing (or any Internet service, for that matter) is the relative lack of clarity with respect to legal rights over data stored online. Does the Fourth Amendment cover 'the cloud'? | The Wisdom of Clouds - CNET News.

Cloud Service for Health Care #cisco #healthcare

Michael Sampson - Currents

Optum introduced a cloud service for health care , to increase the effectiveness of patient care: " The health care cloud environment from Optum simplifies the lives of caregivers, innovators and health IT managers – those whose work has the greatest impact on patient care and on the performance of the health system.

A Look Into the Clouds Twitter as 2008 Retropective

Evolving Web

So I generated some tag clouds to see how the year was brought out in my conversations. This is the tag cloud from this blog.

Platforms, Trust and Open Cloud Computing

Alchemy of Change for Office 2013 Enhances SharePoint Access in Cloud and Elsewhere

Portals and KM

I have reported on before (see Mobile Brings SharePoint to the iPad and of So’s Mobile.