A Journey In Social Media: Clearspace Alternatives

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« Here Come The Big Communities | Main | We Are Now Corporate Legit » January 10, 2008 Clearspace Alternatives I dont know if all of you know how blogs work on TypePad, but we all get a stats panel, and we can see where people are coming in. Ive gotten more than a few hits on "Clearspace alternatives" or similar, so I thought Id offer my thoughts on this. Jason Posted by: Jason | January 28, 2008 at 08:32 PM My manager and I are part of a huge company.

A Journey In Social Media: Giving Back, And A Request For Help

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for example, [link] ) Does the management of the organization have to be pre-disposed towards transformational leadership or can these tools flourish in an organization that is typically transactional in its mode of leadership? Does Clearspace handle tasks well? Post a comment If you have a TypeKey or TypePad account, please Sign In You are currently signed in as (nobody).

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A Journey In Social Media: The Great Taxonomy Debate

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» September 26, 2007 The Great Taxonomy Debate Sooner or later if you get involved in social media, or knowledge management, youll get involved in the great taxonomy debate -- how do you set up categories so people will find things? Even the test sandbox provided by Jive Software around Clearspace showed different functional organizations (marketing, HR, sales), each with their own community space. Going a bit farther, Clearspace supported a sophisticated tagging model.

Collaborative Thinking: Social Software Vendor Roundup

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A Journey In Social Media: What The Market Needs.

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At the same time, we de-prioritized a whole raft of features around IT-related issues, content management, workflow, robust security models, etc. If I had to sum up why we chose Clearspace from Jive Software, it has to be the user experience. And, albeit Clearspace isnt that "new" if youve blogged, wiki-ed or forum-ed before, were in a situation where the vast majority of our population isnt familiar with any of that stuff. I want the user experience of Clearspace.

A Journey In Social Media: New Learnings Begin

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Heres how WERE going to manage our community. This in fact would eliminate or almost eliminate any worry of creating multiple failures) Content facilitation is all about making the tools available to the external community - your clients and partners so that they can create the content easily and with intuitive, transparent technology (Clearspace). Post a comment If you have a TypeKey or TypePad account, please Sign In You are currently signed in as (nobody).

A Journey In Social Media: On Conversational Collaboration

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Not to mention the pain of managing a calendar so you can synchronize with your peers around the world. I have to give all due credit to EMCs management team for supporting this initiative, even though there were no defined outcomes in the traditional sense. Read More] Tracked on February 21, 2008 at 02:50 AM Comments The closer we can get work processes to human nature, the less time we spend on change management.

Collaborative Thinking: Social Networking (?) With Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

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Attention Management. Knowledge Management. Interesting - but I remain quite skeptical - especially regarding "MOSS 2007 as your default option for enabling and managing social networks for business use" But this document is the best effort Ive seen to-date to represent the capabilities that do exist into a social networking storyline. Jive Software ( Clearspace , Clearspace-X ). Senior Technical Product Manager and Worldwide Community Lead.

A Journey In Social Media: Requests From The Community

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Pros: No endless, pointless taxonomy debates People are encouraged to explore a bit – experienced users have no problem finding what they want Bad community names and/or poor topics chosen have the expected results – no biggie Response time for new community formation is fast, since there’s no argument where something goes Communities are free to evolve in any direction they want, as they don’t live in a taxonomy Cons: Cluttered home page, a bit off-putting for new users – Clearspace 2.0

A Journey In Social Media: Organization Roles For Corporate Social Media

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She was a very fast learner, and figured out what was going on with Clearspace in a few days. We have lots and lots of senior managers and individual contributors at EMC. She was roughly in the same age group as many of the key managers, she could admit that she was recently a newbie (and it wasnt that hard), and -- most of all -- she engendered trust and confidence with just about everyone.

A Journey In Social Media: Avoiding The eRoom Debacle

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Unless we closely work with the first few community builders (and participants) on how to build, use, grow and manage a vibrant community, theres a significant chance that it will all turn to grey goo by itself. Now, I am optimistic that once we get to a critical mass of proficient community developers, managers and participants, they in turn will provide community support to the new folks. The Clearspace folks are pretty vocal on this, and Im seeing their point.